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Re: Amex Platinum Master Thread
No disrespect to you but some people are so greedy. You got 100k points, you got a $200 airline fee reimbursement and will get another $200 on Jan 1, plus free global entry why dont you just leave the card open until next year and then downgrade it.

/end rant

not really most ccs that have big AFs give the credits so I take the 2 credits and cancel after the year. All others are mostly free in year 1
They give you the bonus so you should keep the card, not just double dip the credits and run. Canceling after the first year is greedy too. You can draw the line where you want to, but I wouldn't get all self righteous.

September 01, 2016, 04:56:08 PM
Re: Chase Sapphire Reserve
Membershit!? This is a thing? Oh man that's too great.
You've never heard of Amex Membershit Rewards? As part of Chase taking on the plat, they got in on this too.

September 02, 2016, 12:41:02 AM
Re: Chase Sapphire Reserve This card has got to be one of the most hyped up card in history.
September 02, 2016, 11:40:17 AM
Re: Posting on Tishe B'Ov??? The OP is 1000% right.
September 02, 2016, 07:06:20 PM
Re: Chase Sapphire Reserve
Did you need 8 accounts?
Yes. I got a toaster for each account I opened. This is what it looked like after I put the bread through the eighth one.

September 05, 2016, 09:02:21 PM
Re: Chase Sapphire Reserve
went to branch was pre-approved for csr

i am at prob 6/24

should i apply?
Sure. BTW, make sure that you're pre approved, not just pre qualified. Ask them what your APR rate will be. If they give you a range, you're prequalified. If they give an exact rate, you're pre approved.

September 07, 2016, 04:15:15 PM
Re: Vote: Keep Or Ditch Likes?
So how do I get my likes back??  :'(
Cry no more

September 08, 2016, 12:17:53 AM
Re: Charter JFK-TLV for Sukkos $999
What's the best program to credit miles from this flight to?
US Airways. It's good because it's one of the only airlines you can status match to LY.

September 08, 2016, 07:02:15 PM
Re: PRICE MISTAKE! Curved 27 inch LED Monitor for only $39.20 reg $255.00!
Why's that ?
Price mistake+ DDMS=


September 11, 2016, 11:02:25 PM
Re: PRICE MISTAKE! Curved 27 inch LED Monitor for only $39.20 reg $255.00! It's dead now.
September 11, 2016, 11:04:56 PM