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January 11, 2018, 11:27:53 AM
Washington DC Getaway, 2 days. After planning a while to go for some kind of vacation we chose a 2 day trip to Washington DC.

My friend drove me to National Car Rental At Westchester Airport, I used free days to pick up a one way rental to be returned at DCA. I was upgraded to a Black Yukon with 4k miles (5x5). I bought before locally at Evergreen ready Kosher food, for breakfast at Hava Java, and for Dinner at Fireside (Food Rating: 5 Star), they double wrapped the food to be warmed over in a microwave.

We left Monsey 12pm, after dropping off the little one at the Babysitter. was a very smooth drive. I decided to stop in Baltimore for lunch. I Davened Mincha in the Aguda Shul. after that we went for a Pizza and more at Mama Leah's (3x5).

We arrived in DC 7pm we went straight to the Trump International Hotel. (BTW I'm Anti Trump). The door man, from Asia origin, came right over to our car and said Shalom, Mah Shimcha... since then every employee in the hotel called us by our name. I didn't have to open my door even once because always one of several doormen came to immediately assist me (Ya it's great to feel rich...), Valet Parking took over our car,

We were escorted by a well dressed employee to the lobby for check in. (at the counter we ordered Kosher breakfast and a appointment for 'The Spa by Ivanka Trump' but she didn't get us both of them, (this was my only bad thing in the hotel.) she marked us for 2:30 late checkout instead of the 12pm time (you get this by being a TrumpCard member). We looked around and our eyes were not believing this magnificent place. The atmosphere is amazing, decor is stunning! royal, modern combined with traditional architect arch work. this place is a wow.

Then we were taken up to our room by the check in agent, my luggage and box of kosher food followed us up by a staffer. on the way she explained us everything about the hotel, all available options, and places to visit in DC. The rooms are luxurious with lovely details, stunning, fresh, cozy, elegant, no words. A Microwave and fridge to store our food was ready in our room (as I added in a note when I did the reservation). I asked for another chair and a table, it was delivered within 15 minutes, (I tipped the carrier..). We then went to start exploring the hotel lobby's and lounges, bars and gym.

I texted the valet parking they made us the car ready in less then 5 minutes, the employee opened the door and closed it (Yes, it feels great...) We drove 25 minutes to Chabad Virginia in Fairfax for Mariv, Zman Mariv is always is 9:00. Rabbi Deutch the Shliach gave me a warm welcome. When we came back to the hotel we warmed our food while enjoying watching a DVD I brought along. Finished eating we went for a walk to the White House. it was already late and the city was quiet so I noticed that the city is full with rats worse than NY. homeless sleepers on every street bench. When we came back was already 1am.

I set my alarm clock to 6, I made my self ready, texted Valet for the car, in 5 minutes I was already on the way to Chabad VA for Shachris and Mikva. I had luck that the way back took only 25 minutes, No Traffic!.

I called The Spa if they still have an available slot for a massage they gave us a 1:30 appointment. After Breakfast we went to the Ronald Reagan Building to take out the Segway’s we reserved at 'Segs In The City', we got there some training how to ride it, and we went out to explore the city, 1st the National Mall and all monuments in it, then to the US Capitol. Its the most fun way to tour DC, they charge $30 per hour.

Back to the Hotel we went to the Spa for a Signature Massage, its a 90 minutes relaxing experience. We checked out after 3:00, they didn't charge us extra. The Staffer put all our stuff in the car and took it back to Valet until we are ready to leave DC. Then I went to the Newseum, definitely a must to visit, you see there exhibits of story's you remember, like 'The Shoe Bomber' '9/11' 'Time Square Bomber' 'Boston Marathon Bomber'. Tip: start in the basement at the FBI section. Then we walked down to the WW2 memorial. its the nicest of all monuments. then the Lincoln Memorial.

It got late so we took a bike from 'Capitol Bike Share' its $4 per hour, and rode back, we docked the bike at the nearest docking station to Trump Hotel, Signed out the car from Valet and made the way to Sheraton Suites in Old Town Alexandria. We checked in, main lobby looked fresh but nothing special, Parked in the underground lot (included in the rate). we got no upgrade. Our room had the smell of a old Bungalow so I went to the counter and changed to a room what was a little better. Hotel is nice but old. not worth the price we paid, but service was great. After settling I drove to Chabad to Daven Mariv. When we came back we warmed our food. and went for a walk to the water front.

In the Morning I went to Chabad to Daven Shachris / Mikva. had BH a smooth way back with no traffic. After breakfast we checked out and went back to DC to tour the 'Holocaust museum', it took us half hour to find parking, visit was very emotional. Then we went to The 'Air and Space museum' I loved the Space section, and especially the Moon Landing Exhibit.

It got late so we hurried to the Airport. I purchased the reward ticket a week before for 6k Delta SkyMiles. Delta checks you in automatically if you have installed the app. I returned the car, and start heading to the Terminal. We made it real quick to the gate because of TSA Pre Check, we arrived at the gate the plane wasn't even there, so I went up to the 2nd floor to the Delta Sky lounge, I got in with my American Express Platinum Card which gives access to Delta lounges. The card only gets in the card holder, so I begged the agent and he let my wife inside for free, otherwise it’s $29.95/person. I got free alcoholic drinks, fruits, coffee, beer, and free WiFi. The lounge was great to escape to take a breath and relax from the noisy Airport, we boarded the plane. We had a 45 minute delay on the runway. After landing in LGA I ordered a Uber home to get some rest after our Vacation.

Thanks Dan! and the whole DDF! (F as in Family) Your Travel Tips gave us a good time.

I'm not a good Picture guy so for pictures search google...,-77.0276145,3a,75y,90t/data=!3m7!1e2!3m5!1sAF1QipNemu31gYClvXz9nK8Ynj8wsDEnB5ltP_xy1BPV!2e10!!7i4000!8i2672!4m3!8m2!3m1!1e1

January 28, 2018, 02:31:43 PM