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Re: Niagara Falls Master Thread

2. We are a family of 6 - Is there anywhere to get discounted individual attraction tickets (IE. Hornblower, Ferris Wheel)? I don't want to buy the pass as there are a few places we are definitely not going.

3. Do they have the fireworks every night? We have a Falls view room on a high floor in the Embassy suites that is supposed to have a view of both sides, but now I've seen travel sites that say that the fireworks are only Wed - Sunday nights?

2. try chabbad- we bought tickets there.

3. we were just there and saw the fireworks on Monday and Tuesday nights

August 24, 2017, 12:19:00 PM
Re: Chase Sapphire Reserve
If I booked tickets with sr points. Do i get covered with the sr travel insurance?
I flew airberlin on SR points back in March. When my flight was delayed and I called for rescheduling and baggage insurance they were helpful. Ultimately I did not file a claim, but was given instructions on how to so I assume there is coverage.

September 25, 2017, 04:02:53 PM
Re: Chase Freedom Master Thread Not sure if this was mentioned already, but I thought I would mention just in case, has the online shopping mall that earns bonus point when you shop through them. I just ordered from Walmart via the and got 2% back in addition to the 5% for using my freedom card- that's 7% plus if you redeem with the CSR that 10.5% back.
October 14, 2017, 09:58:07 PM