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Re: Trump banning 7 major Muslim countries citizens entry into the US
And of course non citizens don't have the same rights as citizens,  and its a privilege to come here.  Tell that to the boatloads of Jewish refugees who were sent back to nazi Europe
Not to pick on you specifically, but this point is one that while I understand it somewhat, seems to be a bit stretched. Do you or anyone else really believe that just because someone in todays world is cracking down on Muslims that means theres only a short distance to cracking down on Jews??? Sure, halacha hi beyadua she'esav sonei leyaakov, and persecution of us Jews even in America is possible at any time and for any reason, but I think its a still a big leap to say that someone who is trying to restrict the people and religion that espouse hatred of Western civilization and values, not to mention Jews, might try to come after us by that same token. When Jewish people are committing mass murders in the name of their religion (misguided or not) and are clearly the greatest threat to normal, sane people living peaceful lives, than sure, Trump might make Jewish visits and immigration to America much more restrictive too. But I dont see how that follows automatically at all. You can't say that singling out one religion automatically means the increased liklihood of singling out other religions, if the religion being singled out is different than the rest by (at a minimum) containing within it large and identifiable segments that are liable to start shooting and blowing people up that they dont agree with......

January 29, 2017, 11:04:43 AM
Re: Trump banning 7 major Muslim countries citizens entry into the US
To answer your question,  which I now understand may not be pertinent to the actual facts,  Yes,  I really believe that.  That's one of the beautiful things about the USA,  and it can be destroyed.  Rav Moshe speaks about this in several places.
As I wrote, I certainly agree with that and it can happen at any time. I just dont see how this is logically and al pi derech hateva, in any way a precursor to that, since there is no logical or any other kind of leap automatically from Muslims to Jews. Care to explain further?

January 29, 2017, 11:20:36 AM
Re: Trump banning 7 major Muslim countries citizens entry into the US
Ooooohhh, you're sooooooooo close. See how bad it is to throw people out based on skin color? Now keep going with that line of reasoning......
Ok Ill bite. (This goes as a reply for David Smith too.) It is simply an absolute fact to anyone paying attention the past 17 years or so, to whats gone on in Israel to Lower Manhattan to France to England etc. all throughout the world, that there are a great number of Muslims who believe that their religion requires them to kill and otherwise destroy other people, with Jews and Americans sharing space high up on that list. The estimates of how many Muslims are radicalized in this fashion vary greatly, but everyone agrees there is a not insignificant amount of them, to the point that anyone deciding about admitting a large group of them into their country would be criminally negligent not to take that into account. Either you're a whole lot more close-minded and racist than me to the point that you believe that a similar case can be made based on skin color, or so much more open-minded that all your brains fell out and you truly dont recognize the threat radical Islam poses to you and yours. In either case, I do not see there being any kind of comparison between tough immigration policies to weed out radical Islamists and racist policies, the former is simply common sense while the latter is obviously reprehensible.
This thread somtimes reminds me of what Queen Elizabeth is reputed to have said while opening an insane asylum, "Really you are the sane ones, but we are the majority." I honestly dont get why what Im saying is even at all controversial, and the snide attitude and comments you guys throw out there just reinforces the feeling of the mental disorder that is liberalism and its fierce contagion...... :-\ But I think Ive said enough so Ill leave it here guys, you can have at it  :-X

January 29, 2017, 09:14:19 PM
Re: Things To Do In Israel Master Thread
Anyone have any recommendations - for a Jeeping company (for a family with young kids - 7 and 5)?
Bentzy is great, can be booked through

June 22, 2018, 08:26:30 AM
Re: Lakewood Forest Fire
That changes nothing about what I wrote.
You can't really blame kids and teens for acting out when their passions and sensitivities are inflamed, they are by nature too underdeveloped as of yet emotionally and logically to expect them to respond appropriately. That's where the adults, parents and teachers, are meant to step in and guide them. Kids coming out of this episode with the idea that this was the appropriate response to something they don't like, and that maybe it even has the tacit approval of some adults, is the worst possible outcome from a maturation and educational perspective.

April 16, 2019, 12:48:58 PM
Re: Donating blood/plasmas In case anyone can benefit from hearing about my experience. Got tested last Sunday in Lakewood in the Bikur Cholim drive in BlueClaws, which was super well run btw, and easy. They called me on Tue. to tell me that I had a high level of antibodies (no surprise to those that know me, as I have always been super anti(every)bodies  ;)) and told me to expect a call from the lab as soon as there was an opening, either Thurs. Fri. or Shabbos. They told me their poskim held that it was sufficient pikuach nefesh that they would have a goy drive me on Shabbos if necessary. Thankfully didnt come to that as the lab called me the next day (Wed.) that they had openings on Thurs. (they were booking every 20 min.). The lab was in Parsippany about an hour and a half drive from Lakewood. When I got there filled out a bunch of screener questions, had a quick physical of my vitals and a finger prick to check my iron, and eventually was hooked up to the machine. There are two tubes, one takes your blood, it goes through the machine which takes out your plasma, and then it goes back in via the other one. The whole thing took about 45 minutes. Then you wait about 15 minutes and eat and drink (you need to bring your own food for kosher, but they have juice and water) and make sure you're ok before you leave. I overheard them telling someone that the plasma they take is enough for four people, and also that my plasma was designated to go to Jersey Shore hospital. I did not experience any ill effects B"h. I just hope that someone can benefit from my plasma bez"h.
April 27, 2020, 02:18:29 PM
Re: How much milk do you have in your fridge? Didnt read the whole thread so I apologize if this has already been wrtten upthread, but am I the only one who was wanting to give Chai Rotel of m,ilk to all passerby yesterday to get rid of some of the surplus from school lunches?  ;)
May 13, 2020, 01:24:23 PM
Re: Re: So How Was Your Shul This Week?
My Shul (which was open on Shabbos with restrictions) sent out an email that there won’t be shacharis on Sunday and everyone should please daven with backyard minyanim
My Shul same. I was rather disappointed on Shabbos that there was not even a minimal effort at keeping any restrictions (e.g. not one person was wearing a mask, when I asked the gabby before Shabbos if I should he said up to you... all they did was somewhat limit the attendance at each minyan to 40-50 instead of 200...). Maybe I'm missing something here, but if that's the case, then basically they are throwing up their hands and saying this is over so we can go back to regular life, in that case why not today also (for that matter given the fact that in this neighborhood there has been next to zero social distancing for weeks already especially WRT the kids, why not open 2 weeks ago?) And if there's a responsible adult saying that it's too soon to reopen either because of safety or aivah (not my intention to discuss whether I agree with that or not) then why allow the Shul on Shabbos to basically be open in a regular fashion?? I'm left scratching my head....

May 24, 2020, 12:48:19 PM
Re: Re: So How Was Your Shul This Week?

Btw, there was one guy that basically came dressed in a HazMat suit. Im pretty sure it was @S208 almost went over and said Shalom alecheim but I didn’t think you’d wanna socialize.
Is @s208 @S209's older brother?  ;)

May 24, 2020, 12:49:11 PM
Re: Re: So How Was Your Shul This Week? Kinda hard when reading this thread to not get caught up one way or the other, but just to try to lower the flames here a bit in the spirit of Rabbi Reisman's wise words posted upthread. It does not have to be all or nothing. Meaning, that while reasonable people can and do disagree (sometimes unreasonably  ;)), there are actual doctors and competent Rabbis who maintain that in certain communities (Lakewood for example) the virus seems to have now run its course (at least for now). And there has been more than a few weeks of almost no social distancing (for better or for worse, thats just been whats going on especially with the kids) with no signifigant uptick. This would seem to allow for some lessening of restrictions.
And while I think they would all agree on the need to be vigilant for any sign of a re-bound, the current data (new infection rate, hospitalization etc.) being relayed by Hatzala and local medical facilities, tells a certain story for now. Of course vulnerable people need to be extra careful, and it would behoove everyone to continue with certain precautions- as relevant and possible, but we are clearly not in the same place now that we were before Purim.
And as an aside, please correct me if I'm wrong, but while I understand the reluctance of most doctors to say so outright (they and everyone have been fooled so much by everything about this novel virus and been wrong about so much so often), the overwhelming data seems to support the fact that those who have antibodies are almost certainly not going to catch it again (for at least a significant amount of time, let's not forget there are countries well ahead of us on this, and there has not been any significant reports of reinfection). So to say that only those who have antibodies should come to shul presents a whole different precaution level. (Of course there are other issues with that in cases where it effectively ends safe backyard minyanim for those not yet infected.)

May 24, 2020, 05:06:42 PM