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Re: German Cars
Like I said, it's a proximity thing. In another generation or 2 tops it'll be gone.


In another generation or 2 we will be living in ימות המשיח!

May 08, 2016, 10:28:04 PM
Re: Spraying license plate to avoid camera tickets NYC
It's insane how many cameras wen up in the last year, I don't drive anywhere in the Five Boroughs without waze on to tell me where the cameras are.
Nothing insane about that.

Just think about it, it makes perfect sense.

A private company runs these cash registers. All they do is come to the municipality and say, you pass the laws, we will install the cash registers (AKA cameras for speed, red light, bus lane, etc.) and we will send you a commission off the profits we make.

Then the liberal gov't (DeBlasio) can pass their agenda, and say they did it without raising taxes.

They even do better by selling it to the public as a concern for peoples safety, vision zero, etc. etc. etc. all the rest of the baloney they call it. If they thought speed is a safety concern, they would install speed bumps.

This is how we end up with unrealistic 25mph zones, where the natural traffic speed should be at least 35mph if not higher. How can Ocean Parkway main road have the same speed limit as a small side street?

May 26, 2016, 01:45:10 PM
Does Brexit outcome indicate anything about Trump's chances As we are hours away from the Brexit referendum, the outcome might have multiple economic and political repercussions beyond the British shores.

One of the repercussions the political elites seem to be most scared of, is the emboldening of other nations to follow the example. This is why leaders from all over the world have been trying to influence the British to vote for Remain.

If indeed the referendum ends up decided as LEAVE, the Dutch will probably be next with a referendum, and from there it might snowball (or domino effect).

If I were in the UK, I would vote to Leave. While I am aware of possible short term financial instability, I think that will be short lived as all sides will want to enter free trade agreements in short order.

I see this as a simple question of sovereignty, and the interests are simply too divergent to agree to a surrender of sovereignty to the EU.

I am thinking that if the British indeed vote to leave, this could be a meaningful difference in favor of Trump in November. If the British can do it, so can we!


June 22, 2016, 10:37:45 PM
Re: **Shipping Master Thread** What service To Use When
Hi! Anyone has a good idea how to bring a keyboard (large Yamaha) and some boxes from NY to Israel?

I would take it when flying but oversize would cost $100 on the flight. Anyone knows someone who is shipping a container, like doing Aliya or stam shipping stuff, that would have some room for a reasonable fee? Please let me know, thanks!

If you fly business class you might even be able to take it on board with you.

July 26, 2016, 10:27:15 PM
Re: Going/Gone through 11 Months at the Amud? (All others proceed with caution...)
At least when I was saying kaddish I felt like I was doing something for my Mom. When I woke up the day after it was like...Now What?....
I know quite a few people who were lax about davening with a minyan, who got to appreciate it while serving time at the Omud and kept on going.

I personally started answering אמן etc. louder, as I got an appreciation of what it means to be at the Omud and feel like you're davening in a בית החיים where you can hear no feedback.

August 31, 2016, 12:23:09 PM
Investing with an eye on the November Election I am contemplating possible stock market reactions to the elections.

I've drawn parallels between our election and the Brexit referendum, and I think that the market risk is similarly asymmetric (though I might be wrong - this isn't based on any research, just my feeling based on the mood I sense).

Regardless of who is better for the economy or the stock market (two totally different things), it seems to me that a Trump win would be met with a huge spike in volatility, whereas a Clinton win, regardless of how bad her economic or tax policies might be, is a signal of stability. There are obviously also specific industries which are perceived to be affected by each candidate's positions. Would be interesting to get feedback on which Lying Poison Pill has a perceived effect on which industry.

September 01, 2016, 05:07:38 PM
Re: Messianism among Lubavitch
So it wasn't a gay wedding?
Must have been....after all, I don't think I've ever seen any females in 1414 since Moussia Nemotin stopped cooking for Pesach.

September 02, 2016, 12:18:46 AM
Re: Messianism among Lubavitch
Is that a failed קולע or is it ערב יו״כ מלקות in your profile picture?

September 02, 2016, 12:28:25 AM
Re: BOGO Tuition Scam Simple reading comprehension. Look what I wrote, and how you responded:

So now tell me again who is lying? When I state that I have not invested and suggest that people take prudent actions you call me a fool, and when I quote you for what you said, you call me a liar.

September 05, 2016, 01:18:57 AM
Re: BOGO Tuition Scam
This is a good development, I am actually surprised that allowed it in the first place, as the way it was worded seemed totally incongruent with the types of campaigns that site is made for.

I will clearly state here: I was wrong by initially implying that there was some merit, as I didn't initially carefully read the ad or wording on the website. As soon as I realized what was being attempted here I clearly differentiated between the "tuition match" campaign and the "loyalty program" and encouraged prudent approach.

My personal opinion is that with this fiasco he killed his loyalty program, which seems like a legitimate business which might or might have not worked, before even getting to try it. If it is to have any chance he will have to take some radical steps (such as renaming it, and removing himself from the business, and only collecting royalties if indeed it ever works out. My guess is that he wouldn't take those steps).

My personal lesson learned here is to take an extra step of caution when making public statements that could be construed in any way as an endorsement.

September 08, 2016, 12:12:48 PM