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Re: Best way to hit the spending limits in first 3 months?
Joined 5 years before I did and still a newcomer?

Aside from the fact he has barely any activity on the forums, perhaps new to the "game".

Either way, I agree that ppl cant and shouldn't expect to be spoon fed here, but there's a way to relay that message. Or ignore.  We are all Yidden looking to get by - we can be mentsches.

This whole idea of daring to start a thread or ask a Q in the wrong place and get killed for it - is insane.

December 06, 2016, 03:04:44 PM
Re: Hamburger Master Thread
I've never done a runny egg on top.  Is it good?

Personally, I love it.

December 22, 2016, 03:44:38 PM
Re: Manhattan Kosher Restaurants
You're too much of a risk taker. Life is better being ignorant and just going to Le Marais for every special occasion.  :P

Im all about risk taking. I took a risk with Bedford in Queens. Went with a big group - We all left hungry. Thank g-d for the shwarma shop down the block.
Needless to say, I see this new location as High risk. Ill wait and see reviews.

January 04, 2017, 04:48:17 PM
Re: Brooklyn Restaurants
I went to Izzy's today for lunch, with wife.  We ordered: Dino Rib, Brisket Sandwich, Brisket, 2 snapples, 90 bucks.

Here is my analysis:

Ambiance It feels pretty much like what I think a bbq joint should.  Counter service, with the guy slicing and weighing right there. Still, it's a bit pricey for picking up your tray from the counter.

Dino Rib They're using salt and pepper as the rub, with nice big pieces of cracked pepper, and the bark is great.  When I smoke at home, I like to use a fancier rub, and I like the sweet and spicy, but this worked good, and I'm thinking to start using more cracked pepper. Rib was really good, and is pretty big, but is also super pricey at 38 a lb. 

Brisket Sandwich This was a really good sandwich, and is what I'll get if I go back.

Brisket This was really good brisket. When tasted hot, I thought it was just as good as what I make at home.  When tasted several hours later cold, I decided it's better than what I make.  The bark is def better, since mine always comes out a bit wet because I'm wrapping.

Verdicts  1. I like eating here, but I not going to spring for the expensive stuff next time.   
2. I'm good at smoking, because I think my stuff compares very favorably. 
3. I want to know what type of smoker they using.  Does it look like this? I went outside to find it, but couldn't.

Love honest reviews like this!

May 08, 2017, 10:38:51 AM
Re: Kosher Food Truck Master Thread what hechsher is Moishes falafel?
July 25, 2017, 11:29:50 AM
Re: Hot!!! 75% off spyder coats

Any reason this is not a good deal?

November 29, 2017, 11:02:34 AM
Re: 5 Towns/Rockaway Master Thread
Which is the best mens Mikva for  erev Yom Kippur

The ocean - weather permitting.

September 12, 2018, 02:31:26 PM