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Re: Los Angeles Master Thread
Is this list still up-to-date? Going to LA on Sunday so any recommendations/top 5 lists etc would be appreciated..
  Here's my list . Hope it helps :

As the 2019-2020 tourist season is starting,here’s an updated list of my recommendations in LA. These are just my humble opinion and I just picked one in each category. I’m also including a mini list for “The Valley” ,on bottom. Please feel free to post or PM me with any questions or comments ☺.

  Ultimate Foodie Mecca: Tierra Sur  at Herzog(Seasonal menu that changes regularly. Unbelievable Sunday Brunch! All other times ,just order as much of the menu as you can.Great plan is to go there to get tapas for lunch, then spend the afternoon at the Ronald Reagan Library and Air Force Museum which is a must-see, and or  the Camarillo outlet shops, bowling in Camarillo, or the Oxnard or Ventura Harbor for boating or bicycling, then back for dinner.) 

Dive/ fast food: Jeff's  ( Wild Western Burger,French dip with extra horseradish sauce. If its not dripping up to your elbows, your eating it wrong. Veal Bratwurst and Chorizo for spicy.

 Burger Joint: Psy Street Kitchen

Breakfast/ Brunch : Bibi’s  (A hidden gem)

Old School Dairy : The Milky Way ( Blintzes,Chimichangas,Impossible Burger ,Salmon Puffs,Fish Chowder,Cheescake,Carrot Cake,plus a seasonal menu)

Mexican dairy: Pizza World (Mini Chimis, salad with creamy italian dressing, Chile Relleno, mozzaralla sticks)

Thai: Beverly Hills Thai  ,Bodhi for Vegan (At BHT, Wonton soup, Drunken noodles, Chicken larb, Spring rolls, Coconut Banana roll. At Bodhi, Wonton soup, Green papaya salad, spicy eggplant. ).

Pizza: Pizza Nosh in Agoura

Fish place: Fish Grill (Chowder, Fish & Chips, Any grilled Fish)

Sushi: Sushiko (nice ambience for dining ) or Meshuga (At Sushiko, Hawaian and Basketball Roll, at Meshuga, the Tiger Roll and Onion Funion Roll)

Mediterranean Pareve : Hasiba ( Sabich,Wild Mushroom Hummus)


Traditional Fine Dining: Pat’s ( Entire menu consistently superb,Chocolate Chip Bread Pudding for dessert!

Upscale Mediterranean/bar and steakhouse (La Brea/Beverly) : Charcoal

 Upscale Redefined Mediterranean (Pico): Mamilla

Steakhouse : La Gondola (Chai Steak, Ribs, Avocado Spring Rolls, Asian Spring Rolls, Candied Bacon

French Upscale: Shiloh's (Tarte Flambe)

Chinese: Sit down with waiter service :Shanghai (Two tone noodle soup, Orange beef, Kung Pao)


Shabbos takeout: Lieders has 2 locations on both Pico and La Brea for  traditional and upscale heimish or Got Kosher? on Pico with a  different ethnic cuisine each week .

  In The Valley:

 Best burgers /Dive: Psy Street Kitchen

 Family friendly: Orange Delight and Grill

 Dairy: Street Cafe by Aroma

 Mediterranean: Tel Aviv Grill

 Breakfast place : Toast

 Brunch/ Fish : Tel Aviv Fish Grill

January 24, 2020, 12:09:44 PM