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Ring 2 Doorbell + Chime + 1 year service for $160 at Costco Amazon recently had the doorbell alone with a big discount for $110 (usually $200) - the chime is $30 and a year of service is around $30 making this a very good deal, evben when compared to the huge sale price.

September 17, 2018, 03:40:33 PM
New Tehillim site In these trying times, we constantly get requests to say Tehillim for various causes. A friend got an email from an organization asking him to say tehillim perakim 20,27, and 130. He suggested that I make it easier to send a link directly to the desired tehillim to increase the chances of it actually being said. I really liked the idea and threw together a quick website called . It lets you choose the tehillim perakim you'd like to include in your link or choose from a growing list of presets (Tehillim of the day) and copy it to your clipboard for easy sharing via email or social media. The resulting link shows only the selected tehillim for quick and distraction free "saying".

Some examples of links that can show tehillim: (shows a single perek),27,130 (shows 3 different perakim) (shows a range of perakim),en (shows perakim along with an English translation)

To create your own link:

The website has no ads and is not intended to generate revenue. If you could share it with your family and friends, I hope it can help more people say tehillim and help bring about a yeshua!

March 30, 2020, 02:19:47 PM