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Re: Take Back Lakewood
I know that anytime this happens anti Semites come out of the woodwork, but look at the comments.
Whoever wrote and published that letter will have to answer for it lachar meah veesrim. 

April 06, 2017, 11:29:01 AM
Re: Take Back Lakewood
What do you suggest? Other than open space.
I originally said take the win, retail is better than BMGs original plan of waiting out and saying we couldn't develop for commercial, so let us build housing.
I think we should have done our best to force them to make reasonable concessions like paying for traffic lights, etc. Instead, we did a תמות נפשי עם פלישטיםand we are back to the original housing plan.

April 24, 2017, 11:42:38 AM
Re: Take Back Lakewood
honest question, why do you need "solid" candidates to vote in. Just having the people as a candidates priority would be an improvement.
Because it makes the whole movement into a joke.
And if you need to convince people to stop following the Vaad endorsees blindly, you need valid alternatives.

May 22, 2017, 05:42:22 AM
Re: Take Back Lakewood
While I disagree with his position from his oped you clearly see a man that's capable of formulating and articulating his position in a positive non confrontational way. Such a person might be willing to forgo his personal position on this issue on favor of the public that elected him.

In my opinion his oped proves one thing that he's an intelligent and capable guy and would make a great commiteeman.
The point of putting him in as a write in is to have a candidate to draw votes away from Raitzik, purportedly because Raitzik was endorsed by the Vaad. No matter that he may be a worthwhile candidate, when the Vaad endorsed him, we must protest. At least that is what TBL previously stated.
We could put in Mickey mouse, and accomplished the same.
But instead we put up a candidate that at least based on his published information is quite against the things that many of this community want and believe is proper in the role of government to support.
Why take that risk?

June 06, 2017, 06:07:12 AM
Re: Women in Jewish magazines
Are the ones who 'yell' the loudest always right?
Let's weigh the cost for each side.
Publication stands up for "women's rights"=loses subscribers, advertisers, risks being banned.
Publication stands up for "higher levels of tznius" = loses maybe a few subscribers (who probably were to "sophisticated" to read anything that the magazine was publishing anyway)
Quotes around words to imply the exaggerating

January 01, 2018, 01:57:14 PM
Re: Do you Daven?
Here is my theory: Most married males, over time, begin to daven more often. This often occurs as they are raising kids and sending them off to school, and recognize that they should be some form of a role model if they want their kids to get up for minyan in yeshiva.

Consequently, girls grow up in a home where they see their dad davening (him having already evolved), and assume this is the norm. Hence, they expect this as a bare minimum from potential spouses, and are shocked when their husbands in their 20s/30s don't go to minyan.

However, my experience is that davening penetration in the 20s/30s group is quite low, even among people who are 'good' (for lack of a better term) people.
I think there are a few categories of people.
There are those that truly don't believe, there are those that deep down believe but are not willing to push themselves, there are those that truly believe and try, but may slip up occasionally.
This is true for all mitzvos, including davening.
If you went through your entire life doing things by rote and not by having a meaningful relationship with God, then the second it gets rough (or you find that there are enough people like you) you will slack off. And maybe not show up/daven at all.
The difference between our father's generation and our generation was that in some sense, lines were drawn more clearly. To deviate would put you in a different group.

January 10, 2018, 06:17:46 PM