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Re: Venice Master Thread Have just come back from 3 nights in Venice. We ate at Gam Gam for Shabbos. Candle lighting was 8.40pm and mincha was advertised for a few minutes later. In the end, services didn’t begin until about 9.15pm (we had decided to sit down for dinner by then) and so most people didn’t reach the restaurant until about 10.15pm.

Food was good, selection of starters, chicken, rice potatoes etc. Lunch the following day was good too, starters, cholent, fruit etc.

Some people seemed to be sat on benches for the communal lunch in the Chabad shul although I didn’t see what was on offer. Likewise couldn’t see into The Gallery as the shutters were down for privacy.

Gam Gam was full although everyone had their own table and could spend as much time as they wanted – there was no eating in shifts etc.

My advice in the summer months is to daven at the Sephardi shul at 7.30pm and then go on for dinner at Gam Gam, as sitting down for dinner at 10.15pm isn’t personally for me – the people we were sitting next to from NY weren’t happy that services started some way later than advertised either. Alternatively Ghimmel Garden (milky) takes Shabbat reservations on the day. But a matter of personal choice I guess, and Chabad made us feel very welcome.

The guided tour of the shuls/museum etc was the highlight of my trip, and also well worth going into the art gallery next to the Sephardi shuls for some artwork of the Ghetto/Torah etc (we picked up a limited edition print of Bevis Marks Synagogue). The history in the streets and Ghetto is mindblowing.

Other tips – book ‘skip the line’ tickets in advance to avoid queuing for Doges Palace and the Campanile in St Mark’s.

We stayed in a boutique B&B near Rialto which was formerly Marco Polo’s house. Got a water taxi from the airport to where we were staying, then the Alilagune from Rialto to Airport (Orange Line).

Noticed the kosher/Israeli smoothie place (Frulala?) was closed on Shabbos  :)

An amazing city. Any questions please let me know, glad to assist.

June 12, 2017, 03:49:52 AM
Re: Venice Master Thread
Awesome feedback. A few Qs:

-Where is the sphardic shul?
-If you do that, and are booked in Gallery, how does it work with the timing, if everyone else is davening by Chabad and only joining at 1015?
-can tour be booked day-of or must it be done in advance?

Thx again.

Glad to help.

1 - The Sephardic shuls are about 1 minute up from GG - next to a couple of art galleries in the Ghetto where the road/walkway 'kinks'. The services there started at 7.30pm. There was heavy security outside as well which was good to see. They use one of the shuls in the summer, one in the winter but they're basically next to each other (and signposted).
2 - I think in reality we could have started eating straight after we lit candles had we wanted to, but we didn't want to be the only ones in an empty restaurant. When we sat down at 9.15pm there were only a few other people in there. If you're booked into the Sephardi shul, it takes about an hour for services (people were coming out as we were walking up to Chabad at just after 8.30pm!). So I guess your choice is either to go straight to GG/Gallery but potentially be the only people in there, or walk around/sit in the square for an hour or so until people start coming out. I'm told the Chabad shul always starts quite some time after services are advertised - this is not a criticism, just what I was told last weekend.
3 - Assume you mean Ghetto tour? I tried to book online in advance but could only see Italian tour. We turned up on the day and it was no problem. The first tour is 10.30, the museum and ticket office doesn't actually open till 10am - but there was a queue already by the time we got there (about 9.50am). By the time the museum open there were quite a lot of people waiting in line. So my advice is buy on the day but just make sure you get there well in advance (particularly if you're planning on going to the 10.30 tour).

Please let me know if you have any other questions.

June 16, 2017, 05:37:16 AM
Re: Amsterdam Master Thread I am staying for one night in early October at the Novotel Amsterdam City. Are there any kosher options within walking distance?

Also, anything kosher at Schiphol?


September 04, 2018, 11:45:11 AM