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Re: Best one-liners The length of a minute depends on which side of the bathroom door your on.
March 14, 2017, 04:04:41 PM
Re: Used/new seforim for sale
? ? ?
! ! !

July 18, 2017, 02:50:27 PM
Re: Best one-liners Time wounds all heels
July 24, 2017, 01:05:56 PM
Re: Lufthansa Lounge Passes for Sale 2 for sale $20 each $30 for both
August 02, 2017, 12:08:37 PM
Re: United hack for economy plus?
That is one long sentence.
+1 From what I understand using punctuation is not a crime. #justsayin

November 13, 2017, 09:42:32 AM
Re: Galaxy S8!
Isn't there a setting for that?
Settings , display, navigation bar. Show and hide button should be off.

November 16, 2017, 08:30:58 PM
Re: Chase Reconsideration
So, I (stupidly) applied for 3 Chase cards last month (I didn't realize at the time the Amazon Prime card was issued by Chase ::) ) and trying to recon now. On the automated check, robo-lady was giving me the "2 weeks" message for one of them, the other two give "7-10 days". I called today backdoor # to recon (very friendly rep) and now the robo-lady gives "7-10 days" for all 3 :-X

I have 3 other Chase cards with combined limits less than what I have with other issuers. I also just PIF all of my existing Chase cards last week. I think I am getting declined because I was 2/30 ... or maybe just because they saw the number of recent inqs that look like I was doing an AOR. I am only at 4/24 FWIW.

Anyway, I ended up PC-ing another Chase card to get one of the 3 I wanted. Can they cancel or withdraw that app? Does that help my case at all?

I plan on HUCA for the Amazon Prime card (I don't need "more" credit, I just want the 5% back) but I wanted to ask the experts here for any negotiating tips first. TIA.
Florida... welcome to ddf

January 15, 2018, 06:29:39 PM
Re: Free Google Home Mini for Spotify Family master account owners (starts 11/1)
Just got a shipping notification.

November 19, 2018, 01:42:25 PM
Re: Lakewood NJ Master Thread
Bungalow is more a romantic hotel, not good for Business stuff or shabbatons, etc.
maybe he's looking for a romantic getaway

December 18, 2018, 02:40:13 PM
Re: South Florida Master Thread
There are 5 yeshiva weeks...
all schools are different but the main one is 1/17-1/28

December 26, 2018, 08:40:50 PM