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Re: KSML (Kosher Airline Meals) Master Thread OK. Let's hope this works. Here are my BA F food photos. All Hermolis from LHR.

Amuse bouche:

Marinaded salmon starter:

Cold salmon starter:

Salt beef and potato salad starter:

Medium rare steak:

Lamb chops:

Stuffed lemon sole (9 days):

Apple pie dessert:

July 27, 2017, 11:29:30 AM
Re: Kosher Meals - Can we do better? As long as the airlines are able to source a meal cheaper they will have no incentive to provide a more expensive meal. It is simple economics. The only way to change anything at all is for very heavy FFs to write to the premium emails of their airlines with photos attached and complain again and again and again. That can change things, even if only slowly.

I'll give three examples.

Years ago I was a very heavy EL AL flyer. I was a Platinum member (well before they invented Top Platinum). I used to fly a good deal in First. They were sourcing their First Class meals ex-London from Hermolis and they were really excellent. All of a sudden they stopped doing this and began to source them from TLV. That meant I needed to start ordering a special Badatz meal. These were awful, small, and basically identical to the business class meals. I was furious about how I and others who required glatt meals were being treated and took some photos. I sent them to Hayim Romano, the then CEO of EL AL together with my cut up Platinum card, as personal registered mail. I wrote that he may wish to order this junk nexst time he flies in First. I happened to know a few EL AL Insiders in those days and they told me later that they had never seen him so angry. Within a short time they had arranged for me to travel to Hamasbia where I discovered that they were perfectly capable of producing good meals, but that it was basically down to cost. A couple of letters later, carefully coordinated with them, and things changed for the better pretty radically. One thing I was told though was that NOBODY HAD EVER COMPLAINED BEFORE.

Now a couple of small British Airways ones:

The BA premium lounge in LHR T5 is the Concorde Room (CCR). The way kosher meals work at LHR is that you can get a panini and soup in the business class lounge and a main course in the First Class lounge. The CCR is essentially the same as the First Class lounge except that the non-kosher menu is worlds apart, and very upscale. So I asked (like Oliver Twist ...) if I could get kosher soup there. Of course, the answer was "No", only in the business class lounge. SO I told them I would be going there first to get my soup and would return later. Sensing the absurdity of the situation the manager told me he would get it for me. Not wanting a repeat, I wrote. In the reply I was told that from now onwards there would be a supply of kosher soup in the CCR. Well, that never happened, but anyone asking for kosher soup there will get it, even if the manager brings it personally from the other lounge. Once again, NOBODY HAD EVER WRITTEN ABOUT THE ISSUE BEFORE.

BA serves fresh orange juice on board in First (and possible in Club World as well). That used to be with the exception of ex-TLV, where they would serve some vile orange coloured liquid they call "nectar" in Israel, and which in the UK they tend to call "orange squash". The thing is that it used to come in a plastic bottle which looked just like the ones that BA got their really fresh orange juice in in the UK. Once again, I wrote. The response this time was interesting: it seems that (reading between the lines) BA were actually being conned by their Israeli supplier. This was rectified within a week. Again, NOBODY ELSE HAD EVER WRITTEN ABOUT THIS ISSUE!

The common denominator in these anecdotes is that people (especially kosher travelers) rarely complain. If they did complain on a regular basis it would be the end of Stogel/WAM dog food, at least in premium cabins. So its no good setting up websites with photos. Take those photos, and plenty of them, and SEND THEM TO THE AIRLINE! Make sure they know how much status you have (if you do have high status with them). An dkeep doing it again and again. Eventually things will improve. I have, likewise raised kosher food issues at "premium members evenings" which BA host from time to time. Nothing else will change matters.

March 05, 2018, 03:48:56 AM
Re: kosher food in airport lounges
Anything available in the finnair lounge in helsinki?

I never saw anything kosher sealed, but there was plenty of fresh fruit when I was there last.

June 20, 2018, 02:10:09 AM
Re: kosher food in airport lounges
Can I ask them in the Concorde Room to bring a Panini from the Galleries?
I'm sure they will. The staff at the Concorde Room are very willing to help. But I would ask one of the managers, rather than a regular server. They will also bring you a plate of plain smoked salmon with a slice of lemon (KLBD permit all regular smoked salmon in the UK). Just ask.

September 18, 2018, 03:46:08 AM
Re: El al flight arriving close to Shabbos - again
I find accounts from 2 non chardi news reports that happened to be on the flight the most accurate.
There are also reports from totally secular passengers who were on the flights which corroborate the "chareidi" versions.

November 18, 2018, 09:46:39 AM
Re: El al flight arriving close to Shabbos - again The crazy thing is that this is sooooo typical of Israeli management. Never admit you are wrong. Never admit you are wrong. Never admit you are wrong. Never admit you are wrong.

Anywhere else the company would have apologised profusely (with full page ads in all of the major newspapers) probably fired the captain and any crew members who slandered the passengers on Twitter, and any high level management who were responsible for the whole episode (in particular, whoever told the captain to ignore the passengers' request to leave the aircraft). The passengers would also have been given compensation which would be sufficient for them to want to remain with the airline despite the traumatic events they had endured.

Nobody in Israel EVER takes responsibility. EVER.

One reason I would never invest in any Israeli company, no matter how promising their prospects might be.

November 26, 2018, 05:26:58 AM