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Re: T-Mobile, Verizon, At&t service down? TMobile is having big issues right now.
June 15, 2020, 03:17:09 PM
Re: PSA: Don't swipe recklessly for others
has all info ;)

So creepy. It has all my info!
I have always been careful not to out my info in public. Or at least change the spelling and yet they have it the way it is...

June 30, 2020, 02:27:31 PM
Re: Why do Trump supporters get so upset?

Why do all these threads sound the same?

I think we need a separate board for CV to express her sentiments on our polarizing POTUS.

I think a separate forum for all these discussions. Thia forum is now more trash talking then anything else.

I miss the pre corona forum.

July 19, 2020, 07:30:59 AM
Re: Bill “The Clown” D’Blasio
Is deblasio to blame for canceling this years 9/11 memorial? BLM protest are ok, gathering together to paint the street in front of Trump tower is ok, but a 9/11 memorial isn’t?

Cuomo overrules Deblasio again...

August 15, 2020, 11:54:45 PM
Re: Is Trump sabotaging the USPS? Informative article.

August 16, 2020, 07:32:33 PM
Re: Interesting Articles... The uniqueness of the year תשפ"א

By Rabbi Shea Lindner

This coming year תשפ"א is the most rarest of occurances. I will give a quick introduction: There is a total of 14 various ways of how the yearly Jewish calendar can be set. 7 of them are regular years, and 7 of them are leap years - 14 in total.

Each of these 14 ways has a 3 letter code. By knowing this code, one can figure out the entire year; exactly what day of the week each Yom Tov will fall out, when Rosh Chodesh will be, whether it's a leap year or not, which Parsha will it be each week, etc, etc.

The code for this coming year is זח"א. I will not bore everyone as to explaining what this code means, but suffice to say that it is arguably the rarest of all 14 methods. The last time this occured was 20 years ago and the time before that was 44 years ago.
I will list here some of the rare phenomenons which we will be wittnessing this coming year:

*תפילת ותודיענו 5 פעמים בשנה אחת*
This year we will be making Kiddush & Havdala together, a total of 5 times throughout the year:
1 - ליל שני של ראש השנה
2 - ליל שני של סוכות
3 - ליל שמחת תורה
4 - ליל סדר ראשון של פסח
5 - ליל אחרון של פסח

*אין שבת חול המועד כלל*
This is good news for the children: No Shabbos Chol Hamoed this year - not Succos nor Pesach. This means more time to go to the zoo, the bumping cars, or the merry-go-round...

*שבת מקץ אינו שבת חנוכה*
This year is the rare occurance of Chanuka starting on a Friday - which means that שבת פרשת מקץ is not Chanuka anymore - which causes the reading of the weekly Parsha Haftorah, which is almost never read, since the Haftorah of שבת חנוכה almost always supersedes it. But this year is an exception. If you ever wondered why a Hoftorah for Miketz is printed in our Chumashim since it's never said anyway - the answer is it's printed there for this year. Remember the wisdom of שלמה המלך ordering to cut the baby in half in order to determine who the real mother is? That's the story of הפטורת מקץ which we haven't gotten to read for 20 years...

*עשרה בטבת שחל בערב שבת*
The only fast which can occur on a Friday is Asarah B'Teves. This fast cannot be pushed off for a later date as other fasts are, since the Pasuk refers to עשרה בטבת as עצם היום הזה which Chazal interpret as meaning that this fast must be on the 10th day of Teves no matter what day of the week it falls out. This causes the rare occurance of fasting until after Kiddush. This is when everyone will be making an early Shabbos - in middle of the winter...

*שבת זכור שחל בפרשת תרומה*
In a regular year - not a leap year, שבת פרשת תצוה is always שבת זכור - except for this year when it will be פרשת תרומה instead. While this has no practical ramifications, it is nevertheless an extremely rare occurance.

*פורים שחל בערב שבת*
If Purim every year is not hectic enough, we will now have the rare occurance of Purim on a Friday - and yes - it is still before the clock is moved - so you better be ready to light Shabbos candles at 5:00 - by hook or by crook... Better start the day at the crack of dawn, in order to pack into this short Friday the reading of the Megilla, sending Mishloach Manos, eating a Seudas Purim, manage to get a bit drunk as well, plus running around to all the teachers and family... If your head is starting to spin already - you have an option - buy a ticket to ארץ ישראל... If you're in ארץ ישראל - then it's a different story - as we will now explain:

*פורים המשולש*
If you ever planned to go to Eretz Yisroel for Purim - this is the year to go. Why? Because since Purim in ירושלים is always a day later then by us - namely on the day we call שושן פורים - therefore when Purim is by us on Friday - then by them it's on Shabbos - which results in the phenomenon of פורים המשולש litteraly meaning "The Triple Purim". What this means is as follows:

Just like we have now Rosh Hashana falling on Shabbos, as well as Succos on Shabbos, where the Shofar is not blown and the Lulav is not shaken - as the Gemara explains the reasoning - the same reasoning applies when Purim falls on Shabbos as well - the Megilla is not read. What happens is - Purim instead of being 1 day - ends up being 3 days instead! How so? - This is how it works:

The 6 Mitzvos of Purim are divided into 3 days:
Friday is קריאת המגילה and מתנות לאביונים, Shabbos על הניסים is said and ויבא עמלק is read, and Sunday is סעודת פורים and משלוח מנות is sent. Yerushalayim is clearly the place to be this year!...

*ערב פסח שחל להיות בשבת*
But the Yom Tov which has the most Halachic ramifications is the phenomenon of Erev Pesach occuring now on Shabbos. Here are some aspects of Pesach which will now be different than every year:

בדיקת חמץ
Cannot be the night before Pesach as usual since it's Shabbos, so it must be on Thursday night instead.

שריפת חמץ
Can obviously not be on the day of Erev Peasch, and must instead be on Friday morning. But no כל חמירא is said, and no Chametz is nullified. Why? Because while every year, there is of course no Chametz to be had after the burning, this year however, not only is Chametz permitted afterwards - but one is actually obligated to eat Chametz afterwards. Why? Because on Shabbos one must eat both at night and day some Challa. One cannot substitute Challa for Matza, as it is forbidden to eat Matza on Erev Pesach. But how the Challa is eaten is a bit complicated...

בוקר שבת ערב פסח
Everyone must daven Shachris on Shabbos at the crack of dawn, in order to be finnished eating Challa before סוף זמן אכילת חמץ at 10:00 in the morning. Any Chametz left over afterwards must quickly be flushed down the toilet before סוף זמן ביטול חמץ at 11:00 as burning is not possible on Shabbos and only then is כל חמירא said. Anyone who wishes to eat סעודה שלישית afterwards, cannot eat not Challa nor Matza, and must eat other foods instead.

סדר ליל פסח מוצאי שבת
On Shabbos it is forbidden to do any preperations for the Seder whatsoever, until the זמן מוצאי שבת - besides taking a good nap...

תכלה שנה וקללותיה!
תחל שנה וברכותיה!

September 07, 2020, 10:14:05 AM
Re: COVID-19 (Wuhan Novel Coronavirus) Pandemic Master Thread Forward from WhatsApp

This is Sarah Dukes.  Her husband Yudi Dukes was in icu with covid 19 complications for 5.5 months.  This is the longest icu stay with covid 19 IN THE WORLD! When he was released to rehab last week, this event was covered by major mainstream media.  Below is what she has to say about _masks and social distancing._ *Read carefully.*

It's a strange feeling how everyone is talking about a potential second  wave of covid19 and discussing the precautionary steps needed to prevent it, while my husband is still in the hospital from the first round- back in March!
I believe that we have the choice with who we choose to surround ourselves with and the choice of who we allow into our inner circles. I was taught this from a very young age, and it became my inner voice, "Surround yourself with positive people. With people who believe in you and in what you have to offer. Believe in yourself and you can achieve anything...".  (This is actually the inspiration behind my song "Just by Being You". Not kol isha. Link below). 

I try to be so careful with which type of people I surround myself and consciously choose to be around those who are positive and encouraging. I want to thank you- because you have been that for me. You have been completely supportive and loving in every way and in every step I took. You lifted me up when I was down and you celebrated each and every milestone with me, no matter how small they seemed. You kept me strong and empowered. You believed for me and in me.  "We are here for you and we have you and Yudi's back no matter what" was your underlying message to me. Always. No judgement, only love and respect. To have such an incredibly large supportive and loving network is one of the biggest blessings that G-d gave me to help get me through this trauma, and I want to thank you for being part of this blessing. Thank you for allowing this to be a safe platform for me to make myself vulnerable and express my deepest emotions. Thank you for being you. 

Yudi's journey (actually our family's journey) has been getting much more publicity with articles and news coverage (Fox News, CBS News etc.)- and well deserved. We all worked hard, and especially Yudi, to get to this point and the miraculous good that came out of something so terrifying deserves to be recognized and celebrated. This, however, opens the door for thousands of others to share their thoughts on the story as well. 

It's ok for everyone to have their opinion on things. I don't judge anyone. And that being said, I received enough new opinionated comments for me to need to put up some boundaries and respectfully take a stand and share what I am not comfortable with. 

A few have reached out to me requesting or suggesting that I and/or Yudi should make a video or declaration about the importance of social distancing and wearing masks. They feel that our story illustrates how serious Covid19 really is, and that we should use our experience to promote appropriate precautions. 
Again, without judging, it's important for people to know that I will NOT turn our journey into a political statement.  My husband will NOT be the poster boy for what will happen if you don't social distance or wear masks. My husband WILL be (and IS!) the poster boy to show the world the power of positivity, prayer, unity, strength, perseverance and love for one another. 

I don't feel like it's necessary to defend ourselves at all, but I think at this point it's important to highlight an important fact: When Yudi first got sick, we were social distancing. We were quarantined. We were wearing masks, washing hands, and being so careful. And yet, he still got it. And got hit harder than most people in. the. world. 

I know with absolute certainty that Yudi got covid19 to this degree only because this is what G-d wanted for Yudi's life journey, for our family's, and for the world. This did NOT happen to Yudi because of a lack of social distancing or mask wearing. This happened because G-d wanted it to happen. *There is NOTHING we could have, should have, or would have done differently to prevent Yudi from getting covid19.*
Very little is known about the coronavirus. No one really understands it. There are many people who are super careful and still manage to get it.  Others are not careful at all and don't get it. Some people are asymptomatic, others have mild symptoms, some have a full recovery, some have long lasting effects, and others, tragically, don't make it through. Some have antibodies, some do not (like me!), some test positive on the carrier test only to get a negative on the next one.
It can be scary to see so much chaos happening around us and how there are no clear answers- about anything.  But that's why it's so comforting to know that G-d is in control and that there IS an ultimate purpose and reason behind the chaos.

Like everything else in life, we have a responsibility to put in the effort. We have to do our part to stay safe and healthy emotionally, mentally and physically. 

Us trying to control everything and everyone has created a significant amount of anxiety. And so is the complete lack of control and the unknown. It makes it so much easier when we are OK with doing our part and leaving the rest up to G-d. He can handle what we cannot. He knows exactly what He's doing. We need to trust that He is "All Good", and take a deep breath, let go, and let G-d. 

If you look at the back of an embroidery, it often looks like one big mess. There are knots and loose strings everywhere. However, when you turn it around, you see that it's specifically this "mess" that makes up a beautiful embroidered image. So too, what can often seem like a complete chaos down here in our lives, actually creates a masterpiece from above.

We are in good hands. Trust. 

Thank you again for completely surrounding Yudi and I with such love, acceptance, and respect. It means more to us than you will ever know.
May we continue hearing good news, see revealed miracles and beauty in every aspect of our lives, and may Chaim Schneur Zalman Yehuda ben Hinda Yocheved get stronger and healthier- even more than before- so he can come home and be reunited with his family again!

September 14, 2020, 08:49:50 AM
To the Sons and Daughters of Our People Israel, Everywhere - Letters by the Lubavitcher Rebbe on the $17.99 instead of 59.95

September 14, 2020, 03:11:12 PM
Re: New Coin Deal
IndeedI believe they are all within 5 cents of each other

Until they start to beat each other.

September 22, 2020, 09:27:59 PM
Re: Buffalo Games - World Landmarks 360-2000 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle - $13.97 Thanks.
Great chold hamoed activity

September 27, 2020, 02:30:46 PM