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16GB LG Fiesta Simple Mobile Prepaid Smartphone $10 + Free Overnight Shipping This deal that was on SD a couple weeks ago is now back in stock and will probably go out of stock again quickly. I ordered one last time and it is a great phone to use as an extra WiFi tablet for the kids.
For $10, you get a dumbed-down LG X Power 2 with a 5.5 inch 720p screen. Locked to Simple Mobile (a T-Mobile MVNO), and no one claims they have found an unlock. I am finding mine works on WiFi without nag screens. Shipped with Nougat. The quick charger that is included is itself worth close to $10.

March 08, 2018, 09:43:58 AM
(Dead) Tcisa Portable Air Compressor Pump $.40 when added to you Amazon cart Hurry! The Tcisa Portable Air Compressor Pump 150 PSI, 12V 140W Auto Digital Car Tire Inflator Gauge drops to $.40 when added to your Amazon Cart. My order qualified for free same day delivery. Let's see if this actually ships or gets cancelled.

Order Summary
Item(s) Subtotal: $39.96
Shipping & Handling: $5.99
Free Shipping: -$5.99
Promotion Applied: -$39.56
Total before tax: $0.40
Estimated tax to be collected: $0.00
Gift Card Amount: -$0.40
Grand Total: $0.00

August 15, 2018, 11:26:05 AM