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Nashville, Tennessee I’m not that good at writing, so I’ll keep it to bulleted points with ratings and short notes where applicable.

Background: This trip in September 2018 was during Chol Hamoed Sukkos. We spent one day in Nashville and one day at Mammoth Cave National Park

•   PHL to BNA on American Airlines
  • This was an award ticket. 7.5k Amex MR points transferred to BA.
  • We live in Brooklyn but the only available flights were from PHL, so we rented a car in Brooklyn that we could drop-off at PHL (and thereby fly back to NYC)
•   BNA to LGA on American Airlines
  • This was an award ticket. 7.5k Amex MR points transferred to BA.

•   Hyatt Place Nashville/Brentwood- 3/5

Method of Transport:
•   Car Rental- National

•   Grins Vegetarian Café- 3/5
•   Aryeh's Kitchen- 4/5
  • Food was absolutely delicious!
•   We schlepped along our tiny pop-up Sukkah (which we used all of one time because of the constant rain). American managed to rip the handle off the carrying case, so I filed a report and got reimbursed for the full value of the sukkah…

•   Ryman Auditorium- 3/5
•   Belle Meade Plantation- 3/5
•   Lower Broadway
•   Parthenon- 1/5
  • There’s nothing to see here…
•   Hop on Hop Off- 2/5

September 10, 2019, 05:55:52 PM
Kentucky (Mammoth Cave National Park #2) I’m not that good at writing, so I’ll keep it to bulleted points with ratings and short notes where applicable.

Background: I’m trying to visit every National Park in the USA. This was a short trip in September 2018 to see Mammoth Cave National Park.

Flights and Hotels:
•   We drove from Nashville. See my Nashville, Tennessee trip report.

Method of Transport:
•   Car Rental- National

•   Hyatt Place Bowling Green- 3/5

•   Brought our own- along with a tiny pop-up Sukkah

•   Mammoth Cave National Park- 3/5
  • Entry to the park grounds are free but all the ranger guided tours (which is pretty much the only thing to do here) require reservations and have a fee. We took three tours in total (the most we could fit into one day). The tours range from one to three hours. Some are fascinating, especially where you have to squeeze through formations to get around.

September 10, 2019, 05:57:07 PM
Prague, Czech Republic I’m not that good at writing, so I’ll keep it to bulleted points with ratings and short notes where applicable.

Background: Dan posted cheap flights to Paris in February 2018, so we grabbed some, even though the flights we booked were over 6 months in the future. I believe this is the only time I had flights booked more than a month in advance. We travelled in late August, and spent 4 days in Prague, 2 days in Nice and Monaco, and 4 days in Paris.

•   EWR to ORY on British Airways
  • This was a paid ticket- $410.76 per ticket (Thank you Dan!)
  • They moved the timing around on our flights a few times. We tried getting some sort of upgrade/refund for the time changes, especially since we were set to land on a Friday and still wanted to make it to Prague before Shabbos, but unfortunately, we were unsuccessful.
•   CDG to PRG on CSA
  • This was a paid ticket
  • We were nervous as it was Friday. At check-in they told us that only one of us had been ticketed, and I would have to go on stand-by. We immediately asked to speak to a supervisor who was able to get me a ticket. She also checked all our bags without weight restrictions for our troubles.
  • CDG was a mess. At the gate there was standing room only, with multiple flights departing from the same gate and frequent delays. Bh we made it onto our flight with enough time to spare before Shabbos.
•   PRG to NCE on CSA
  • This was a paid ticket
  • We continued our trip and headed to Nice.

•   Hotel King David Prague- 3/5
  • The hotel is outdated and not overly comfortable. Given the choice though, I would probably still choose this over any other hotel in the area, because of the food. They offer a nice spread every morning for breakfast. We also ate the Friday night meal here and it was wonderful.

Method of Transport:
•   Walking
•   Uber

•   Friday Night- King David Hotel- 4/5 (for the food)
•   Shabbos Lunch- Chabad- 3/5
  • We slept in on Shabbos morning and by the time we made it to Chabad, the meal was over. They were gracious enough to offer us some food. It was standard fair and not very good although I’m sure we would have had a nicer experience had we made it there in time.
•   U Milo Kosher Italian Dairy- 3/5
  • The restaurant was new at the time, so the service was lacking. The food was ok.
•   Chabad Kosher Grill- 3/5
•   Chabad's Shelanu Kosher Restaurant- 3/5
  • The food was ok, but the service was SLOW. We wanted to catch the last bus to Terezin to tour the camp, but it took them so long to get our food ready that when we arrived to the bus stop one minute early, we had already missed the bus…

•   Old Town Square- 5/5
  • This is the first time I truly felt the medieval era. There was something about standing near these foreboding Churches and black Towers that lets you be transported back in time.
•   Wittmann Tours- 3/5
  • This was a walking tour of the city that included the Jewish Cemetery (4/5), the Jewish Shuls (4/5), and the Jewish Museum in Prague (4/5). Our tour guide wasn’t Jewish, so his stories didn’t have much ta’am although he was in his 90’s and had memories from before the war which was both fascinating and sad at the same time (my grandfather lived in Prague before the war and was forced to flee)
•   Charles Bridge- 5/5
  • Absolutely beautiful. A lot of history connected to the place, especially to the sculpture of Jesus with a pasuk written around it. Lots of street vendors as well as beggars with their face down supposedly due to the shame at their situation.
•   Prague Castle- 3/5
  • We didn’t spend enough time here, and the tour was rather dry. I have a feeling that a good tour guide could up that rating to a 5/5…
•   Hop on hop off tour- 2/5

September 11, 2019, 04:34:49 PM
Panama I’m not that good at writing, so I’ll keep it to bulleted points with ratings and short notes where applicable.

Background: We decided on a Tuesday afternoon in July that we’d like to get a way for July 4, which was the next day. We definitely overpaid for most things here, but it was an awesome trip.

•   JFK to CUN on Interjet
  • This was a paid ticket
•   CUN to PTY on Copa Air
  • Award Booking: 17.5k KrisFlyer Miles +42.60 SGD per ticket (These KrisFlyer miles were left over from my trip to Singapore, and were just sitting there waiting to expire)
•   PTY to MIA to JFK on AA
  • This was a paid ticket
  • This was actually a Skiplagged ticket, which then continued onto Montreal.

•   Le Méridien Panama
  • This hotel was not too close to the Jewish Community, but Ubers were cheap. The traffic is crazy, so I recommend staying close to the Jewish Community so that food is readily accessible.

Method of Transport:
•   Uber
  • These were ridiculously cheap ($2-$3 for a 15-minute trip)

•   Panama has a large Jewish community, with a ton of kosher food. We found to be particularly useful.
•   Most dairy establishments use Cholov Yisroel for everything except one or two items, so if you are makpid, just ask which dishes are/aren’t CY.
•   Shabbos Meals- Chabad- 4/5
  • The food and company were great, but after reserving our meal here we found out that the local Jewish community offers meals as well (one shul hosts Friday night, and another Shabbos Lunch). It would probably have been more of an experience to mingle with the locals.
•   La Spezia- 4/5
  • Delicious Pizza!
•   Jeffrey’s Bakery- 4/5
  • Good breakfast place
•   Pita Pan- 3/5
•   Restaurant KO- 3/5
•   Aroma Restaurant- 4/5
•   Aria Restaurant- 3/5
  • Their main dishes were horrid, but the sides and soups were all delicious!
•   Most of the Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf’s are kosher which makes things very convenient, especially in the airport.

•   Casco Viejo- 4/5
  • Loved the restorative Spanish charm!
•   Museo Del Canal in Casco Viejo- 3/5
  • A somewhat boring museum of the Panama Canal
•   Embara Indigenous Tribe- 4/5
  • This tour was arranged by our hotel. While the tribes were fascinating, our tour guide was less so. He was more of a driver than anything else and was unable to answer our numerous questions. Note that this drive is not for anyone who gets carsick. To get to the Embara you need to pass through an unpaved forest and a ‘landfill’. I believe this was $280 per group.
•   Jewish Tour- 4/5
  • This was an amazing tour of all the shuls and history of the community given by a local community member
•   Panama Canal- 3/5
  • We first headed to the canal late one day, and got stuck in horrible traffic, unlike anything I’ve seen before. We arrived about two minutes after the ticket booths had closed and were denied entry. We returned again on Friday, and while it was rainy, it was cool to see the ships passing through the locks. On the way back we hit another traffic jam (what were we thinking??), realizing that it was fifteen minutes to the zman, traffic wasn’t moving, and we still had a ton of things to get ready, we jumped out of the taxi on the causeway, jumped over the divider onto some grass, and ran the ten minutes to our hotel. That must’ve been a site…
•   San Blas- 5/5
  • This tour was arranged by our hotel. I would dub San Blas the ‘Maldives of the West’. The waters here are just wow. The territory falls under the Guna Yala tribe and so it’s not under the jurisdiction of the Panamanian government. To get here we passed through a mountain region with unpaved roads (my bottom was sore for days after). We then crossed a makeshift border where we presented our passports and an entry fee. The standard tour takes you to some beautiful uninhabited islands to spend a few hours relaxing. We asked our driver to change things up a bit, so he took us to his family’s island. It was incredible. They live in extreme poverty, and the entire island is full of houses built out of containers. It was really an eye-opening experience. Also, don’t forget to lather in sunscreen. The day started out cloudy, so we didn’t think much of it. By the time we got to the city, we were roasted. I believe we paid $165/per person.
•   Market- 3/5
  • Don’t ask me where this is… a random cab driver dropped us off here.

September 11, 2019, 05:05:27 PM
Re: United Arab Emirates
Wow! that is one of the wildest things I've heard in a very long time. Not in any way bad just fascinating and not the p'sak either I'm just astounding that you wanted to and you pulled it off. (pics please) What were you wearing? Everyone knows you can spot a jew from miles away especially the ones that wear a baseball cap with their peyos bulging out, I get you weren't that obvious but still that is...wild!

Well, for the wanting part, it's one of the most beautiful modern buildings in the world, so that's that.
As for the looking Jewish part, we definitely got that part down pat :). They have no issue with Jews, and couldn't care less what we looked like. At the entrance to the mosque they have dressing rooms and since our ankles weren't covered, they kindly requested us to change into Muslim garb (they provide). It was one of the highlights for sure :)

September 17, 2019, 04:38:46 PM
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November 06, 2019, 04:02:23 PM
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