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Re: Marriott Certs Sale
I have the following 7 night certs available in a Plat Premier account. Looking to sell them all. Old categories are listed.

8 x Cat 1-5 (asking $450 each)
1 x Cat 8 (asking $600)

just bought cat 4 from Erik, smooth transaction
Marriott said that itís new security, 2nd name canít be added after the reservation are made.
So he's figuring it out.

just want to say that if you guy need 7 night at decent price, you can buy off him, +1

January 04, 2019, 09:22:04 PM
Re: IHG nights for sale
Anyone have an issue using 4x 1 night certificates for one stay - from 4 different accounts?

I use 4 diff in Japan, my name is on 2nd guest and I even email the hotel to combine booking, they did it for me smoothly.

February 12, 2019, 12:52:03 PM