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Re: Maldives Master Thread Kosher Food Gemach officially open in St. Regis Maldives!
When our butler brought us to our room we happened to notice in his golf cart was Shibolim spelt matzah crackers that someone had just left behind. As my husband tries to keep away from wheat this was a nice surprise.  So we decided when we left to  leave some of our extra food if anyone can use.  We left some cans of corn, Tradition soups and in the freezer double wrapped mashed potatoes from Sri Lanka Chabad.  If you can use any of the food ask as our butler Saddam who said he would keep it for a a few weeks? months?.  If you have any extra food when you leave you can give it to him to add to the food gemach.
BTW, you can ask for a specific butler and a specific room. They try to accommodate if they can. Before we went I saw that Saddam was highly recommended, especially as he is great about taking care of our kosher meals.  The only thing he is not good with is that he didn't let us know about the extra activities that they offer. Not sure if because thought wouldn't be interested or not so you need to ask him if anything extra going on (ie: exercise class, free drinks, tennis).

January 29, 2018, 03:54:09 PM