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Re: Colorado Master Thread Our Trip to Denver, CO!
We went for a week last summer. Stayed in hotels (Marriott Residence Inn Denver-Lakewood 1br suite with points!) and went to relatives for Shabbos.

Congregation Zera Abraham (Rabbi Tzvi Steinberg) (8:00 shacharis during bein hazmanim)
1560 Winona Court Denver, Co

Yeshiva Toras Chaim of Denver – shacharis 7:30

East Side Kosher Deli (supermarket, takeout, and fleishig restaurant all in one building, open until 9pm)
499 S. Elm St. Denver, CO

Brooklyn Pizza
890 S Monaco Pkwy Denver, CO


Denver, CO:
Sloan Lake Park (by 17th avenue – beautiful lake surrounded by mountains)

Golden, CO (about ½ hr from Denver):
Coors Brewery Tours
1221 Ford St. Golden, CO

Golden Gate Canyon State Park
3873 Highway 46, 29 Crawford Gulch Rd, Golden, CO

Buffalo Bill Museum (Has a georgeous lookout area)
987-1/2 Lookout Mountain Rd Golden, CO

Lookout Mountain Nature Reserve (hikes and walks with a pretty view)
Up the road  from Buffalo Bill Museum, on lookout mountain rd

Morrison, CO (not far from Golden)
Red Rocks Ampetheater (natural ampetheater made within red rock mountains, beautiful views, walks, hikes)
18300 W. Alameda Pkwy Morrison, CO

Idaho Springs, CO (about ½ hr from Lookout Mountain)
Mount Evans (highest drivable peak in North America, a 15 mile drive up to the top of mount evans. Narrow roads, close to the cliffs, INCREDIBLE view, frightening to those who are scared of heights. Low temp at the top even in the hottest part of the summer so bring a sweatshirt!)

Boulder CO (about an hour from Denver)
Celestial Seasonings Tea Factory
4600 Sleepytime Dr. Boulder, CO

Chautaugua (beautiful place to walk and see mountains)
Baseline and 8th St. Boulder, CO

National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR) (a place where research is done but you can drive up to the parking lot and enjoy breathtaking views of the mountains)
1850 Table Mesa Dr. Boulder, CO

Colorado Springs, CO (about 1 ½ hrs from Denver)
Cheyenne Mountain Zoo (sounds pretty ordinary but this zoo has the beautiful background of the Rocky mountains, as well as many fascinating animals (lions, tigers, bears, and more!) It also has a chairlift that can take you above zoo level so you can see from bird’s eye view!
4250 Cheyenne Mountain Zoo Rd. Colorado Springs, CO

Garden of the gods (a goyish sounding name, but this is a must-see. It’s about a ½ hr from the zoo. Incredible sights like you’ve never seen. Carved out cliffs, etc. There are walks, hikes. You can choose your level of difficulty they have something for everyone.)
1805 N. 30th St. Colorado Springs, CO

Vail, CO (about 1 hr and 45 min from Denver)
Vail Mountain Pass (When you get here you will see the bike rentals and the information center, where they can tell you what there is to do in the area including hikes, biking, easy trails, and the gondola (cablecar) that you can take to the top of the mountain.
555 E. Lionshead Circle Vail, CO

Note: you can turn Vail into a couple of day vacation since there is so much to do there. You can stay overnight. We did it as a day trip and did one long hike and took the gondola back down the mountain.

Lake Dillon Bike rentals – 149 Tenderfoot St. C. Dillon, CO (georgeous lake where you can walk around, picnic, etc. not just biking)
Betty Ford Alpine Gardens – 183 Gore Creek Dr. Vail,CO (like a botanical gardens)
Ford Park – Vail, Colorado (great for kids – jungle gyms, etc. and walking area for adults and families)
Denver Mint – Denver, CO
Pikes Peak – Highway 24, Colorado Springs, Colorado (like Mount Evans – driving up a road to the peak of a mountain, beautiful views)
Maroon Bells (the aspen tissue box picture) – Aspen Highlands, End of Maroon Creek Rd, Aspen, CO (3 ½ hrs from Denver)
Johnson Park Miniature Golf – 51579 Highway 6 & 24, Glenwood Springs, CO (970)945-9608
Rifle Falls State Park – 5775 Colorado 325, Rifle, CO
Gunnison National Park – Montrose, CO
Denver Museum of Miniatures, Toys, and Dolls – 1880 Gaylord St. Denver,  CO


June 26, 2019, 03:03:38 PM
Re: $100 Home Depot eGC + $10 Vanilla eReward Visa for $100 (Newegg) thanks just ordered :)
August 01, 2019, 07:50:42 PM
Re: NY-NJ Private Pool Rentals now that the nine days are over, we can get this thread in full swing.
if you have a private pool available for rent in Five Boroughs, Monsey, lakewood, Passaic-Clifton, Long island Etc. please post🏊‍♂️

August 12, 2019, 09:13:34 PM
Re: Donate blood at American Red Cross, Get a $5 Gift Card
Nothing in NYC
In NYC you give through Bikur Cholim, and you know it will benefit yidden (and you might get a $10 restaurant voucher also).

August 20, 2019, 03:21:13 PM
Re: Vermont Master Thread i just added a wiki. FEEL FREE TO EDIT!
August 21, 2019, 06:01:08 PM
Re: Corny Jokes & Bad Puns Thread What do you call it when you cross a chicken and a rabbit?

Nisht a Hin, Nisht a Herr

September 15, 2019, 09:50:50 PM
Re: Trader Joe's Master Thread I generally get the following items from Trader Joe's:
Soy Creamy (both flavors)
Mango Sorbet (it has an australian hechsher that the star-k said is good)
honey roasted peanuts
white whole wheat flour (100% whole wheat- different strain of wheat which isn't as basebally) (much cheaper than King Arthur)

October 24, 2019, 08:36:20 PM
Re: Trader Joe's Master Thread
Care to explain what would make a hashgocha funky? ;)
The fact that it's not familiar to most people. But you can check crc and star-k lists (online/app) for them (or call).

October 25, 2019, 11:41:59 AM
Re: Looking for bookbinding in Brooklyn
Any recommendations for a decent bookbinder in Brooklyn. Is it cost effective for a 5 volume set or is it cheaper to just buy a brand new set?
Most yeshivos have bookbinders (bochurim). If you want s/t more professional, there was a guy in the back of ZBerman Flatbush, not sure if he's still there.

October 27, 2019, 03:31:46 PM
Re: Corny Jokes & Bad Puns Thread If life hands you melons, chances are you're dyslexic.
November 03, 2019, 07:48:21 PM