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Re: Cancun, Mexico Master Thread
COVID19 INFORMATION: As of today, Mexico is OPEN to visitors. No special requirements, health tests, or quarantines are required. However, all travelers entering Mexico BY AIR from another country are required to complete a health questionnaire which can be submitted online. This is in ADDITION to the Tourist Card which you can start below.
TRAVEL ADVISORY 1: Most commercial airlines NO LONGER hand out immigration forms. We strongly recommend you fill out your form(s) ONLINE now so you don't delay your immigration process when you arrive in Mexico. The "By Air" form is FREE.

January 12, 2021, 01:30:13 PM
Re: A 6 day COVID vacation to Cancún Jan 21 Tuesday:

We left early Tuesday morning, and hoped to find free parking on the streets near Newark airport (had done that before), but everywhere there was alternate side parking, so we went to Jiffy and pre-paid a few minutes before $60 for 6 days.

Wanted to surprise my DW with business class, but ended up with frustrated United employees  :'( fussing over the overweight luggage (would advise to just go direct to premium check-in). At security we saw a couple people being stopped as they had left their thermos with coffee in the hand luggage. They were told they could either go back to the beginning of the line to drink it or the thermos with the coffee would be thrown out…  We saw an officer who was sanitizing his gloves between handling people’s hand luggages……  ;D :D

United flight 1052 almost always arrives 30 mins early, but by us it arrived almost an hour early, at around 1:30PM. We hoped to use our Immigration Form which was filled out online in advance, but the officer did not want to accept it and we had to go out of line to fill it out then  :(. We had filled out the health questionnaire but nobody looked at it.

We arrived at Terminal 3 but we did not see any red light or green light to let us go through, despite being nervous about that (we did see an article that they are going to stop with this).

Most people went out at the suitcase screening section. We went to the other side where 2 officers approached us right away (Jew Police?) and asked us if we have any food. We said yes. We asked them if they want to see all the suitcases or just the suitcase with food. We had packed the more “legal” foods in one small suitcase and spread out the less “legal” stuff amongst the clothes etc. They said just the suitcase with food so they looked through the packaged goods and got excited when they found tuna cans and homemade meringues. But, they didn’t take anything away and did not look through the other suitcases, so we had milk, yogurt, jerky, dried fruit and salami, as well as crackers and bread etc.  After all the stories we had read this in itself made us feel like it was worth travelling!  ;D :)

We waited around 15 minutes, in the heat with all the Mexicans asking us if we needed a taxi  ::), until the shuttle came to take us to Sixt car rental.  2 employees loaded on the luggage and it took less than 5 minutes to get to their base. They gave us cold water bottles, my DW was waiting outside, and there was 2 stray dogs there which scared her a little  :-X. They took a $1000 security deposit (returned at car return). They took plenty of photos of the car (as did we). We got a red Nissan Versa.

It was a 30 minute drive to the Hyatt Ziva, (we got a little lost the first few exits until we got used to the roads and the car. DW kept me in check with the speed as I didn’t want any experiences with the Mexican police. She asked me if she could keep the job in the USA too, lol ;).

We arrived at the Hyatt to the most gorgeous views! The bell boys took the luggage and gave us a tag to take to the check-in. Currently there is no valet parking so DW had to wait until I had parked the car. Throughout our stay upon entering and exiting the parking garage we had to wait several minutes for an attendant to open the barrier.

Our room was in the Ocean Sky Room in Turquoize Tower. (A swim-up Suite wasn’t available due to renovations). The room was prepared with anniversary decorations (banner on door and heart shaped balloons above the bed, and fresh fruit and wine(not kosher)).  One additional time during our stay they brought more balloons. It isn’t possible to describe in words how absolutely stunning the views were from all angles in the hotel.  ;) ;)

After we unpacked we went immediately to the ballroom to register for our COVID test. It was the only place we had to wear a mask. The process took around 15 minutes and we then went to check out the SuperChedraui supermarket. There were very few products with kosher certification and we bought mostly fresh produce.

We decided it would be most convenient to order from Kosher Cancun (Chabad). We had beef tacos, schnitzel sandwich, burger and fries. Food was okay, but by the time we came to get it in the hotel lobby it was cool. We ate at the fire pits which was not a good idea as the wind kept blowing the fire into our faces.

We had a WhatsApp group with our personal butlers and we could request whatever we wanted. We got the butler this night (and every night) to prepare the jacuzzi with bubbles on the porch. If it’s a windy day and you don’t get in immediately there will be no bubbles left after a short time. Throughout our stay we wanted to experience the full butler service, so he polished my shoes and ironed 2 shirts lekovod shabbat. We got a variety of pillows, aromatherapy, coffee in the morning (much faster than room service).

February 07, 2021, 03:57:46 PM
Re: A 6 day COVID vacation to Cancún Jan 21 Thursday

On Thursday we made breakfast at the hotel in our room. We left the heating appliance on the surface when we left for our trip and room service confiscated it  :-\, and told us we will get it back by checkout.
We travelled an hour to Xplor park where we enjoyed a set of 7 ZipLines, Subterranean Exploration and fun waterslide, Hammock Splash and ATV vehicles. Although there is more than one track for ziplines and ATVs, only one was open due to COVID (they sanitize one every other day). But it was enough for us and we got back to the hotel midafternoon and were able to relax a bit. We had booked tickets before we left and got a 20% discount with an AMEX card.

We took advantage of the adults-only pool and bar exclusive to the Turquioze Tower (it was empty most times we were there). Unfortunately, fresh coconuts are an extra $10 charge!  DW went to the flea market and came home with some souvenirs and gifts. She said that it’s not an experience for the faint-hearted as all the vendors swarm over you.  You have to bargain hard to get a good price… That evening, we were also mortified to find out that no TV in the Hyatt can be used together with an HDMI wire, meaning you can’t have your own entertainment on their screens  :o. It’s across all systems at the hotel

February 07, 2021, 04:00:20 PM
Re: A 6 day COVID vacation to Cancún Jan 21 Tips:

And here some tips, from our own experience YMMV:
1. Make sure to follow the law to the letter, if deciding to rent a car.
2. Pay more for a reliable Car rental
3. Planning to spend time in the sun, don’t be lazy, always make sure to put Sunscreen, you will regret the after effects.
4. Rather less activities more days, and relaxing part of the day, than whole days of activities and nothing in the rest.
5. A Betty Crocker is a useful tool, especially on vacation. (Remember hiding it)
6. Watching Sunrise at the beach is a beautiful experience.
7. If staying at the Turquoize tower, read upon arrival all butler services you can enjoy
Say any celebration for a nice romantic decoration
8. Fill out all forms in advance (Health questionnaire has to be on day of travel), but be ready to do it again if told
9. ‘Saasil Bar’ next to the general hotel entrance, and ‘Punta Vista’ on the Turquoize pool floor are the best bars and most Kosher knowledgeable IMO.
10. There is a staircase in the Turquoize tower leading to the tennis court on the 3rd floor, where you can exit from the parking garage, good for Shabbat and no temp checking etc.
11. One more: A Money belt, and waterproof phone case are very useful!

February 07, 2021, 04:03:13 PM
Re: A 6 day COVID vacation to Cancún Jan 21 And here some Pictures:

Departing Newark

UA 737 Cockpit

Kosher Snack (some OU-D)

Bird's eye


Cun Airport

necesita un taxi?

Sixt shuttle

Sixt Car rental

Parking garage


Hyatt Ziva

Turquoize lobby


How romantic!

Kosher cake... (not the wine)

View from lobby

General pool (Usually more full)

Other pool area (more quiet)

Dolphin pool (6 dolphins)

Fire pits

View from the Turquoize pool

Juana Margarita

Kosher Cancun delivery


Bubble bath

Good morning Señor

Saasil Bar



Food consent form

R to L: Waitress, Head chef, Chef

From the kitchen



SubSee port (Half hour boat ride)



Coral reefs

Underwater museum (nothing special)

Jungle Tour

Chabad (and Kosher Cancun)

Chabad (Fri morning)

Ember Kosher

Explor Map

Amphibious vehicle

Zip lines

Flowers Lekoved Shabbat

Dips & Sips

COVID test

Jacuzzi pool

Ice bucket challenge

Spa various pools

Water massage

Pressurized jets

CUN airport

February 07, 2021, 04:04:41 PM