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Re: Mezuzah Fraud
Look I get the opposing logic of kosher bedieved for cheap mezuzot where someone may otherwise not have a mezuzah.

This trend seems to be the cause of upwards economic mobility. No reason a quality sofer working l'shem shamayim should make less.

Machon Stam $40 entry level mezuzot passed muster, it just means the rest of the players need to get their act together.

My father wholly supports Rabbi Wolf and as much as my father is a kanoi and oh boy is my father machmir, he generally would find such a video expose to be grub and lashon Hara.

In this case my father while not lauding the style and method, agrees it was necessary.

Also from what I'm hearing, Rav Heller advises machon Stam and so can't really comment on this.

But if you read machon Stam site

Nice glad your father is pro this, perhaps he should also go a make a video about the disgusting things rabbi raskin says about the other sofrim. Maybe then you will see the truth how some sofrim all they care about is making their own name by putting down everyone else.

January 07, 2019, 10:43:44 PM