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Re: Something Fishy's Trip Reports Thread New Cuba installment posted:

May 03, 2017, 01:02:36 PM
Re: Viva La Revolución! Time-traveling to Cuba with Something Fishy, whYME, and CITH
The guy wants money from tourists because he has a rat on a dog.

The guy couldn't fathom why we wouldn't pay him a CUC to see that. In the meantime the rat kept on trying to escape, and every time the owner caught it he asked for a CUC again.

May 03, 2017, 05:13:45 PM
Re: Aurora, Storms, and Snowpants: An Icelandic Saga by Something Fishy, whYME, and ChAiM'l
Just saw the Shutterfly book.  I've been trying to put together my own Shutterfly book on Iceland, but couldn't figure out how to do the Icelandic letters, and did not want to use another program.  Can you share how you did it?

Simple: copy and paste. Grab the correct text from anywhere on the internet and paste it in; Shutterfly will keep the Icelandic characters.

May 03, 2017, 07:47:50 PM
Re: Viva La Revolución! Time-traveling to Cuba with Something Fishy, whYME, and CITH

I'm..... honored?


May 04, 2017, 05:17:25 PM
Anti-Malarial Drugs for Vacation - Any Experiences? There's so much conflicting information online... anyone mind sharing their experiences, especially regarding side affects? Mefloquine, Doxycycline, Malarone...

Of course the obvious answer is to discuss it with my doctor, but he likely has less experience with this subject than I do and will end up Googling it himself.

Or if someone has the name of a doc who knows his way around this in the NY area, feel free to share.

May 08, 2017, 01:01:04 PM
Re: Anti-Malarial Drugs for Vacation - Any Experiences?
We took Malarone when we went to ZimZam, think you start taking it a week before till end of the trip. Didn't have any side effects.


Bh I wasn't pregnant at the time But on a serious note, most of them are not safe for long term use. When in Kruger, we asked around and some people said they just go without it. I went to a walk in clinic and it was actually covered under my insurance. The doctor was very informative. I'm not sure why the doctor needs to see you to prescribe medication for preventative purposes.

I don't think he does, but it would be nice to get an informed opinion on the different options. But like I said, he has no experience here.

Malarone seems like the general way to go except during pregnancy.

That's what I'm thinking as well, except that Malarone isn't recommended for where I'm going:

ETA: Turns out that Malarone is the brand name for the first suggested med in that link. I read too fast...

May 08, 2017, 02:46:04 PM
Re: Panama TR- a Hidden Family Gem (w/AWESOME restaurants)! Seriously fantastic report. I imagine Panama will pick up steam around these parts now for family vacationers.
May 10, 2017, 04:37:07 PM
Re: Viva La Revolución! Time-traveling to Cuba with Something Fishy, whYME, and CITH
SF, I'm going right now. Can you send me the draft?...


May 11, 2017, 09:21:06 AM
Re: Site Suggestions
That is also available on tapa where you can subscribe to threads.

Not in my tapa (I refuse to upgrade >:().

Regardless, this is something I'd use on a PC primarily.

May 11, 2017, 10:39:23 PM
Re: The funny/strange/interesting video thread... Epic.

May 17, 2017, 04:38:47 PM