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Re: Paris Master Thread
Are any of the bakeries open early in the morning (like 8 am)?

Le XXV 25 Avenue Paul Doumer, 75016 Paris opens at 8am. The one located at 225 Rue du Faubourg Saint-Honorť, 75008 Paris opens at 8:30am.

Where will you be located?

April 23, 2019, 07:27:16 AM
Re: Paris Master Thread For breakfast you can do Le XXV great place for French breakfast CY
There is a Chabad on Champs Elysťes pretty sure there is a morning minyan.

For Mikve you use the one Rue Montevideo 75116 (Sepharade) or the Chabad one

You can PM me if you want Iíll give you my WhatsApp number if you need while in Paris.

I'm planning a 3 day trip to Paris and have a few questions, any help would be very appreciated! (Just a couple, no children)

1) I want to do top of Arc de Triomphe at sunset, but have no patience climbing the steps. Any DPís how to get into the elevator, which is officially only for handicapped?

2) Any Chabad/Heimish Shul with a Mikvah and 8ish - 9ish Shachris?

3) The PH seems to be the rage. However, Hyatt now has "Small Luxury Hotels of the World", and there is a Hotel called "Grand Powers" which seems to be way better than PH in luxury and location. Also the "Le Narcisse Blanc H‘TEL & Spa" looks better than PH. Anyone stayed here/knows about the experience? Or is PH really the holy grail and I'm just being blinded by TripAdvisor...

4) I like renting cars in European cities. I am landing at ORY and leaving CDG. Is there a one way rental fee? Or is it like NYC where they don't charge one way fees airport-to-airport?

5) I have 2 mornings, where I am eating breakfast, top 2 CY places?

6) Seems like Kavod is only Glatt option this summer, correct?

7) I have patience for only one art museum. Louvre or Orsay? (Don't feel a need to tick off Mona Lisa, but want the better overall experience)


June 21, 2019, 11:01:56 AM