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Re: AA Upgrade Certificates For Sale Hi all,

I am a longtime member for many years. I am concealing my true identity for fear of AA.
I have a whole bunch of BXP1 certificates for sell.

These certs are truly amazing for upgrades since they can upgrade any one way segment within north America including NYC-LAX on lie flat Business class. They are also good for flights to Hawaii, or the Caribbean.
I will assist you in finding the upgrade space on the route you want and email you the upgrade code when you are ready to book.

Price is $150 per certificates or best offer.

Please see the T&C's for exclusions before you book:
Within North America or between North America and Hawaii or the Caribbean. One-Segment Cabin Upgrade (Fare basis codes starting with B, N, O, Q or S are not eligible for this upgrade.)

One segment upgrade on Discounted Published Fares except those listed in the description above.
Upgrades are valid to the next class of service.
Travel must be completed by the expiration date printed on the upgrade certificate.

For all award options, North America includes Canada, Mexico, and the Continental U.S. including Alaska.

Restricted Travel Dates Apply.
Upgrades are subject to seating limitations and capacity controls. Tickets must be issued before the upgrade takes place.

Award travel valid ONLY on American Airlines, American EagleŽ.

Award travel is not valid on flights marketed as American Airlines online service but operated by other airlines under a codeshare agreement.

Upgrades are valid only with tickets issued on American Airlines ticket stock.

April 22, 2019, 03:53:40 PM