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Re: MBD Racist? And Other Split Popcorn
He should apologize and everyone should move on to discuss the horrific, racist, sub human, cruel, thing that occurred in Chicago (would I be considered racist if I mentioned it is BHO'S and Rahm Emanuel's home town?) and the sickening video of it.
+1 this place is like the UN. You have overtly race /hate based cases of ugly violence and torture, human rights violation, mistreating disabled people etc. All well documented. But instead we have a unanimous resolution excoriating the fact that, in Israel, someone's feelings may have been hurt

January 06, 2017, 08:23:21 AM
Re: Hot!!! Free Earrings
שונא מתנות יחיה

א"ת שונא אלא שיינע
(now if these qualify for שיין is another question...)

February 10, 2017, 03:10:11 AM
Re: Hidden City Ticketing Is it safe to use TSA Pre (known traveler) on HC ticket? or can that help the airline track down your mileage account?

Crediting to partners is fine?

February 16, 2017, 07:36:54 AM
Re: Crayola’s Retiring One Of Their Crayons For The First Time Ever
That's major news.

I would guess they are retiring a color that the average male cannot name (men's color palettes have fewer names than women palettes) or white.

"white" is going to be replaced by "privilege"

March 30, 2017, 10:27:57 AM
Re: Crayola’s Retiring One Of Their Crayons For The First Time Ever there won't be a replacement 'cause white is an occupier
March 30, 2017, 01:58:33 PM
Re: Shlichus Addiction?
I disagree with this. Preparation for shlichus is limud haTorah. It's not just my opinion, it's something I've heard from many shluchim including Berel Lazar, who you might think would have benefited from some sort of communications or politics class.

To be sure, the Rebbe demanded shluchim use their talents and skills, and they should certainly hone those skills and improve them. But their job is to be mekabel pnei Moshiach tzidkeinu by being meifitz chassidus and getting yidden to do mitzvos. Their job is not to deliver speeches, give invocations, or write editorials. Sure, those are important tools, but they are only tools with which to impart all the knowledge they picked up in their years in yeshivah.

As in my above example, a shliach's success is not due to his public speaking, writing or counseling acumen. When I was 14 years old on mivtzoim and a man sought my counsel on his failing business, troubled familial relationships and more, he obviously wasn't seeking my advice, but he was benefiting from my compassion. Not that I'm an especially kind personality, just that I happened to be the Rebbe's shliach to that person in that moment. And I did help him out, otherwise why would he keep seeking my counsel every week? My age, skills and knowledge had nothing to do with it, any comfort I brought to that Jew was with the power vested in me by the Rebbe.

In many ways, shluchim are like audacious 14 year old know nothing kids. They are the Rebbe's men on the spot. Sure one might be able to deliver a pilpul, another a punchline, and yet another might be able to explain bilti baal gvul without illustrations. But the power they have to effect the world in the grand way they do comes from the Rebbe, and no amount of vocational training will change that.
By the way, there are some yeshivas that do offer such classes. In fact, a relative of mine told me of a public speaking class in which they had to deliver a speech based on the techniques and skills learned in the class. He gave a speech which had all the bochurim laughing and engaged, but "failed" (I don't believe the class counted for anything) and upset the instructor who complained he didn't use the specific formula he had taught.

Sure, each school could use improvement in any number of areas, just as that public speaking teacher probably wasn't the best guy for the job. But to say that a yeshivah that only teaches bochurim nigleh and chassidus without vocational instruction is not preparing them for shlichus is like saying a medical school that only teaches medicine without communication studies isn't preparing students to become doctors.
Spot on!
and whaddaya know?
that same unadulterated לימוד תורה (preferably על טהרת הקודש) which prepares one so well for a life of shlichus, by imparting a knowledge and appreciation for hashem, his torah, and the awareness that אין עוד מלבדו, also happens to be a great prep for a life of a chassidisher balebos (perhaps even more so...), and for that matter, the best prep for a frum jewish life at all...

and isn't that the 'core' of what shlichus should be about anyway?

April 20, 2017, 06:04:55 PM
Re: Alternatives to Connectify?
Oh, that's very old! (11 is the month and 15 is 2015) this feature arrived in 1607 (anniversary update). You should update to the latest version (1703, creators update). The easiest way is with the Update Assistant tool from Microsoft
thanks. The update now gives me the w10 native Hotspot

April 25, 2017, 10:48:52 AM
Re: Shlichus Addiction?
Is that an ad?
advertorial. see TBL thread

April 25, 2017, 01:14:57 PM
Re: Excel Problem
Oh, I didn't even know that :) I was referring to the REGEXREPLACE formula where you tell it a cell, the regex to look for in there, and the string to replace it with.
would this serve the same purpose as Gdocs?

May 21, 2017, 08:12:19 PM
Re: Is this a scam or not? as soon as you reject the part of paying the consultant he'll disappear
June 08, 2017, 02:34:32 PM