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Re: Free national executive elite status! Hello All. thanks so much for this!

I had the same issue that i already had an account and it wouldn't update.

But i was able to work around it and now it says expires 02/28/2022!!!!!! ;D ;D ;D

So i'd like to share with you a work around if you already have the Amex EE on your account and it won't extend.

Just create a new account and enter your license number with 1 digit off and then you can create a new account! It seems that national searches based off License # and Name when seeing if you already have an account. So change 1 digit on your license number and then just sign up for a new account and then after it is created and your signed in go into your profile and update your license number to the correct number!
(Don't misspell your name as that can't be changed later without a big hassle)

January 01, 2020, 08:20:17 PM