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Re: Airline Gift Cards And Vouchers Master Thread Selling:
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September 12, 2019, 02:19:22 PM
Re: Alaska Companion Fare Code
Hi DansDeals Forum members!

I'm new to Dan's Deals but not new to the online community (same handle over at SD, and namesake from the AT deals forums back in the early 2000's).
I'm also new to Alaska Airlines (just signed up for their credit card and just met the minimum spend requirements to get the companion fare code).

I've planned a cruise to Alaska this May, and am trying to book flights, but have yet to receive my companion fare code.  I've called Alaska Airlines but they tell me it's all in BoA's hands.  I called BoA and they say it takes 2-3 billing cycles for the code to be issued.

I'd like to buy my air tickets before prices go up (~ the three month mark of Feb).  Questions for you experts.

1) Can a purchased companion fare code be used for myself and my wife (or does it have to be you as the primary traveler and me as the companion)?
2) Can I log into my Alaska Airlines account and make the reservation with the code, or does the seller of the code need to make the reservation?
3) Can the code be used for an open jaw flight?  Our cruise leaves from Vancouver but is one way to Seward, Alaska.  I would be looking for EWR/JFK --> YVR, and ANC --> EWR/JFK.
4) I know I have no street cred here at Dan's Deals, but what are the chances of someone actually selling me their companion fare code?

Thanks all!

Its a buy one, get one.  So you buy one ticket for you, one for your wife, enter the code for the discount.  The seller of the code does not need to travel.

January 30, 2020, 10:09:32 AM