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Colgate 360 Adult Toothbrush, Medium (4 Count) ($5.53) Colgate 360 Adult Toothbrush, Medium (4 Count) ($5.53)

One of my best tooth brushes i have yet to come across, aside for a water pick.

February 08, 2020, 08:41:57 PM
Re: Out Of Control Fireworks
If they want to have a good time I'm all for it. Crazy part is that the country is being turned upside down because systemic racism and police stuff. These guys are just animals, take the cops away and they'll play.
I'm just waiting for one of these italians or red necks to go bezerk and come out with his Ak47, These בהמה's need one hard slap in their face to wake them up.

 First the looting then this? And quite ironic that black live matter, yeh of course, we don't let the mama and kids sleep because black lives matter.

 Maybe some isreali skunk juice or tear gas would put these guys back on track, or some wild horses running these guys over?

June 21, 2020, 02:15:28 AM
Re: Out Of Control Fireworks
Need Giuliani or someone like that to come in and clean up shop. One gun won't help.... they have a lot more...... wild how they want to defund police and 911 is getting 100s of calls an hour about this stuff.
If only the mayor gets pulled from office there's some hope, there's nowhere to turn.
 Call the police, OH the mayor wants to de-fund us, call the mayor, ha joke of the century, so call the governor, oh due to Covid-19 all of my resources and the cities resources are lacking so i cant help ya, were still on lockdown.

   At this point just cook up some popcorn and enjoy the show, no need for the Broadway shows to come back in action you can watch from home, and when you're ready to go to sleep, stuff some earplugs inside. And of course rest up for tomorrows show which will be bigger and better.

  Quite funny all these guys complaining they have no money and are looting every store possible are now wasting $100's of dollars on garbage. Oh it must be they stole this all from Walmart during the loot! ;)

June 21, 2020, 02:25:21 AM