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Re: Internet Filters Think this may help out some people on this thread, so here goes nothing...

We at CompassML have noticed a lot of complaints about the annoyances that come along with installing filters on Android devices. We decided to challenge what a filter can do, as well as how secure and seamless of an experience we can provide. Using 1st party integration with Google's own management program, our software is installed at system level, enabling us to provide a secure experience while still keeping the phone fluid and smooth. Our approach includes an extensive app store, which will expand and change as needs arise. We filter WhatsApp, as well as many other apps at the DNS resolver level. We have been testing this software for over a year, and as we gear up for launch, we are looking for some beta testers to help us find any rough edges. If you would like to try out the future of filters, feel free to apply for the beta at!

Questions? Comments? Email us at support[member=37334]CompassML[/member].app

October 26, 2020, 12:34:51 PM