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Re: Eilat Israel- Who has the better property, Spg or Priority Choice?
how about supporting am yisroel here?
I never got the whole taba thing.
Moish, as in rabeinu....what would he do?

Dont mean to be overly charif, just hurts me.
mr queens, i dont mean to be sharp either but both eilat & taba have nothing to do with "eretz yisrael"!

March 19, 2010, 01:23:40 AM
Re: Marriott Certs Sale Selling 1 - 7 night Marriott certificate package in plat acct- $375, expiring in a year.
February 27, 2018, 05:18:00 PM
Re: Desktop Deals Master Thread Im also looking for desktop deal. Need for business but all we do is basically browsing with many tabs and simple program usage. But speed is key. I5 is fine, with 16gb ram, and ssd. Any recommend deals currently running?
March 02, 2019, 11:53:21 PM
Re: Printer & Scanner Deals Master Thread Looking for a Laser color all in one printer deal. Would like it to be a good quality brand that doesnt jam often, and has a multi purpose bypass tray (anything more than the SINGLE feeder ones) besides the standard tray. Any recomendations?
November 30, 2019, 08:21:34 PM