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Re: Colorado Master Thread Just as an update-

Ended up going driving straight to beaver creek (I spoke to my doctor, he said that I should be fine- but in case i can take Diamox (acetazolamide starting one day before my trip and continue taking it- this medicine will help acclimate to the altitude. I took one pill and had the side affects of dizziness, nausea, and increase urination, so i quickly stopped the medicine (so no help from the medicine). We were fine during the trip. We had no issues (even without the medicine). the drive up is very pretty and I can see why people had issues driving since there are points that you reach altitudes over 11,000ft ranging from 8k-11k. but the ritz at beaver creek was only at 8,500 ft.
Over all we had a great time! the Ritz there was very nice (very friendly and helpful). I did a local hiking there, checked out vail a little, and also did the hanging lake hike about an hour west from beaver creek.- this was an intense hike (it even warns you several times that it is intense) but totally worth the view. The hike itself was also very fun and adventurous.

hope this helps!

April 18, 2019, 04:58:45 PM