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Re: How hard is it financially to make it in Israel? i am married, living in israel for about 13 years. 4 kids- monthly tuition is about 600nis a month. Will go up soon to about 1000nis a month. me and my wife work, spend little and live in a 3 bedroom apt. No one should move to Israel to move up in life financially or wanting to live with luxuries. Those are both not reason to move to israel. With that said, a simple middle class life style (i have no debt, and pay my bills in full each month with leftovers), own a home, no car- but if i wanted i could afford one. I have gone back to the states for summers for the last 8 years, i found food to be much more expensive there. Tricks to making it work - starting here when your young if possible, dont be afraid to start off with a low paying job and work hard to move up. If you can take a USA job to israel (via the internet etc) that is one of the most solid ways to make aliyah. family of 6 - we live on about 16,000nis a month, without being stingy on expenses but living simply. I go out to eat, travel, vacation etc. 
April 24, 2018, 10:27:58 AM
Re: How hard is it financially to make it in Israel? when i first got married i lived on 5500 nis a month. (plus a side job sponsored by dansdeals of credit card point "optimization") but im not sure that can be had anymore.

Also monthly expenses shoot up if i need to buy an appliance or pesach hits....

I just got a new air conditioner that set me back 4500ns. A new fridge- 3000nis. But those have to swallowed into the year accounting not the monthly. 

I do live very simply, but not poor or lacking in any way. We have meat or chicken for dinner almost every night. I have cleaning help and babysitters when needed. It was my agreement when i got married and we chose to live here. We would be simple and spend thrifty, but never have we had to say no to any form of basic needs or standards of life due to money. there where times that we had small amounts of debt, but nothing that was not paid off in a year or so etc....

April 24, 2018, 10:48:45 AM
Re: How hard is it financially to make it in Israel?
Just curious, bone-in or not? All I can say is I went to Osher Ad a few times and the quality of the peppers and cucumbers, were horrendous. As you said, fruits are seasonal, which is a big change from America. Although I wish someone could explain to me why passion fruit is $.50 there (and in Europe as well) and $3.99 here.

Imported meat is all pre-frozen AFAIK so stocking up by re-freezing is just not something we do. Our meat gets frozen only once. Either before prep or after its bought fresh and cooked.   

I guess eachperson is different. I find osher ad to be totally acceptable quality. Keep in mind, even standard vegatables are seasonal, and they are better and worse times for them.  I get my meat frozen once, i defrost it, cook it , eat it, enjoy it. I actually started pickling tounge and corn beef recently, great stuff. Again, to parrot the previuse post, i didnt move to israel to get a USA lifestyle. But i did not have to take on a vow of poverty either. I find that most people who are making comments about the impossibilty to live in israel, spent most of their early years in kollel, and now the family got big and the expenses rise they cant support themselves. So they go look for a job that pays well and they find that very few are hiring no experienced 28 year old employees. And they cant allow themselves to take a 35nis an hour job, because they need to support their family. Thank god i make an average israeli salary, but i started working at my current place of employment for about 4000 nis a month. Which i did for 2 years, while newly married. But i worked hard, built my way up and now make a standard salary that i can live on. 

April 25, 2018, 01:08:30 PM
Re: Things To Do In Israel Master Thread
Dan, We are also planning family trip in August with kids ages 2-8. If you already made plans, can you share some kids friendly activities in Israel and especially in Jerusalem. Thank you
I hope @Dan can recommend a great old city tour guide..... ;)

June 04, 2018, 03:00:51 PM
Re: Something Fishy's First Trip to Israel - Planning Thread
Tzvi satt is amazing

Appreciate the love!

March 10, 2021, 08:29:46 AM
Re: Israel And Ben Gurion COVID-19 Reopening Master Thread
I'd love to know the answer to this too. It seems COVID tests in israel are ridiculously expensive for no reason other than to make money off the tourists.  The average COVID test costs a provider $5 or less in the US.

Would love if someone could break down affordable places to test, including ANTIBODY testing post-landing. I do see various free covid testing sites in Jerusalem, but are those for citizens only? 

fake news- most cities have free pct testing via pikud haoref. the reason that private testing is expensive is that most people have israeli insurnace and its fully free. American labs have quoted me $350 usd for a 12 hour result pcr test. also- you can antibodie test in sharei tzedek for 224nis. not that expensive

May 03, 2021, 11:07:55 AM