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Re: Are You Elite?
A joke.

Kinda like:

Quote from: my "programs" box
Starbucks Green, Dave & Busters Gold, CVS ExtraCare

September 11, 2012, 06:21:39 PM
Re: The Pros And Cons Of Where You Live
I was probably confusing it with the 11 hour drive to the shabbton in Hocking Hills


November 06, 2012, 05:13:59 AM
DDF DO: Jerusalem Edition There's been some chatter in various other threads that quite a few DDFers will be in Jerusalem next week. Additionally, some people have mentioned that they will be here for Chanukah. I figured we'd consolidate all of the leads into one thread, and discuss it here...

First up: who's here next week? And does anybody want to make a DO?

Next topic: anybody interested in a Chanukah DO?

November 15, 2012, 02:08:47 PM
Re: Dating Spots Master Thread

Your Maidel May Vary? :P

February 05, 2013, 07:48:13 PM
Re: Lakewood NJ Master Thread
I thought your post over there was quite ridiculous. When you and everyone on DDF take advantage of elals price mistake and thousands of other ways to milk companies its ok. But when Lakewood people do it en masse it magically turns into abusing the system and a chilul hashem. 

Nice double standard you have there.

Not really. When people take advantage of free bonuses (which are given away willingly, to entice customers) or airline price mistakes (which the DOT enforces, because the onus is on the airline to triple-check before publishing), that's fine. Those are "deals".

But when I hear stories of how people buy an air conditioner for the summer, and then return it when the summer is over (just before 90 days are up), jokingly referring to Walmart as their "gemach", that makes me cringe. And when Walmart gives me the third degree when trying to make a legitimate return, because "sorry for the hassle, sir, but people in this area have been abusing our return policy" (true story!), that downright pisses me off.

And let's not forgot how Amex offer matching got killed in no small part by the wise guys who took out full-page color ads offering $1600 for signing up for a Plat, while shamelessly ripping off Dan's instructions for getting matched to 100k, word-for-word, with no credit or compensation to him whatsoever...

March 10, 2013, 05:38:13 AM
Re: BD"E Jewda, You Will Be Missed I am really shaken up. I used to wonder to myself, half-jokingly, if I were to suddenly drop dead, if anyone here would notice. Sure, my family and friends would, but would anyone on DDF notice? As much as we joke around that we're a family, it's not like we actually are - heck, most of us don't even know each other's real names.

But with this news I realize the truth: we are family, and every one of us is special. When I read the news this morning, I cried. I cried real, bitter tears. Tears for someone I'd never met, whose poor young wife's plight I can only imagine, whose family had him snatched away from them in his prime. Because even though we never met him, we knew him. We knew what he'd say and when ("REPOST!!!!!), we noticed immediately when he went missing, and now people are signing up to learn in his memory without a moment's hesitation.

Like it or not, DDF is a family. And if you are reading this, chances are you are part of it. And if you've been around here long enough, I have no doubt that you feel the loss of JEWDA the way I - and others who have expressed themselves - do. Even if you aren't crying, you know he's gone, and it bothers you terribly. Take a masechta, or even split one with someone, and help perpetuate his legacy for eternity.

I've deliberately never had an avatar on DDF, but on this occasion, I've created one in memory of JEWDA. That will be my avatar, accompanied by my new signature, for at least the next 7 days. If you would like to join me, feel free to use it as your avatar as well (I've attached it below for your convenience), and you can make your own memorial signature as well if you wish.

To JEWDA... I know that where you are, you can see m'sof ha'olam v'ad sofo, and you can read this: you will be missed... terribly. We've never seen you smile, but your simcha made us all smile. You've never physically given us a hand, but your digital hand has always been there for us. Your time here was a lesson in ahavas yisroel and kiddush sheim shomayim, and we will miss you. May you be a meilitz yosher for us all, and may we be zoche very soon to the ultimate DO - in Yerushalayim, with Mashiach Tzidkeinu. Amen.

November 05, 2013, 03:10:25 AM
Re: Remember the Good Old Days When..

Yes, I know that joke. And now he can say it about CX888 instead. :)

November 25, 2014, 02:13:54 AM
Re: Colored Tissues Master Thread
No, this thread is not comical. There are scenarios where Halachic problems could be avoided with using colored tissues. (Yoreh Daiya Hilchos Niddah Simon 190)

My rav holds that since tissues are a kli ha'asui lizrok, they're not mekabel tumah anyway, so no need for colored. :)

And yes, he's a well-known, respected individual, who quite a few of the Israeli DDF crowd follow.

February 10, 2015, 06:21:14 PM
Re: How To Pronounce DO? What Does It Mean?
Have them take 500 from me and give them to you.


Seriously, though, why shouldn't posts in this board count? JS, I can understand - it's a fetid cesspool of unvarnished linguistic manure, with lots of useless drivel and post-padding. But DO posts are useful, constructive conversations, just like GD or even Trip/Destination Reports. So why don't posts on this board count?

April 01, 2015, 12:36:15 AM
Re: Reduce USA -> TLV flights by $415
There are thousands of pages on multiple forums regarding FDs.  Deals aren't killed when it's discussed properly. The issue here is the concentration of people interested in cheap tickets to TLV.

DING DING DING!!!! We have a winner! Finally someone here with some sense...

August 26, 2015, 12:47:09 PM
Re: Forum Games thread. (Aka count to 10,000 thread) Lincolndale, NY
January 14, 2016, 11:14:29 AM
Re: Viva La Revolución! Time-traveling to Cuba with Something Fishy, whYME, and CITH I hope Fishy and whYME did something on the trip to piss off C.I.T.H; like this, the next episode could be titled "Revenge of the Cith".  ;D
August 15, 2016, 04:47:25 AM
Re: Dan's Next Job? Chabad Shliach to MLE.


August 25, 2016, 05:49:49 PM
Re: AJK's Trip/Route Planning Thread
He claims he used "the back of his hand," but I'm not so sure.


Oh, it was the back of something, alright...

August 31, 2016, 01:24:20 PM
Re: 2016 Election Pick Your Poison Master Thread
👆 🚨 פְּלײֵגֶ'ריִסְם אלעֶרט 🚨

HT: Batchy


October 10, 2016, 05:20:21 PM
Re: Amex waiting 6-10 weeks to issue 50% rebate on Business Platinum bookings! I smell a DDMS article coming... 😏
April 21, 2017, 11:53:45 AM
Re: David Citadel - Shabbat Meals
We will be at The David Citadel in the coming weeks for Shabbat Meals, are jackets required for men?

This is Israel you're talking about. Frankly, I'm not even sure pants are required. 😏

August 07, 2017, 08:02:23 PM
Re: Mazal Tov MoisheBatchy on a Baby Boy! Thanks everyone for your warm wishes!

May you see nachas from him and the rest of the shebang!

Actually... this is my first child, after being married for 7 years.  :D

August 31, 2017, 08:12:41 AM
Re: Iceland Master Thread
I just sent this email to Iceland air, let's see what their response will be.

To whom it may concern,

My name is xxxx xxxxx. My wife and I have booked a flight to Iceland departing Jan 9 2018 (xxxxxx) with your airline.

My wife and I are Orthodox Jews. As part of our travel itinerary, we always pre-order a Kosher meal.

Unfortunately, when we attempted to order a KSML (Kosher meal), we were told that Iceland Air does not offer this meal option. While it wouldn’t be a big deal on a short flight, traveling 5.5 hours is a different story.

I was surprised because this has never happened before

In fact, what makes this more surprising is the fact that other airlines that do fly to Iceland offer Kosher meals. Examples of those airlines include United Airlines, Lufthansa, Britishairways, and Delta.

If I had known that you don’t offer KSML, I surely would’ve booked my flight with one of the airlines that do.

While it is too late for me to cancel my reservation, it is not too late for others.

The Rabbi in Iceland who I contacted was equally surprised since many people who eat kosher travel to Iceland. As a result, he told me that when asked, he will tell people who contact him to book their flight with a different airline.

Therefore I strongly recommend that you begin to offer KSML as a meal option for all your customers.

Thank you,


Super-entitled prick.

November 15, 2017, 03:43:27 PM
Re: Uh oh - El Al #LY8 from JFK to Tel Aviv is diverting to Gander  So... this is El Al’s second (recent) diversion to a lesser-known Canadian airport. I guess it’s true what they say, after all: What’s good for the Goose [Bay] is good for...  :D
June 17, 2018, 03:13:04 AM
Re: JJ1000's 10,000 Post Featuring: A day in the life of Dan, Giveaway, & More I offered you sheets?! That’s the only thing you can remember about me - not all the chocolate and other goodies I’ve given you over the years?!  :o


July 10, 2018, 04:01:00 AM
Re: JJ1000's 10,000 Post Featuring: A day in the life of Dan, Giveaway, & More Nice to have you around again, @mom1000 !!! When you first joined the forums, you gave us some cute/embarrassing anecdotes from when Dan was little. Perhaps you could do the same for JJ now, in honor of this special occasion? :D

P.S. Regards to my inlaws when you see them. ;)

July 10, 2018, 10:54:35 AM
El Al finally inaugurates in-flight WiFi (Can’t seem to copy/paste the text with proper formatting... see attached images instead.)

Nice. Can’t wait to see how they’re gonna screw this one up... ;D

July 10, 2018, 01:15:48 PM
Re: Absent DDFers I’m flattered that nobody seems to miss me that much. :)
October 23, 2018, 09:23:56 PM
Re: "First" in Antarctica? I'm still gonna stand by my claim that the siyum I made was the first one in history to be done on Antarctic soil. If anyone from the two previous cruises would like to claim that title, then by all means - they're more than welcome to come forward and make that claim. But until that happens (and it probably never will), I'm keeping my flag planted. :)

Upthread there's a video for "first siyum in Antarctica". Considering this is at a minimum the 3rd organized trip to go, that claim is [citation needed].

Not really... there's a big difference between "first minyan" and "first siyum".

A minyan is something Jews try their best to make everywhere they go - heck, even at highway rest stops, at baseball games, and on airplanes. It's very common... so when you hear a group of Jews went somewhere together, it's highly likely they formed a minyan at some point. Therefore, it's safe to presume that they made a minyan, unless proven otherwise.

A siyum masechta, on the other hand, is far more rare. It's not something you usually do 3 times a day, every day... quite the contrary - it's something that's done (at best) only once in a while, and with expending lots of time and a great deal effort to accomplish it. Many people people never make a siyum at all, even while home, let alone while traveling! Therefore, even if Jews went somewhere (and especially when they've been there so few times), it's safe to assume a siyum was not made there. Unless someone actually comes forward claiming that he did, the default "chazakah" is that it was not done.

December 29, 2018, 03:45:19 PM
Re: Grammar and Spelling Lessons 101

Apple: fruit.
2 apples: fruit.
One apple and one orange: fruits.

Now fish balls, on the other hand...

January 02, 2019, 05:10:35 PM
Re: DDF DO: CLE Edition
I actually Whatsapped MB when some guy in a (non miles/travel) WA group started transliterating random profanities. I had seen it on DDF and connected the dots.

לאַפיִנג מאַי פ**יִנג עֶס אוֺף 😂😂😂

February 26, 2019, 12:11:55 AM
Re: Fin Del Mundo - the unofficial DDF Exclusive TR
Amazing TR! Just one minor correction: While all the rooms were kept unlocked by default, there was an option to request a physical (not electronic) room key that one could use to lock the door whenever outside the room. We did not utilize this option, but I know of at least 2 members of our group who did. No idea if Stephen Harper had a key, though based on interactions with him, I'd be quite surprised if he did.

Stephen Harper had a key. I personally witnessed him entering his room once, and he unlocked the door before opening it.

March 31, 2019, 06:14:24 PM
Re: Fin Del Mundo - the unofficial DDF Exclusive TR
& then (Rabbi?) @Moishebatchy started the “רוחניות” part of the trip with a siyum (seems like @Moishebatchy makes on average .78 siyums per week).


No, I am not a rabbi, despite the Ami attempting to coronate me as one.

March 31, 2019, 06:17:31 PM
Re: How Many Passport Stamps Do You Have? Any Unique Or Special Ones?
I'm sure he's going to go from never stepping foot in the country to a long-term visa any day now.

April 04, 2019, 06:28:33 PM
Re: Amex Closed Accounts
Is everything a joke with you?

@EJB? Of course.

April 17, 2019, 09:31:28 AM
Re: Hong Kong Master Thread
I just dmed them on Twitter, they asked me which meal I wanted (lamb, chicken, or omelette), and which lounge I wanted to eat in and at what time. We were served the meals exactly on time in The Pier.

Which Twitter handle did you DM? How did you identify yourself - you gave them your CX PNR?

May 13, 2019, 11:42:27 AM
HOT!!!! Samsung 98” TV for ONLY $69,999.99 after a whopping $30,000 discount!!!!

This is an amazing offer. Plus, you can save an ADDITIONAL $200 by also buying a soundbar!!! Rack ‘em up for maximum savings!!!

August 05, 2019, 12:19:13 PM
Re: DDF DO: NYC Edition?
Why is there even a discussion? It's happening at Izzy's.

<Insert you-know-which sticker here>

August 16, 2019, 07:41:29 PM
Re: DDF DO: NYC Edition?

That was not one of the choices provided. This was a multiple-choice question. The valid choices are:

1) Monday

August 17, 2019, 11:15:19 PM
Re: DDF DO: NYC Edition?
Where’s the dislike button?


August 18, 2019, 12:48:35 PM
Re: DDF DO: NYC Edition?
Thanks to y’all talking about Izzy’s when I’m hungry.

What’s the driver’s full name? Ishtaquegufo?

August 18, 2019, 12:50:17 PM
Re: DDF DO: NYC Edition?
They take care of animals pretty well at izzys

Especially cows

August 19, 2019, 12:36:20 PM
Re: What are you drinking?
Hibiki 17 with @Moishebatchy @Something Fishy and @Jolu

I had Tubi 60. Was an epic toast for the ages!

Shoutout to the ever-annoying @davidrotts63 for crashing our party over my shoulder.  ;D

March 11, 2020, 06:41:30 PM
Re: Is your Shul Secretly Open Right Now?
Who said it's illegal?

How about R’ Chaim Kanievsky? Is he holy enough for you?

No? How about R’ Gershon Edelstein, who specifically had a picture publicized of him davening b’yechidus “so that others should see, and understand that if I can daven without a minyan, then so should they”?!

Wake up, people. It’s not about the black-and-white of a government decree. The government is not your freaking babysitter. Just because you found a loophole in something they said, that doesn’t necessarily make it suddenly healthy and wise to do so!!!! Just because you’re allowed to buy cigarettes when you’re older than 18, for example, that doesn’t mean that smoking is healthy for you... it simply means that there’s a limit to how much the government can be your babysitter, and after which point you have to GROW THE $&@% UP and take responsibility for your own actions.

If this is something that EVERY MEDICAL PROFESSIONAL HAS SAID SHOULD NOT BE DONE, and ALMOST EVERY RABBINICAL AUTHORITY OF NOTE HAS AGREED WITH, to the point that RAV CHAIM KANIEVSKY EXPLICITLY SAID THAT YOU CAN REPORT PEOPLE WHO MAKE ILLEGAL MINYANIM TO THE AUTHORITIES, then why do you have to think you’re smarter?! Why?! Why?! WHY?!?! WHY?!?!?! Did not enough Jews die yet to convince you?!?!

If you contract COVID-19 while attending a minyan these days (even if you found a “loophole” in the secular law for that) and die from it, do you really think you’ll be welcomed into Shamayim with open arms as someone who died “al kiddush Hashem”?! Or do you think you’ll be getting the express elevator to the basement, for violating divrei chachamim and explicitly going against the words of virtually every gadol of note b’zman hazeh?!

In summary... my main point is: it’s not just government laws that can make something illegal. Commands from our gedolim can make something “illegal” for a G-d fearing Jew, too. And even if you find a valid “loophole”, you’re still an idiot, and your blood - and the blood of others - is on your hands.

April 12, 2020, 03:05:52 PM
Re: Delta to tlv opening May 8
So they own the industry? What's with charges that are processed by my own merchant?? You make 0 sense. Again your website do as you like but if anyone would dear post something that hurts your end $$$ even with all 60 terutzim you wouldn't be to happy!! End of the day people should take achrayus and say the truth not keep running away from the facts.

Sorry, I'm with @Dan on this one.

Dan is not actually a TA - he's a journalist, who just happens to have extensive travel industry knowledge. And journalists go by credible sources. So if Dan has a "credible source" - namely, that ARC publicly announces that they won't hold agencies responsible for unfair ADMs by greedy-pig airlines who cancelled flights - and he goes and publishes a story on that basis, then he is 100% in the right. That's his job!

The fact that a seasoned TA with years of experience just might happen to know that ARC is a bunch of airline-hugging sleazeballs who will not keep their word, doesn't magically make Dan expected to have known that. And especially considering that it's not a guaranteed outcome, but just a pessimistic hunch that you have, it's extremely unfair of you to take out your wrath on an innocent journalist doing his job, especially when he's trying to protect his readers. Who, I might add, greatly outnumber the TAs here... so if he has to choose between protecting his readers or protecting you, then "acharei rabim lehatos." There is a greater to'eles in helping many people recoup their money before an airline goes bankrupt and wipes their liability to the pax and/or it gets too late to file a chargeback, than helping a few agents not lose money.

And yes, I'm a TA myself, and yes, I will probably get hit hard if ARC indeed doesn't keep their word. And yet... if I force myself to look at the situation honestly, and in an unbiased fashion, then I have to admit that Dan acted correctly.

April 26, 2020, 05:44:49 PM
Re: Delta to tlv opening May 8 There’s something that I think needs to be clarified here. @Chaikel touched upon it, but I’d like to elaborate a bit.

If you booked via a travel agent but your credit card was charged by the airline, that is NOT the same as if you booked directly with the airline. See, it may LOOK like a pure airline transaction, but it’s not. Here’s what will happen:

You dispute the charge with the airline. The airline loses (rightfully so), and you get the money back on your credit card. Then, separately, at a later date, the airline sends the TA a debit memo for the full price of the ticket. Not just clawing back the $50 (or whatever) of commission that they paid the TA for bringing you; they make him pay the full $1,200 price tag of your ticket.

Yes, it’s insane. Why are they allowed to get away with it? I have no idea. As my good friend and fellow TA @chff has said many times, “debit memos are basically a legalized form of robbery.” The airlines are bullies, and they take the agents’ money simply because they can. Like an immature brat at the playground: “It’s my ball, and you have to play by my rules. If you don’t, I’m taking my ball and going home.”

So yes. If you dispute the charge, (a) you are putting the TA on the hook for the full price of your ticket, he’s not just losing his commission; (b) you are not stealing the money directly from the travel agent’s pocket, you’re taking it (rightfully) from the airline, BUT (c) know that you are directly causing the airline to steal from the defenseless travel agent.

Maybe you can get off by claiming it’s “only a grama”? Or perhaps the opposite - maybe you’re supposed to be mevater and not claim your money from the airline, if you know for a fact you’re directly throwing a frum Jew under the bus? I don’t know. I’m a travel agent, not a dayan. What I do know is that if you can’t reach an amicable compromise with your TA, then as a G-d fearing Jew, you can’t just take the law into your own hands. You need to ask a shaila of a competent rav or dayan, and/or work the matter out in Beis Din.

Will you win, financially, if you throw your TA under the bus? Probably. But will you win in Beis Din Shel Mailah? Maybe, maybe not. At the very least, it’s worth consulting Da’as Torah before doing something that could affect your soul for eternity.

April 27, 2020, 08:30:54 PM
Re: Delta to tlv opening May 8


‏ברוך מחיה מתים!!!!  ;D

April 29, 2020, 05:43:54 PM
Re: Delta to tlv opening May 8
P.S. Please do not turn this thread into a "Welcome back D93" thread. This thread has already underwent a drastic topic change, no need for another one :)

Grrrrrrrr... you’re a freakin’ killjoy, you know that?!  >:(

April 29, 2020, 05:45:24 PM
Re: Live Antarctica Trip Report
Weren't you on the trip?

Ami had the full scoop when we were attacked on the way back by the Bolivian Navy but we valiantly fought them off and sunk their destroyer by correctly calling out A2 and B2.

It even had Fishy's amazing drone pics of the battle!

May 14, 2020, 11:22:34 AM
Re: Re: So How Was Your Shul This Week?
This morning I went to shacharis elsewhere and ended up davening alone in the ezras nashim due to people not wearing masks. Mincha I tried yet another option that had 27 people reasonably spread out, but with 7 (25%) wearing their masks over their chins or mouths, but not noses. Compared to other communities this may sound okay, but to me, it's not. It's a disgrace to be so cavalier with people's lives, and with shul rules for entry.

I've been telling this to people for a while already... wearing a face mask with your nose sticking out is like putting a diaper on a baby boy and leaving his shmeckel sticking out.

May 24, 2020, 08:41:52 PM
Re: The Pros And Cons Of Where You Live
this happens in every growing community

I grew up in Monsey [NY] where everyone greeted each other, till it came to a point, קענסט מיך פון ערגעץ will never forget that moment

Reminds me of a true story with someone I know:

Him: “Good Shabbos.”

Stranger: “Excuse me, do I know you?!”

Him (shrugging): “Fine, so don’t have a good Shabbos...”

June 05, 2020, 04:20:51 AM
Re: Covid Resurgences Around The World (Second Waves)
I can only speak for Israel, that the numbers went up as they relaxed regulations. We saw an immediate impact.
For all intents and purposes, NY is pretty much open, certainly in the Jewish communities, with hardly mask wearing or social distancing. Yet we haven't seen a major surge in cases.

Huge difference between Israel and NY: NY had people dying by the thousands, while Israel had hardly any infection the first time around. So once things “open,” Israel has plenty of vulnerable cannon fodder, while NY has already been “pruned,” so to speak.

Or, as I said to someone who was bragging how amazing NY is now, that everything is open and nobody is getting affected: “Saying that you’re immune to forest fires simply because anything flammable that you own has already been burned isn’t really much to brag about.” NY isn’t seeing a major surge because almost everyone who could be the victim of such a surge is already dead, unfortunately.

July 26, 2020, 06:23:48 PM
Re: Unemployment Help Thank you for all your time and patience. :)
July 28, 2020, 06:45:44 PM
Re: The Pros And Cons Of Where You Live

September 07, 2020, 01:30:49 PM