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AMEX Reconsideration I recently applied for an amex Mercedes-Benz cc and was turned down. The letter states it is due to to 1. too many creditors reviewing the report 2. payments in relation to overall balance and 3. past due activity with a.e.  As of April 28th my score was 746.

Does anyone know of the best way to go about trying to get it reconsidered? A regular phone call and begging? Write a letter or email? What has been your experience?


June 17, 2012, 01:42:56 PM
Re: Why do some Jewish communities prohibit women from driving?
Don't be in denial that the hardest cases.
coherence is a virtue

January 07, 2018, 08:44:56 PM
Re: Shooting In Pitssburgh Shul (Targeted against Jews), 11 Dead
Have no idea and donít care. Now can you please answer the question?

To answer your question correctly I need to make use of Jewish sources, primarily the Talmud. But you said you don't care about the opinion of the Torah, so what good will it do?

October 29, 2018, 12:47:12 PM
Re: Shooting In Pitssburgh Shul (Targeted against Jews), 11 Dead
All I am asking is your view. If you want to base it on your religious beliefs that is fine but it is still your personal belief. This isn't that difficult of a question. Let me show you how easy it is. My belief is they do not deserve to die. Now your turn.  :)

Fair enough. My personal belief is that you aren't authentically religious, because if you were you wouldn't marginalize the view of the Torah. That said, I'm happy to respond. But to be clear, your question was whether or not homosexuals deserve to die. It was not about the story in Pittsburgh.

1) Sanhedrin is not in force today so a Bes Din may not put anyone to death, including murderers. So, no homosexuals may not be stoned in our times. 2) In the times of the Sanhedrin [and when Moshiach reinstates Sanhedrin], they stoned Homosexuals. It is a Biblical command: If a man lies with a male as with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination; they shall surely be put to death; their blood is upon them. (Leviticus 20:13) 3) The Talmud states that while today we do not mete out corporal punishments, G-d does intervene. He sees to it that people get what they deserve. So do homosexuals deserve to die? Yes. Can we do anything about it today? No. Does G-d intervene? That Talmud says yes.

October 29, 2018, 01:09:14 PM
Re: Lose Your Hechsher In Lakewood If You Fly An Israeli Flag? Losing one's hechsher over a flag aside, why put out a flag if it will bother people in the community? I doubt it helps longterm business and it seems spiteful.

It's kind of like neturei karta bothering people at an Israeli parade.

Being nice goes both ways. Don't attack someone for putting out a flag, but don't either put it out if it will bother people.

May 10, 2019, 03:02:16 PM
Re: Abortion = Murder?
Ah, so socialist.
I hate to break it to you. Just because you are convinced of the veracity of some tenant of democracy does not mean the Torah accords with it.

May 15, 2019, 07:15:44 PM
Re: Thoughts on abortion, religion, and morality
The Torah does not agree with the American pro-life version.

Well, lets compare. Checking Wikipedia on Anti-abortion movement it reads: Anti-abortion movements, also referred to as pro-life movements, are involved in the abortion debate advocating against the practice of abortion and its legality. Checking out R' Moshe's tshuvah, it reads:

לברר שהריגת עובר אסורה באסור רציחה בין בעכוďם
בין בישראל... ולכן לדינא... איכא איסור רציחה מלא
תרצח גם על עובר ורק שפטור ההורגו ממיתה

So it seems pretty compatible.

Quite honestly,  I think that the recent swing to the pro-life side of abortion in the frum community just means that catholic values have infiltrated the Jewish community.

What recent swing are you talking about? Frum people always abominated the pro-choice movement. Actually what we are seeing, based on what happened in Alabama, is the opposite.

May 20, 2019, 09:00:51 PM
Re: Kobe Bryant, one of the greats RIP!
And what I have a problem with, is you spewing hate on someone who just died, period.
Funny I actually agree with all you said, but why can't you realize you were totally out of line, like c'mon man! not here and not now.

Spewing hate?

He articulated a thoughtful position that actually relates specifically to the here and now. He feels that the mourning (which happens when someone dies) is due specifically to Kobe's sports accomplishments. If it was someone nobody heard of, people wouldn't care. He feels that an authentic Jewish approach should incorporate said individuals principals and morality above all else, which in this case is highly flawed and detrimental.

January 28, 2020, 02:14:11 AM
Re: Kobe Bryant, one of the greats RIP!
What kind of chutzpa does it take to say that something created by Gd is worthless and offers no lesson in serving Him.

According to that logic we should be sad if a terrorist is eliminated. (I am not comparing anyone to a terrorist, I am simply making a point.)

The fact that G-d creates everything for a purpose has nothing to do with man's free will. Bryant admitted to choking a woman and worse.

If so, why is everyone mourning?

Spoiler: They are not mourning over the loss of a human being. If they were, they would react the same about an unknown who was killed.

They are mourning talent. That's the reality.

From a Jewish perspective it is the exact opposite. We should not respect A more than B because of a meaningless attribute. Judaism doe not attribute greatness to someone for his ability to hit three pointers.

It goes against your grain? I can't help it.

January 29, 2020, 03:50:05 PM
Re: May Rush Limbaugh have a speedy recovery
Nothing to do with his fitness for office.
Yes it does have to do with his fitness for office. Morality is an important element because it sets the tone for the country. The first husband? Vomitable.

February 14, 2020, 04:09:51 PM