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Re: Maui Master Thread I'd like to say a huge thank you to Dan and all the TR posters whose detailed descriptions of their trips were an enormous help in planning our 11-day trip next week to Kauai & Maui.

If anyone here can have a quick look at our planned itinerary and suggest any improvements I'd greatly appreciate it! (Kauai portion posted in Kauai thread)

Maui:   Sunrise ~7:00am, Sunset ~5:52 pm

•   11a Land in OGG from LIH
•   Lava Fields hike near La Perouse bay to Keawanku Beach (unnamed beach)

•   Sunrise on Haleakala (Leave hotel by 4:30am, 1h 45m drive)- wear full winter gear down coat etc - arrive at Upper Visitor Center 40 min before sunrise.
•   After sunrise, choose a hike (White Hill trail, Sliding Sands trail, Summit), back down to Upper Visitor Center for Shacharis + bkfst
•   Stop at Leleiwi Overlook on drive back down mtn.
•   Drive to West Maui
•   Olivine Pools (swim)
•   Two-Tiered Tide Pools of Honolua
•   Acid War Zone 30 min hike to the Nakalele Blowhole (Light Beacon, “Alien Landscape”, stay clear of the blowhole)
•   Return through “easy way up to hghwy and walk .5 mi
•   Dragon’s Teeth
•   Return to Hotel, sunset, dinner

•   Road to Hana: Leave hotel by 7am. Lots of stops on front part:
•   Rainbow Eucalyptus Trees (side of the highway, mile 7)
•   Lower Puohokamoa Falls
•   Wahinepe'e (hike through bamboo forest, can skip - similar to Pipwai Trail, but may be too tired later for that)
•   Haipua'ena Falls (3 min hike)
•   Punalau Falls (hike on boulders, can skip)
•   Ching's Pond (3 min climb down to water, swim out to waterfall)
•   Halfway to Hana stand pit-stop
•   Spring-Fed Gusher (30 sec stop on roadside)
•   Upper Waikani Falls (aka Three Bears Falls). Can see from road, or hike closer to the falls. Careful not to illegally park.
•   Pua'a Ka'a State Park - restrooms, picnic tables - Hike to 2nd waterfall upstream crossing stream, swim
•   Hanawi Falls (view from road, walk up close)
•   Makapipi Falls (walk to bridge to view)
•   Nahiku Road (few miles-long road off of the RTH that ends with a waterfall and pond) Check signs at beginning to make sure not closed!
•   Wai'anapnapa State Park - Black Sand Beach - 5 min walk from parking lot
•   Hana Bay - Black sand beach, then Red sand beach, possible snorkeling
•   Unnamed Red Sand Beach - hike to it, maybe skip
•   Venus Pool (easy to overshoot)
•   Kanahuali'i Falls (hike in a stream to get to the secluded falls)
•   Wailua Falls (quick photo stop - can't go into the water)
•   Seven Sacred Pools/Oheo Gulch (Use receipt from Haleakala sunrise) - short trail to water - swimming may be closed - turn around to return
•   Pipiwai Trail (2-mile hike from 7SP, past banyan trees and a 200 ft waterfall, then through bamboo forrests to the the amazing 400-foot Waimoku Falls, takes 2 hrs)
•   4pm: Continue driving south to return via “backside” of RTH, partly unpaved, 3 hr drive, bring sunglasses
•   Quick stop by Alele Falls (can skip)

•   Evening: Downtown Lahaina, Warren and Annabelle’s magic/comedy show 8:15-11:30pm (Cancellation policy: 24 hours, maybe cancel bec. we'll be exhausted)

 •  7:30 am Snorkeling on Molokini w/ Four Winds (1 hr boat ea. Way, cancel until 24 hrs b4), Whale Watching
•   Afternoon: Chill by beach, snorkel
•   11:30p Flight home

December 14, 2016, 11:11:51 PM
Re: Hawaii Master Thread: General Questions And Which Island To Visit?
It was highly recommended from a few friends. I also wouldn't mind some relaxing beach time!
While Maui is a blast, many people enjoy Kauai even more. It's more serene and much less commercial.
I suggest you skim some trip reports on Maui and Kauai, decide which intrigues you more, and spend your whole trip there. Mix activities with beach/pool time and you will have a dream vacation.

January 07, 2017, 09:23:34 PM
Re: Laptop Deals Master Thread In general for Windows machines, try to get at least i5 and 8GB RAM. The performance increase is significant and well worth the $100-200 premium. If going cheaper, stick to Chromebooks.
April 12, 2020, 10:41:34 PM