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Re: Las Vegas Master Thread  If having a private pool is that Important to you then you shouldnt be going to Bryce,Zion or the GC areas. Little to no private homes in those areas especially vacation homes some cabins maybe .But seems Florida or parts of Phoenix is what you need

 For Bryce or Zion maybe in St George or the town just North of there in Utah but dont expect to find much in the way of kosher food

 For shabbos dont believe any restaurant or Chabad has any meals, so youd need to either buy it all from a restaurant before Shabbos or the Albertsons on the corner of Fort Apache and West Sahara a supermarket in a strip mall, its on the South East corner

 I cant believe you actually asked what is there to do in Bryce,Zion or the GC, seems you either saw too many pics others took at them or heard about these places, from that alone it doesnt seem like places you should be heading to,sorry. Go to Disneyland or Legoland instead

June 07, 2010, 09:54:23 AM
Re: Air Serbia $275 NYC-TLV
Dis anyone get money back from Air Serbia?


I know I said I wouldnt post again but I hope what I post can help some of you get a Refund

    Air Serbia tkts, the 1st thing is to check your original confirmation email from Chase (or whomever) see if it has the tkt# listed, if it doesnt call the OTA used and ask them for it

 If the tkt# starts with 067 then its an EY(Etihad tkt and youre in luck) if it doesnt good luck

 if your tkt is an 067 tkt, dont call, write complain to DOT about Air Serbia they have nothing to do with you and owe you Nothing, DO file with DOT against Chase and EY! if like others Ive helped at no time did Chase make known that in fact they were selling you a code-share flight include that to DOT as well.

 Once you file it will take time to 1st get a DOT confirmation and apx 2 days later you will hear from both Chase and EY, EY will send you another email a few days later or week that they werent able to find your tkt are you sure it was booked with them. Reply with the tkt# from your 1st Chase email when you booked or that Chase told you the # was. EY will find it

 Apx 1 month will go by from when you 1st hear from EY till you get your Refund, at least thats how it went down , unless they are used to the Air Serbia TLV flights and  work faster knowing they will Refund them anyways. Once Chase gets the AR/ARC from EY = they got their $$$ back then they will Refund your pts or pts & $s. In some cases Chase got the email from EY with all the needed info and Refund but didnt act on it on their side so once EY says they will take care of it you will have to call Chase again and ask them to go thru their notes and tell them EY claims they sent you the AR/ARC for a full refund and the Chase rep will find it and process it as you are on the line

At NO time tell DOT or EY that you want your UR pts, its NOT important, according to both EY & DOT a CC was used to pay for the tkt! dont drag UR pts into it as theres no way for EY to refund UR pts and you will simply confuse everyone!!!

 Now as long as EY keeps flying into the US you have  a great chance of getting the Refund, if you werent tkted on EY stock bear in mind that Air Serbia is still not flying into the US and thusly under no pressure to refund anything even thou DOTs rules supercedes theirs. Your best bet after everything else fails is to get Air Serbia to extend your tkt till such time as they restart flying to NY or you can somehow make use of the funds for a tkt on them

I only hope this info helps as many get Refunded as possible (my plan is to go silent once again so I wont be responding to any posts made or PMs sent on this site , should you send a PM and include your email address I will respond regarding Air Serbia tkts only)

Hope I havent left anything out a Gutten Shabbos to one and all. Stay Healthy and Safe

August 14, 2020, 04:19:59 PM