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Re: Switzerland Master Thread Wengen, Switzerland
We traveled with 3 little kids so basically whatever we did was doable with small children and a stroller.

There is a option of checking in luggage in your departing airport and having the rail crew pick it up and send it directly to wengen, for us traveling with kids it was a must, I can't imagine how we wouldíve managed without it as we had to take 4 trains with short connection times to arrive in wengen

Wengen is a beautiful, quaint, car free village laid upon a shelf on the mountain in the Jungfrau region, on the bottom in the valley is lauterbrunnen and from there you take cable cars or trains up to towns and stops on the mountains, wengen is not accessible by car, the only way to get there is by using the beautiful scenic train from lauterbrunnen,

See the map below to understand a bit the region

We arrived Tuesday night, Wednesday morning when we got up we were greeted by the beautiful view from our balcony

View from balcony

Wengen train station

We took a gondola from Wengen up to Mannlichen, it was a beautiful clear day (not worth doing if cloudy, you could go into the information center next to the gondola to check the live cam) up in Mannlichen the view is breathtaking and there is lots of cows with bells roaming around, the kids loved it, also they have a very nice playground for kids with lots of interesting stuff.

Gondola to Manillchen

Cows in Manillchen

View of wengen from Mannlichen

From Mannlichen we took the trail down to kleine scheidegg, in switzerland all trails are clearly marked with the time it takes to do the trail, if itís a easy trail or not, if the trail is panoramic etc.
the trail from Mannlichen down to Kleine Scheidegg is a easy and beautiful walk with views of the snow capped mountains and the villages in the valley, the trail is 3 miles and the posted time is 1 Ĺ hr. but as we were walking slowly it took us around 2 Ĺ hr.

Views on the trail

Arriving in Kleine Scheidegg you could take trains up to Jungfraujoch (top of europe), we didn't do it as itís not advised to take up babies and the price of 170 CHF PP wasn't appealing either so we took the train down back to Wengen.

Lake near Kleine Scheidegg

We took the trains to Interlaken from there we took a boat ride on the Brienzersee lake until the last stop in the village of Brienz (it's a 1 Ĺ hour trip) the color of the lake and the mountains as the backdrop are majestic words just donít do justice, in brienz we lounged around at the lake a bit and then returned by train.

we decided to do Schilthorn itís just 500 meter lower than Jungfraujoch, itís cheaper and quicker to get to and there are people that claim that the view is nicer because you are the opposite side of all the big mountains so you have a full view of them all, but unlike Jungfraujoch there is no snow in Schilthorn  and no activities on top, just a viewing platform and a 360 view restaurant.

Going up we took a bus from Lauterbrunnen to Stechelberg, you could walk it very nice walk in the valley with lots of waterfalls coming down from the mountains mid way you could stop at the trummelbach falls itís waterfalls and caves inside the mountain itís supposed to be beautiful but we couldn't do it as kids under the age of 3 are not allowed as they claim that the noise is too loud.

From stechelberg you take 4 gondolas to get you a top of schilthorn (no need to walk just change from one gondola to the other on the same platform) as you start going up higher and higher it gets cooler the views atop are breathtaking

View from Gondola


View from Schilthorn

On the way down we took a different route. We took one gondola down to birg, they have a nice skywalk there, itís a platform with a glass floor sticking out of the mountain.
Then we continued with another gondola to murren (it's a similar village to wengen just the opposite side of the mountain) we walked thru the town, it's a nice town worth a visit, then we continued with a train and a gondola back to Lauterbrunnen

Birg Skywalk

We started to do the Latubrunned to Stechelberg walk but it started raining midway so we headed back.

Waterfalls Lauterbrunnen

Once the rain stopped, the kids were tired of trains already, so we  took a trail starting in Wengen. Wow did I find out that I was mistaken in thinking that we need to take train trips every day. The trail was beautiful with gorgeous views, waterfalls in middle of the woods, flowers, roosters, cows, quaint huts and the trail ended at a beautiful lookout with benches. After a break and lunch we took the same trail back.


We just stayed in wengen, plenty trails to do there we took a trail with beautiful views of the Lauterbrunnen valley

View from wengen of the lauterbrunnen valley

We were heading to stay at a airport hotel for our Wednesday morning flight.
We took the golden express line from Interlaken Ost to Lucerne (the way to ZRH with golden express takes around an hour longer but really worth it) the train ride takes around 2 hours with beautiful views of the alps and multiple lakes. The train has huge windows for viewing (reflecting when trying to take images).

In Lucerne we walked around the old city, structures and bridges, the kids enjoyed feeding the ducks on the lake, itís worth a visit if you are in the area or have a long stopover in zrh.

View from Golden Express train

The express train from lucerne to zrh takes one hour from there we checked into our hotel and then the flight home on Wednesday morning.

I have received a guide book from someone on tripadvisor for hikes and trips, written on a wengen base, if you are interested in it PM me

August 18, 2015, 10:12:47 PM
Re: Bingo wholesale club in Brooklyn
i saw them. they are made in china. Is this safe to have plugged in the kitchen for 48+ hours straight? are the UL listed?
These days everything is made in China.
Big brands are also made in China

April 02, 2017, 07:29:26 PM
Re: Tragedy In Meron!
Dancing with music doesn't seem right with me. Maybe I'm wrong.
If your dancing for the fun of it you might be right
But if it's celebrating the ohr of Reb Shimon I think it could be done in a serious manner
With some tehilim beforehand etc.

April 29, 2021, 07:46:17 PM