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Re: Arizona Master Thread Went to segals oasis yesterday which was fine (decor/lighting could use an update), but tonight was kitchen 18, which is really a great restaurant option here (prob best fleishigs), and would be great in ny too!
Specials on the board, which were great

Apps avocado rolls and tuna sesame tartar (didn't take pic til most was devoured, both excellent)

Lamb steak with candied figs

Osso buco short ribs with excellent homemade gnocchi (that I liked more than mike's bistro (jawdrop))
Ribs platter, not amazing but very good even though slathered with an obviously commercial BBQ sauce; falling off bones
18 burger was very good even medium well (for kid) but note they put in lots of onions and even cilantro so your kid may get picky about it...
Had a nice full meal for 6 plus a baby and portions were huge, brought half of it home, all for well under $200 after tip.

August 30, 2016, 11:58:31 PM
Re: Law School
I can tell you that I would no doubt drop everything over the next 2 months and only study for the LSAT 8-12 hours a day until I am consistently scoring my highest test score.

also need to consider your safety net. perhaps u have friends and family that can loan u some money/back u up if things don't work out for some reason (e.g. u freeze on the actual test/get sick) on this calculated gamble. some peeps who are basically on their own can't quit a job and live on unemployment for a year and then have no income for 3 more in law school (even if it works out).

September 29, 2016, 09:47:35 AM
Re: Law School
Anyways, I'm a BTL guy starting Columbia this year and as I was reading through I noticed that a few times people mentioned that after a few years you have to transition out of BigLaw, and how that is mostly inevitable and difficult. Can I ask why that is? Even though I assuredly won't make partner, why wouldn't a firm want to keep me as long as I am useful until I am able to leave on my terms?
R' JJ's right as to many law firms, but there are more than a handful that dont follow the classic biglaw rules but still pay market. just need to really discriminate and figure out which firm fits your plan. I went to a smaller biglaw place where people are generally more normal/less gunners and we are happy to have and keep people who do good work and make clients happy, even if they dont bring in new business. counsel positions make more than associates, and grow each year basically in line with the associate raise scale, but with bigger bonus opportunities and values for bringing in business (if u do). and if u are really lucky (and this is probably rare and requires special circumstances with rainmakers/imp partners loving u), u can even make equity partner without bringing in your own business, and even with a yarmulke! That will require lots of sacrifice (working all night when needed, going the extra mile for the client to make their job easier etc), but i make much more than most of my inhouse counterparts (based on equiv seniority), and they work prob 2/3s as much as i do. and i dont have a normal 9/5 and can work from home/unlimited vacations etc, being more of a hired gun without 9/5 annoying requirements that inhouse people suffer with.

February 26, 2017, 02:47:11 PM
Re: Law School
That sounds pretty reasonable. But is your experience more of an exception in your firm (or others), or is it something that they would allow most anyone to do provided they put it the quality work that you do?
I have had lots of crazy luck at my firm, but there are others like mine, and at worst u can move somewhere else where they will value u (depending on practice and market timing). u gotta think of yourself as a rookie looking to be a star on a sports team or something similar (except aging probably helps with experience for a longer period before drop off when u can no longer turn docs overnight). if u do good work and are willing to put in the time (sometimes at the expense of family etc), there will always be a market for u, and u just have to know that and confidently push for what u think your value is. At most non-lockstep firms there are at least a few big rainmakers who recognize when their associates/counsel make the client happy/get the client to give more work and praise. those guys usually have lots of sway in excess of their pure cut of profits and they can push those they feel they need to keep happy to get some of that gravy. To be clear, its not just quality work, its client service, doing everything to make the client's life easier and to make them (the inhouse peeps) look good to their "clients". that means helping on a nonbillable basis where needed, anticipating what they will need before they ask for it etc.

inhouse people in smaller places generally have much less leverage as a cost center, unless/until they push themselves into a stronger business role (esp with corporate lawyers, learning to negotiate all terms of a deal and understanding economics etc, i.e. quitting from the more general inhouse lawyer job) and become a senior exec, which sometimes can be hard and is a much harder "competition" when there is only 1-2 spots. In bigger places, there is a significant fear of being the first cost center and being kicked out right when u join (LIFO) bc the company needs to cut costs, which i saw with a couple friends.

February 26, 2017, 03:18:10 PM
Re: Manhattan Kosher Restaurants Seriously, Lox is becoming a favorite. This is the lox for 2 special, fills up 2 people with great variety for 36 total.

March 07, 2017, 02:28:03 PM
Re: Hogwarts hagadah on ddms Thx JJ, keep posting deals like this. i ordered it, will get my kids to actually get excited and read about the hagadah on the plane ride to israel so they will actually understand lots of concepts they prob wont think about until the seder when they are bombed. there are paralells in everything we do and learn between torah and the outside world, and understanding and thinking them through internalizes things and also helps you interact and teach torah lessons to those not immersed in torah.

R Shlomo said we will see mashiach when jews start worrying about their own bein adom lemakom rather than yenem's bein adom lemakom.

March 27, 2017, 02:53:16 PM
Re: Pesach Hotel Experiences
I stayed at the Leonardo plaza and had a great time. was pricy compared to other jlem options, but really great food, room and service. obv note that as a normal israeli hotel, the "program" is more barebones than america, no tea room or activities for everyone, though there is a small kids room with video games u can bring kids to no real day camp. pool was not heated but if u really wanted to u could swim.
If you don't mind, please post how much it cost, and how many rooms and people you had. Also, which meals they provided. Thank you!
stayed 10 nights (added nights with no meals/no breakfast before and after Pesach on good prices on the leonardo website i followed off an on), price for all 10 all together with 10 total yom tov/shabbos meals person (2 shabbos, 2 each yom tov day (2 days of start and end of yom tov bc i am a loser, so 8 yom tov meals)) was approx $12,100USD total for 3 adults, 2 children 10 and 9 plus a 2.5 year old classified as baby in 2 connecting rooms. Got upgraded to nice balcony over new city.  had to push hard with a great travel agent to get that price.

April 23, 2017, 01:13:13 PM
Re: Pesach Hotel Experiences
over $1,000 a night is reasonably priced? wow  ???
for 6 people at a 5 star hotel with loft/le marais+ quality meals, yes.

April 25, 2017, 02:05:58 PM
Re: Elal airlines
Coming from someone with a name like shiframeir;)
im not kol isha, just chatzi-isha :)

May 03, 2017, 10:13:16 AM
Re: Arizona Master Thread
Stayed at the Villas and Much prefered having the space and kitchen, additional pool and slide AND you get to use all the main resort amenities too!
if u have kids, villas is pretty much no question for value/privacy/additional facilities (also nice sprinkler area for little kids and ping pong tables/lounges outside with fireplaces that are really nice esp on shabbos). one slight point, if u are there for shabbos and want to walk to the shul (cute place ahavas torah, all within the eruv), the resort is probably about 10 minutes closer than the Villas.

May 03, 2017, 10:17:58 AM