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Re: Maran Harav Ovadia Yosef ztzvk"l Baruch dayan haemet what a privilege to have met him.. best slap in the face i ever got!
October 07, 2013, 06:06:40 PM
Re: Milan, Italy Master Thread Milan/Florence Trip report 2/6/14-2/11/14

Normally i wouldnt head to italy in february but for $135 i couldnt resist a weekend plus using hyatt points before the devaluation helped.

We arrived early friday morning. We took the train from the airport to cadorna which was around 10 euro and 40 minutes. We then took the metro 3 stops to duomo where the park hyatt is located just a short walk from. The park hyatt milan is excellent, the service is great and the hotel isnt that big. These arent your typical european rooms. The rooms are a nice size, i would say the bathroom is bigger than most european rooms. I wanted to shower 10 times a day, they had the most amazing shower. I would highly reccomend staying here on points if possible, plus the location is excellent.
On the first day, firday, since we knew wed walk around our area on shabbat we decided to take the metro to buenos aires street which was about 4-5 stops away, it had more local and affordable shops plus a supermarket so we could stock up basics for the trip. We had brought mostly our own food but planned to visit the kosher restaurants. I made sure to have a preshabbat do with chucksterace, who was a pleasure to meet.

Shabbat morning we walked to the italian synagogue which was about 15 minutes away and was very nice, not too many people though. On Shabbat it was easy to use the regular doors plus the steps to reach our floor. We mostly walked around to just kill time. Saturday night we went to carmel which is the dairy restaurant. Food wasnt anything special but it was fine.

Sunday we decided to take the fast trenetalia train to florence, the weather in florence was sunny and in the upper 50s, being tired from the milan rain we couldnt wait to go. Usually its 50 euro per way but we were able to buy nonrefundable/no time change for 38 euro per person on saturday night. We covered the 190 mile or so trip in about 1 hour and 40 minutes which went pretty quick. From there we hit the ground running. We visited the duomo, then walked towards the "arno" which is the river. We walked past ponte vecchio and then swung around to the steps of piazzele Michelangelo for breathtaking views of florence. We then walked to the synagogue, which happens to be one of the nicest looking synagogues ive ever seen.  Then we settled for dinner at ruths. We were starved from not eating all day plus exhausted from the walking so our expectations werent high. I must say though the food was delicious. The pizza was great, so was the cous cous with vegetables. The winner was the spinach lasagna we all split, it was fantastic. We then walked back to the station and took the last train back to milan. If i had the chance to redo, i probably would have slept in florence for a night and went back to milan the night before my flight, theres always next mistake fare.

Monday the weather was really cold and rainy, so we walked turino street nearby which had local shops with reasonable prices. We did walk the expensive area nearby but being it was expensive it was a pretty quick walk. We wanted to try re salamone for dinner but were just too tired. The hotel did tell us that it is the best of the kosher places, for what its worth.

Bottom line all you really need is 1 day in milan but if the weather is right you could visit lake como, florence etc and make a trip out of it. Fares are very cheap to Milan so its a good starting point to plan a trip to europe.

February 12, 2014, 07:24:05 PM