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Club Carlsons Hotel free night Certificates I have Club Carlson E certificates (3)  and each are good at one free night at any of their properties in the world, not just domestic including top properties in  like NY, PARIS, LONDON. They are good not just in US but anywhere they have property. Value of each of the E certs can be up to $500 or a more depending on room rates They have Radisson Blu, Radisson, Park plaza, Park Inn  and Country inn. My selling rate is $200  for each

Let me know if interested!

February 27, 2016, 02:54:31 PM
Re: Is transferring UR points to others coming to an end?
"You can fax documents from any Chase branch for free."

How kind of them.
fax anyone or just to chase from chase location?

They have to see what i have  or I have control of the fax machine?  I can use it to send faxes to asia sometimes.

August 30, 2016, 10:11:03 PM
Re: IHG nights for sale
I actually check in with two passport only me and my wife, my kids didn't go near the reception, I don't think it's issue.
  you are dishonest. I sold you my free night. it was gone to you  and now you want something else and more from me? Many have done this, I did this to others and no one complained except for you.
When I was booking  that night for you and adding your wife's name, you told me you kept calling the hotel. I advised you NOT to and I booked , added your wife's name on reservation  on phone  and emailed you the reservation. Somehow you guys failed or whatever it was and they canceled the night during your check in. The free night cert expired and thus they can't reissue it. Whose fault is it? I told you I will book  a free night for you at a a hotel I choose when you give me, date, location and name. You keep telling me " I want this, I want that, I want hilton of at least 50000 points, blah blah. You should take it  as a compromise. It can be at any chain that I choose. If one doesn't work, I will try another one close to the location you want to stay but it won't be same as the free night cert hotel cos that is expired. Now you are trying to do a charge back on paypal.

Please don't do business with this guy!

April 25, 2019, 09:37:33 PM
Re: IHG nights for sale  Caution and warning my freinds:

WARNING:  Don't  do this transaction with     (nuttha_s).  This person has defrauded two sellers recently. He repeatedly calls the hotel pretending to be the account owner, checks in with multiple people and hotel cancels the reservation and you will end up with loss of your free night cert and hotel will even charge you cancellation fee. He will then dispute the payment with paypal  for full refund. In the end, you lost the free night and no money.  He did exactly that to me. I even offered him $100 , he didn't take. Serious fraud person based in Thailand!

May 02, 2019, 08:42:18 PM
Re: Marriott gift card Sold to g8trgr8t! Thanks for smooth transaction!
July 08, 2019, 07:15:10 PM
Amex Aspire airline credit is too hard to get now? I have until today to pay  the $450 AF on my Aspire card or cancel it. The reason I waited to decide is that I read so many posts about how the airline credit not only no longer works on airline gift cards, the credit won't even trigger on any  airline fees, taxes. Many are saying it works on amount of less then $100 or on tax or fees and some are saying  the credit won't trigger on any flight taxes or fees. And then it has to be AA, UA or SW flights only.  I book awards so if won't trigger on  taxes or fees, then it is useless.

Pls give me your advice.


October 17, 2019, 02:19:49 PM
I recieved unclaimed property notice by mail. Is this true? Got a mail from illinois state treasurer's office  about unclaimed property
Says " you received this letter because the office believes that we have property that belongs to you"

It has my name and my previous address . Reported by METABANK for about $800 in 2018.
It has the Property ID#.

I went to the illinois treasurer website and entered my name and the property number.
It does say AMOUNT OF OVER $100 and it asks my my name address and social security number to claim.

It says they will verify and see if it is an unclaimed property that really belongs to me and then go from there.

The website is a legit.
But I have never heard of this.

Anyone think this is  a scam or real?

January 29, 2020, 12:53:12 PM
Re: PayPal Launches Virtual Card Numbers For Use Anywhere (‘PayPal Key’) becareful using chase cards with paypal key on plastiq, my friend got a call from Chase about a $1000 something plastiq transaction and the rep have said not qualifying for bonus as it is not a normal transaction and reward abuse blah blah. He is hoping not to get banned and account shut.
November 07, 2020, 12:50:05 AM
Re: Coronavirus Stimulus Aid Package This least dangerous virus disease with cure rate of 99.8 % is being used by evil and dumb politicians to destroy people’s livelihood , immense mental suffering and children’s future . Then the politicians passed a bill with billions of our money for foreign countries for their border walls , new boats, road , pay off their debts etc. how many millions to Sudan and Pakistan! Hundreds of millions and these Islamic radical country politicians will take away all. people of other nations will never allow this kinda of reckless waste of money if this was done by other countries!
December 27, 2020, 10:41:23 PM