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Re: Small Claims against Barclays Bank. Possible?
Something is missing from the story, you noticed the fraud and told them about it? Or is it a dispute?

Abridged version of my story goes as follows:

Received letters from barclays for two of my cards stating theyll be deactivated due to inactivity. Went to look for those cards to do a small swipe to keep them active but i couldnt find them. Called up and requested replacement cards. Whole story slipped my mind. A week or so later i receive a fraud alert (text, i think) on one of my barclays cards. i decline the transaction. Later that day i log in to see whats going on and see someone went on a small shopping spree with two of my cards. Called up to dispute the charges. Rep asks me if i currently have my cards. I replied that i dont know (i was thinking of the old cards which were possibly still by me). Short while later fraud claim was denied because the cards used (the new replacement cards - which i never received) were chip cards (which supposedly can't be replicated) and i didnt state unequivocally that i dont have them. I spent hours trying to explain that i never even received said chip cards and when i stated that i dont know if i have my cards i was talking about my old cards, but to no avail. They even insisted that i myself activated them from my own phone number. I suspected spoofing so i requested from them the date and time of activation. After receiving the activation info i went ahead and sent in phone records showing i never made such a call. They then reopened the case and gave me a temporary credit. Two seeks later a receive letter that the case involving a 1k swipe on one of my cards was decided in my favor. But only a few days after that i receive another letter that the other case, involving 2.5k, on my other card was decided not in my favor. At that point i filed with the cfpb and had someone reach out to me. She gets back to me several days later telling me that despite the phone records it was me who activated the cards (same voice 🙄) and i really should have never received the 1k credit on the other card but they wont reverse that. There are many, many, many arduous details that i dont have time to write up right now, but this is the gist of the story.

I write this so people should take heed and think twice before answering fraud reps when dealing with a chip card.

January 12, 2020, 08:00:03 PM