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Seen now on every boro park street A Middle aged man waving at a minivan filled with kids smudging the windows.

A couple sitting in the front eating cut up pineapple and peaches waving back at zeidy.

On top of the van you can see boxes from KRM taped up pretty well and has a "Srulowitz family" sticker on it along with a red radio flyer bike tied down on its side to the roof racks.

The back left tire is a little bit rubbed off since it has been missing some air.

The front window opens and "BYE we will see you monday", chants can be heard from the back seat as the kids start arguing about who can pick which dvd to watch on the way to the country.

Old man standing at the curb in his slippers waves back as he scratches his forehead and heads back up to the steps of his house.

--Seen now on every boro park street and should be visible till sometime late tonight.

Credit : C.G.

June 28, 2012, 06:45:59 PM