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Re: Best one-liners I love vegetarians.    They leave more meat for the rest of us!

How long a minute is depends on which side of the bathroom door your on!

June 08, 2010, 10:36:54 PM
Re: Is this story true?
I really feel bad to bring this up but I feel it's necessary being that I'm related to a young bochur who died of hunger in a Lubavitch yeshiva during WW2 which was right next to one of Aharon Kotler's yeshivas which at the time had a surplus of food. However the yeshiva was instructed by Aharon Kotler not to provide any food to the starving Lubavitch bochurim in the neighboring yeshiva. In fact some of the bochurim in Aharon Kotler's yeshiva took pity and broke the rules by sneaking a bag of rice to the Lubavitch bochurim. Several Lubavitch bochurim died of hunger when the supply stopped.

Another story: My great aunt worked in Aharon Kotler's office and they received a desperate plea from R. Weismandel in Slovokia who had bribed nazi officials to release thousands of Jews. At one point he secured a deal with Eichman to release many of the Hungarian Jews in the camps in late 1944 for an unknown sum of money. The request begged Aharon Kotler to help raise the funds needed to secure their release. His response was "NO" but he went on to print an updated version of "Shita Mekubetzes" (priorities?)

This story was documented a book called "The Unheeded Cry"

Needless to say I have a hard time believing the above mentioned  story...

So basically you are saying that Harav Aharon Kotler didn't care about saving jewish lives, wasn't caring and compassionate, had skewed priorities, and was heartless???    SHAME ON YOU!!!!
Some of the things that Rav Aharon was most famous for was his active work in saving jews in WW2.
There are many stories of how he dropped everything, and went door to door (even on Shabbos when an emergency Pikuach Nefesh situation came up) fundraising to help save Yidden from the holocaust! He used to go to Washington D.C. to Plead with the President and Senators to help stop what was going on in the concentration camps!

I'm not going to go in to his Gadlus Batorah now, but even just on the Chesed aspect and caring for and helping every jew that he came in contact with,  I wonder who made up those fake stories that you wrote!!

September 05, 2011, 10:22:53 AM
Amex Offers Discussion Thread Venteprivee

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Since vente-privee is affiliated with American Express, American Express is offering up a free $20 statement credit when you make your first purchase= 1 item up to $20 will be free!
There is lots in the Agatha Ruiz de la Prada sale for under $20.
Make sure to use your American Express card by 12/31/11 to get the credit.
With the Amex statement credit, you'll be getting these for free or super cheap!!
Within 6-8 weeks you will receive a $20 statement credit, so if you spent less than $20= free!

 To redeem this offer, you must use any eligible American Express® Card to make your first purchase at vente-privee through 12/31/2011. An "Eligible Card" is defined as a valid American Express Credit or Charge Card, in good standing and not in default, issued in the U.S. either by American Express or by a licensed third-party bank issuer of American Express branded Cards. Certain Cards are not deemed Eligible Cards, including American Express Cards issued in the U.S. by Department Stores National Bank, Pre-paid Cards (including, without limitation, American Express Gift Cards and Serve cards), and American Express Corporate Cards. If your Card is replaced during the promotional period, please call the Customer Service number on the back of your Card for assistance. Statement credit will be issued approximately 6–8 weeks after the qualifying purchase is charged to your Card account. Your ability to earn rewards may be based on the amount of your purchase after the statement credit has been applied. Individual rewards program terms and conditions apply. If the purchase(s) is subject to finance charges, finance charges will accrue on the total amount of the purchase(s) prior to the application of the statement credit.

November 21, 2011, 02:27:19 PM
Re: New Pointbreaks!
He started off with 5k UR and now he has 5k UR and 5k PC, so he got 5k PC for free ::)
Yup. And the best part is that from now on I can get $35 rooms in the future without tying up (wasting/parking) 5K in the account because I had valet parking courtesy of Chase.

August 06, 2012, 08:18:14 PM
Re: Boycott Kaporas? The answer to all of this is simple.

1) If you are not a vegetarian  -this isn't any different than the chicken you buy and eat. Oh seeing the blood makes you think about it too much? Deal with it
2) If you are a vegetarian - I'm not. Sorry to hear you don't get to enjoy meat. Go protest outside the many slaughterhouses and restaurants all over the world before focusing on the few chickens used in Kapparos.

September 21, 2015, 12:55:11 PM
Re: The Future of Lakewood
There is a reason why they would never allow you to see their books. IMHO all mosdos/organizations that are funded with the public's money should be required to show their books so there should some accountability.
The problem with making their book public is people will start nitpicking on every tiny thing.

You spent how much on pizza?  Oy
Why aren't you switching to alternative energy?  You should really have solar panels.
What???  You pay the principal how much???
Why did you change so many lightbulbs?
Your janitorial supply costs are too much. Stop using Mr. Clean and switch to my Bro in law who is a supplier and is cheaper.

While some of the questions would be valid, many would be simple complaints from people that don't understand everything that goes into running a school .

Just look at some of the idiotic comments on TLS when discussing the BOE. Allowing everyone to nitpick at the budget will just get people more upset and for the most part won't bring about any constructive changes.  Too many cooks type of thing.

January 03, 2016, 11:23:08 AM
Re: The Future of Lakewood
So have a committee of responsible/professional individuals who will review.
Most schools have that. It's called a Board of Directors.

January 03, 2016, 11:28:01 AM
Re: Dans Deals Employment Agency Thread
Any city - it is for work at home, not on location. Is that helpful?
I'm not a business owner but if I was and hired a work from home employee I'd prefer that they were in the same city as me in case if was ever beneficial to meet in person or to stop by the office etc.

August 31, 2016, 11:09:17 AM
Re: Lakewood NJ Master Thread
Thank you both.

I would not need parking. I would rent a car.

No. I am coming for a wedding. Just overnight.

How many kids? Hilton could be fine if you want to hang around LKWD the next day.

If not, there are some hotels north of Lakewood (think Edison area) or northeast (Longbranch, Eatontown) so if you're flying out of EWR the next day look there.

If flying out of PHL the next day look west of LKWD in the Hamilton or Cherry Hill areas.

September 07, 2016, 04:02:26 PM
Re: BOGO Tuition Scam If this thread (or many other DDF threads) were reenacted in real life this is how it would sound:

September 08, 2016, 04:06:04 PM
William Vale in Williamsburg We stayed at the brand new William Vale Hotel in Williamsburg earlier this month.

Right when pulling up to the curb we were met by concierge with a cart and they unloaded all of our luggage and brought it to our room for us. Checkin was really friendly and nice and upgraded us to a Gotham Corner suite with wraparound balcony on the 14th floor. The lobby has really cool modern chairs in all sorts of shapes and sizes and was a cool place to sit around and chat.

Up to our room on the 14th floor there were stunning views of NYC from the porch and nice porch furniture on a private porch high above the city to relax on. The rooms were really nice with modern amenities such as electronic blackout curtains, an electronic do no disturb button, and key cards that only need to be waved near the door and not inserted. The bed was really comfortable and as a suite we also had a nice couch a cool modern chair to chill on.

There was a really cool bathtub next to a large picture window with a great view of the city.... The amenities were really nice including a wooden comb that I still use, luxurious bathrobes that I miss terribly, and a Keurig coffee maker. We needed a crib and there was a really cool insert inside of the crib that ensures that every surface inside the crib is freshly cleaned and laundered. We liked that a lot better than when you get a crib and you wonder when the last time it was cleaned was....

On the top floor (24?) there is a really cool restaurant bar with a wraparound porch with outdoor seating. There are free tower viewers up there which can get really good magnified views of buildings in Manhattan. While up there late at night I looked down to checkout my car and I saw some guy trying to squeeze into the spot right next to mine. I clicked my lock button a bunch of times and scared the living daylights out of him making sure that he paid the right attention to avoiding friendly taps on my bumper.   ;) It's an awesome location to hang out for drinks either by night or day with amazing views of NYC.

There is a beautiful outdoor heated pool with a lifeguard and tons of outdoor lounge chairs and umbrellas making it a nice place to hang out and relax in the sun. There's an outdoor bar so you can enjoy drinks while hanging out at the pool.

All of the hotel staff were really nice and quick to respond to any requests. We were spending time at attractions in Manhattan and found the location very convenient both to kosher food in Williamsburg and to getting into Manhattan.

Note: I received a free stay in return for an honest review.

September 25, 2016, 02:07:32 PM
Re: any accountants out there that i can ask a question? Broker fees increase your basis and therefore reduce your gain when you sell.

If you buy for $100 and pay a $10 fee, then sell for $200 and pay a $10 fee, your basis in the stock will be $120 and therefore your gain on sale is $80.

November 10, 2016, 10:07:37 AM
Re: Shabbaton DO Master Thread To all those who questioned in the past why they didn't know about it before it happened - this is before it happened. :)
December 12, 2016, 12:04:13 AM
Re: Lakewood NJ Master Thread
Anyone here have info on the bus that goes from Lakewood to midtown Manhattan and back?
1)Email for the minyan bus schedule.

2)There is a kollel bus

3)Dorado Park and ride in Brick express to Port Authority http://

4)Drive to Cheesequake on GSP near 125 and take a bus from there

5)Drive to Secaucus (NJTP Exit 15X) and take train from there (expensive parking so only worthwhile if going with a few others)

March 19, 2017, 11:48:16 PM
Re: Lakewood NJ Master Thread Here is an email I got in December with the December schedule (minor modifications are made here and there)

Round-Trip Membership for Mon thru Thurs- Dec $289
One-Way Membership for Mon thru Thurs-  Dec $170
We will have bus Monday Dec. 26
Kollel bus now has Friday PM run at approx. 1:00 from 5th ave between 46th-47th streets

All other info is same as usual.
Pack of 10 Bus Tickets: $150 - Tickets are transferable (they are allowed to be sold to others.) They have a few months until printed expiration date.
Guest Single trip $17
December 17 days
Monthly membership fees are due on the first of the month, or pay-as-you-go with tickets or guest rates. Payment is taken on the bus.

The bus runs Monday through Thursday Round-Trip.
There is Shacharis on the morning trip, and we have a minyan for Maariv on the bus home.
We have Sefer Torah for Laining days. This is a commuter bus for MEN.

Round trip Bus schedule: (see full bus route detail below)
Leaving Lakewood from Dorado Park-N-Ride 6:57am
Leaving B&H in Manhattan at 6:08pm

Payment Methods:
We prefer cash or checks for payments. as there are no processing fees involved. (no post-dated checks)
Checks should be payable to: Lakewood Midtown Bus Group, LLC
We accept all Transit Checks, commuter Credit Cards, Wage Works, etc.
We do process credit cards when necessary. (not AmEx)

Full Detail of Bus Schedule and Route: AM route:
- Monsey Tours / Lakewood Express bus.
If you plan on catching the bus at an officially signed bus stop  along its route, (only applies to Lakewood) please be at your stop  a few minutes early and ready to flag down the bus (preferably with a flashlight or something visible when it's dark.)

The bus begins its route at 6:34am -
Route 9/at Chesterfield commons/ Charming Way -
Route 9/at bus stop after Chestnut Street
Route 9/Presidential Estates - at Bus stop
(Route 9/High St.)
Route 9/Birch Street (one block south of Pine St.)
Route 9/ between Pine and Central (driver does not stop at these tight corners, but rather picks up at the Railroad tracks where there is more room)
Route 9/ at bus stops - if you flag him down.
Route 9 / TD bank at bus stop
turns onto Kennedy Blvd
Kennedy/Princeton (Coventry)
"Four Corners" County Line/Squankum - 6:47am
County Line /Brook Road
County Line /Red Oak Drive, Alvarado and some other streets along County Line...
Dorado Park N Ride 6:57am
Brick Park N Ride 7:00am
(avoid parking at Dorado when possible, so we don't upset other commuters)

The bus route in Manhattan will be:
Arrives at B&H approximately 8:30am
then travels across town on 34th or 36th St.from 9th Ave to Madison Ave. (34th or 36th depends on traffic)
Up Madison Ave from  36th to 47th Street.

PM route: The Route back to Lakewood:
46th and 5th ave the 5:53pm. The bus stops just BEFORE this intersection.
40th and 5th all the other stops are just AFTER the intersection
34th and 5th
34th st and 7th
Final stop is Leaving from B&H 34th and 9th 6:08pm
to 10th Ave and directly into tunnel with no stops in between!

Leaving B&H at 6:08 Monday through Thursday.

This year, we are NOT running on Fridays. see kollel bus info below, as there is room on there for Fridays only.
We take note of comments, ideas and feedback to help determine if other ideas are worthwhile to consider in the future.
Looking forward to riding together!
Hatzlocha to all.

The Lakewood - Midtown Bus Group

To follow our latest updates, send a text message to 40404  with the words  follow @lkwdmidtown    and they will then get text message updates.  We depend on emails and these 'tweets' to keep you updated!

General Fee Schedule:
Full Membership - Round Trip is a Flat rate calculated based on $17 (summer $18) per day for all the regular bus-operating days - (Membership is a committed amount at the beginning of the month and is not based on member's attendance.) December 17 days
One-Way Membership is a flat rate for either AM or PM membership calculated based on $10 per day for all the regular bus-operating days. A One- Way member pays $15 for all additional single trips within that month.
Pack of 10 Bus Tickets: $150 - Tickets are transferable (they are allowed to be sold to others.) They have a few months until printed expiration date.
Guest Single trip $17

Kollel bus Info.
Friday afternoons from Manhattan to Lakewood:
approx. 1:00 from 5th ave between 46th-47th streets
Friday morning Leaving Lakewood:
bus route begins @ Sunoco Rt. 9 across Sterling Place 6:05.
Leaves Dorado 6:30.

March 19, 2017, 11:49:00 PM
Re: All About Grilling Here's a good london broil recipe
May 14, 2018, 09:45:16 PM