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Re: Car Lease v. Buying
2. I personally know someone who was covered under the new car warranty when their engine died about 5 years after purchase. The company told them flat out that they will not cover it because the engine was not cared for properly (i.e. oil changes were not done regularly)!!! And you want to talk about getting this on a USED car?

You need to change the oil  :o.

December 26, 2013, 11:14:31 AM
Re: Car Lease v. Buying
So, if reliability matters very much to you, i.e. if you can't afford to wake up in the morning every once in a while and have to deal with your car not starting, or your brakes not working properly, it is a safer bet to lease. However, if you can handle trouble every now and then, like your car overheating on the highway or not starting up in the morning, you will indeed save money buying.

Most of this is irrational fear of the "what if" which is causing you to make flawed decisions. Most of these reasons listed are non-issues for the most part:

1) deal with your car not starting - 99% of the time it is due to a bad battery. Batteries last 5-7 years and usually die in the winter. If you want to avoid this issue change your battery after 5 years or wait until it dies, get a boost, drive to the mechanic and have the battery changed.

2) your brakes not working properly - Brakes are a wear and tear item. If they are worn and need to be replaced then you replace them. Worn brakes still work properly. Excessively work brakes make noise and cause extra wear on other brake components but still work properly.

3) car overheating on the highway - Cars have improved since the 70's. When was the last time you saw an overheating car on the side of the road? If a car overheats it is usually do to improper maintenance.

July 15, 2014, 12:00:29 PM