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Re: Southwest Visa 50,000 bonus points The current offer is for those who have not received a sign-up offer in 24 months, and I think my points from my last CP posted early Jan. So, couple questions:

Is there a way to see when my last sign-up bonus posted? Is the 24 months counted from the time a card was opened, or from the time bonus points posted?


January 03, 2017, 01:58:21 PM
Re: Hot!!! 75% off spyder coats 75% off code works for me, but I did not get free shipping, picked up 2 $100 coats for $67, even after the $10 shipping. Thank you! Just-in-time!
November 24, 2017, 10:53:53 AM
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(This is my first time posting a deal, go easy if I made a mistake ;)

December 10, 2017, 08:48:16 PM
Re: Portugal Master Thread Wanted to give a little TR (my first) about a couple things in Lisbon. :)

I had a 6hr layover between Chicago & TLV, and took an opportunity to visit Shaarei Tikvah, and check out the kosher market.

Took an Uber to Shaarei Tikvah for 10 Euro, and my driver was an off-season tour guide. I had a conversation with another lady a couple of days later who said her group had similar luck with their taxi driver, so if you find yourself in Lisbon in the Jan-Feb months it seems like driving folks around is a common pick-up job for tour guides who are filling in gaps during the slow season! Amongst other things, he pointed out the aqueduct, which I took a mental note to check out in more depth during my next visit.

You have to prearrange a visit to Shaarei Tikvah, but it was easy to send an email to, and there is more info for larger groups here: They asked for a copy of my passport or the number in advance, for security. Be advised that they do not allow carry-on luggage into the shul. I didn't have a problem with my backpack, but my rollerboard raised concern.

Sandra is a GEM!! Not only did I get a tour and history of the shul and the current community, Sandra covered the history of Jews in Portugal going back to 2nd temple periods. She spent about an hour with me 1:1. It would have been difficult with my littlest kids (they'd have been bored, I think?), but pre-teens and up should be comfortable. Not too much walking around, we sat in the sanctuary until we went upstairs to the women's balcony (which you could skip if you don't like the stairs).

The recommended donation is 5 Euro, but I personally recommend much more - the website has a PayPal donation link, and bank info if you want to send an electronic donation.

After the tour, I elected to walk to the kosher market ( I made it, but huffing and puffing - took just under 20 min on slippery cobblestone sidewalks (it had been drizzly) up and down steep hills. I imagine an Uber would have cost under 3 Euro (and some of my self-respect at not being able to walk 20 min up and down the mountain). The market is new since my last visit to Lisbon in 2014. They have a variety of Israeli products, reheatable meals (like airline food), ramen, snacks, candy, etc. When I was there, there was a modest selection of cheese and deli - enough to make a snack or stock an Airbnb kitchen, just not enough to be picky. I imagine that might be different during a more popular tourist season, though. The owner also bakes fresh challah for Shabbat (order in advance:, and has a large stock of frozen kosher meats & products (including pita). If you're just passing through, contact them in advance to request a sandwich ( There's an excellent wine selection, and Shabbat-friendly equipment (disposables, hot plates for rent, etc.).

From the kosher market, I took a 6 Euro Uber back to the airport.

On my return, I had a chance to go to the ANA lounge via Priority Pass. There was a great selection of breakfast cereals, drinks, whole fresh fruit (apples, oranges), and a bunch of other fresh-made non-kosher food I was jealous of. Best of all... they have sleeping rooms, which I was super grateful to take advantage of after the 5am flight from TLV. The only catch to the lounges at LIS is that they are all on the other side of passport control from the flights between US & Israel. The airport is split into S and N 'wings' of Terminal 1. Both of my flights out of LIS, to ORD and to TLV, were from N and the lounges are in S, beyond border control. I had 4 hours in LIS, so it was worth it - under 2 hours wouldn't have been worth standing in the longish border control line.

January 29, 2020, 11:38:39 AM