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Re: Selling a home - Should I get a realtor
6 percent of a million is a lot of money.

Still, you'll get way more buyers if u give a buyers commission

So Iím dealing with a few brokers I offered them 1.75-2% commission for finding me a buyer. The worry they tell me since itís FSBO they have no protection in the sense if they bring me a buyer and then the buyer wants to deal directly with me to get a lower price and squeeze out the realtor. One realtor I met with today told me this info. I told them Iíll sign an agreement if the buyer originated from you I would be bound to pay the commission.

Do potential buyers not use Zillow to look at houses available? Iím sure most buyers realize they get a better price on a home thatís FSBO. At the end of the day the buyer really ends up paying the commission via a higher purchase price.

October 22, 2018, 11:19:57 PM