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Re: Vancouver Master Thread
I'm going to post a full 1 week itinerary when I have the time to write it up, but a strong warning (that maybe someone can add to a prominent place in the wiki) about traveling to Vancouver in August. It is apparently forest fire season in British Columbia. It makes for a very, very difficult time as the views (the main attraction here) are quite hampered. This year is the second worse ever but it seems that the last few years had similar issues (just not as bad). I wish someone had warned me, so consider yourself warned.
Ditto! I’ve been wondering for a while why the fairmont/4 seasons are 200-300 a night in whistler during summer months while they are 800-1000 in banff.. now I know the answer..

August 24, 2018, 06:12:57 PM
Re: Vancouver Master Thread
Finished the TR - nice job! Can't believe you drove back and forth to Sea-to-Sea and then back to Whistler, but I understand the appeal of staying in the same place the whole trip.

TR to come, but the smoothie had 0 flavor, the mac n cheese had also barely any flavor, the cheese wasn't melted on the pizza, although yes, otherwise it wasn't the dish that made me say "terrible". The fries were the only good food. Enjoyed Nava much better.

TR coming hopefully next week, and i happened to have enjoyed the restaurant but I want to make a point that so often is overlooked on this forum/dansdeals website: when you go out of town, the Kosher food options are not being provided by large businesses but small mom& pop shops that are typically some families only parnasa and they are prob bearly getting by even if they are “successful”. When ppl start bashing eateries because they weren’t a fan they should take pause and realize this is someone’s reputation and livelihood your affecting. I’m not saying you have to say it was good and you loved it but language like terrible/disgusting and horrible service I think should be toned down.

August 30, 2018, 04:38:28 PM
Re: Bahamas Master Thread Just got back from Atlantis some thoughts:

1- Overall beautiful island and the resort is amazing.
2- I was surprised to find that a lot of the employees at the resort are very unhelpful and unfriendly
3- I stayed in the Corral tower and though the view was great the rooms are pretty crappy
4- The water park is perfect since there aren't a ton slides but they are all really good and have something for kids of all ages-check out the crazy river!
5- The water at lot of the pools was pretty cold, the kiddie pool was warm but the rest weren't
6- All pools and rides close at 5:00PM! Don't understand why- even the one hot tub on the resort closed at 5:00 officially.
7- I went snorkeling with bahamas divers, it was perfect since they take you to one amazing spot and you snorkel for over an hr but the shuttle back to the hotel can take for ever if they drop off cruise tourists downtown so might be worth taking cab back
8- Soda cans on the resort are $5! so you probably want to stock up on anything you need at local grocery.

Hope this is helpful

January 12, 2019, 09:27:56 PM