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Re: Chase Sapphire Reserve
well i got approved for my real first credit card!! woop woop!
now i gotta figure out how im gonna spend 4k in 90. any tips?
are there any things that dont count?
Generally its not wise to get a credit card if you dont know how to/can't meet the spending threshold. Either you're going to end up spending beyond your means to hit it, or you're not gonna meet the spend and will have wasted a pull/new account and will have paid the AF for no reason.

Its not really no reason in this case because in the first year you get 2 $300 travel reimbursements, so as long as you normally spend that much on what Chase codes as travel you still come out on top, but its still generally a good rule. IMHO. 

August 30, 2016, 05:55:29 PM
Re: eBay: Master Thread
Understood.  But many were hoping for better, e.g. a negation of the change in terms.
Knowing ebay, I'm surprised we got this.

September 10, 2016, 11:29:27 PM
Re: "Rare" Award Space Master Thread IINM any direct US-TLV route with saver award business space is rare.
SFO-TLV Feb 6,7,13,14 2017.

If I understand Expert Mode correctly, there are 7 (I7) available with Saver Miles. (On 2/14/17, I didn't look at expert mode on the other dates).

October 19, 2016, 12:07:28 AM
(Not) Born on the Bayou: Big Apple Meets the Big Easy Intro - Pre-Trip
I donít remember how exactly I came up with the idea to go to New Orleans. If I recall correctly I was looking at the DDF Master Thread Of Master Threads: Links To 125+ Destination Threads! and I wanted to find somewhere different and more importantly not cold. I settled on NOLA (New Orleans -NO, Louisiana-LA) and then the research began.

I headed over to the NOLA thread and found a few small TRs but nothing big. I was planning on going Sunday-Thursday and the 2 TRs I saw were shorter than that so I headed to TripAdvisor to try and find other things to do.  I made a list and then the time came to start looking at flights and hotel options. I saw that AA doesnít fly direct from NYC to MSY so use of Avios was out of the question. I saw on UA they only fly out of EWR (a pain from Queens) and I looked at the ITA Matrix and saw that cash flights were relatively cheap. I found a DL flight in basic economy for only $177 R/T but with basic economy I wouldnít be able to upgrade to Delta Comfort or pick my seat in advance, which I planned on doing with my Ritz card. So I paid the extra $20 and booked a regular main cabin seat for $197 and use my Ritz card to upgrade to Delta Comfort.

This would be my first time sitting in Delta Comfort and let me tell you, for the extra $10 I paid, it was well worth it. The amount of legroom was huge. The entertainment system was a huge plus since I was having issues with my Kindle.

After booking and upgrading my flight it was time to look at hotels.  I looked at hotels, Hyatt, SPG, Marriott, Hilton and IHG, and nothing seemed to be really worth using points. The cash rates were either low enough or the points rates were way too high. I also figured that since I was going to be staying 4 nights I could use my Prestige and get the 4th night free. I was looking at the Citi ThankYou travel site (not realizing these werenít the same prices as the Prestige 4th night rates) and I saw the Hyatt Regency New Orleans for $411.85. Comparing that to the $204 a night pre-tax on I figured it was a mistake and I should book it immediately. I called the Prestige # only to find out that the ThankYou travel rates werenít the same as the Prestige :(.  Figuring I wouldnít be able to beat a rate of $103/night I booked the ThankYou Travel room.

Once I got the confirmation I called Hyatt to add it to my HGP account so I could earn points and hopefully apply a DSU. Apparently, 3rd party bookings arenít considered ďeligible ratesĒ and therefore arenít eligible for point accrual or DSU. They wouldnít even let me add it to my HGP account so that I could receive my Diamond benefits such as best (non-suite) room upon check-in and free breakfast. I tweeted at Hyatt and they confirmed that I should have been eligible for the benefits. Not wanting to fight with them I decided to let it go for now and Iíd either live without Kosher breakfast and hopefully be able to get the best room at check-in or deal with it later.

As it got closer to the trip I kept checking the rates at both the Hyatt Regency and the Hyatt Centric French Quarter (formerly Hyatt French Quarter). I saw they had a special rate, which required a minimum two day stay (not a problem for me since Iíd be there for four nights) and a first night deposit. That second part was an issue for me. I saw the rate on which means I should have been able to book it with the Prestige, but I didnít want to book it, pay for the first night and run into the 3rd party booking issues.  About a week before my trip, I saw that special rate drop to $129/night and I then remembered that I had the Hyatt Amex Offer which would save me $60 on every $200. Since with taxes the total would come out to just under $600 that meant that Iíd save $120 or about $30 less than Iíd save with the Prestige and I didnít have to worry about any 3rd party booking issues. I made the reservation, called Hyatt to apply the DSU and I was set with only a few days left until my trip. Thatís when I started to check the weather.  That made things interestingÖ.More on that later.

Don't worry, the rest of the TR is written, I just need to put the finishing touches on it. They'll be up soon.

December 13, 2016, 03:39:44 PM
Re: (Not) Born on the Bayou: Big Apple Meets the Big Easy Thursday - December 8, 2016

This would be my final day in NOLA and I decided it would be a good day to learn some of the history of the city.  I started my day with The Historic New Orleans Collection. This is a museum that focuses on presenting artifacts from New Orleans history.  The first floor has rotating exhibits, and the one I saw was about shopping from the 1820s to the 1920s, and it focused on the different types of stores that were popular in the area in that time. The second floor houses a collection of different New Orleans artifacts such as old maps, letters, documents, and portraits. There were lots of interesting maps among other interesting artifacts.

Map of the Territory of Louisiana

Oath of Allegiance to King George II signed by John Winslow, Miles Whitworth, Ephraim Jones, & John Johnson

M1795 Type III Harpers Ferry Rifle Marked to the 1st Regiment Louisiana Militia

New Orleans Political Sign

Desire from A Streetcar Named Desire

After The Historic New Orleans Collection, I headed over to The Cabildo. This is more of a history museum, going through the history from the Natives (which they interestingly call Indians) through the French, then Spanish rule, through the Louisiana Purchase, and through the war of 1812 with a focus on the Battle of New Orleans.

Playing cards used as currency

Travel Chess Set

Upright Piano

Billiards Ball c. 1790

Napoleon's Death Mask

Report Card from 1842

Melodeon c. 1850

Sugar Lab Equipment


Surgeonís Chest with Post-Mortem Kit

Printing Press c.1870

After The Cabildo I headed next door to The Presbytere. The Presbytere is a museum with 2 exhibits, one on the effects of hurricanes on the NOLA area and one on Mardi Gras. The museum is also the location where the Louisiana Purchase was signed. The hurricane exhibit had some interactive parts but some of them didnít work, so that was a little disappointing. Other than that I found both sections of the museum enjoyable and informative.

Piano from Fats Domino

Man Who Chronicled His Hurricane Katrina Experience on the walls of an abandoned building

Remnants of Highway Signs after Katrina

Garage Door of home destroyed by Katrina

Artifacts Recovered from a NOLA area Shul after Katrina

T-Shirt Mocking the Army Corp of Engineers for the failure of the Levees

Krewe du Vieux Carre

Krewe of NOR

Witch Doctor Costume from Zulu Social Aid & Pleasure Club

Parade Invitations

Music of Mardi Gras

Mardi Gras Signs

Mardi Gras Beads

Yeah, because that sign worked

After The Presbytere I headed over to the The New Orleans Jazz Museum at the Old U.S. Mint.  Just as a side note, walking from The Presbytere to the Old US Mint, I walked through a filming of NCIS New Orleans, I had to be stopped while crossing the street to make sure I didnít end up in a scene (itís too bad, that could have been my big break!). To be honest this was kind of a bust. There is a small room which focuses on the Old Mint, which had some old coins and some of the machinery used in the old mint, but not much else.  Upstairs there were a few exhibits, (which I believe rotate), one on Satchmo (aka Louis Armstrong), one on ďConservation of Musical Instruments,Ē one on ďSoul of the SouthĒ which displayed contemporary Southern art, and one on ďVisions of ExcellenceĒ which was about 2016 photojournalism.

I found the little exhibit on the old mint nice, but small, same with the exhibits on Satchmo, and conservation of musical instruments. Because Iím really not into art, I didnít bother with the other two exhibits, but they were also relatively small (based on the size of the rooms they were in).  Iíd say the best part of the Old US Mint was what I experienced at the end. Everyday at (I believe) 2p, they have live jazz sessions on the 3rd floor. I donít particularly have any interest in jazz music, but it was nice to sit down and experience some authentic NOLA jazz as the end to my trip.

Coin Press


Confederate Issued Coins

Automatic Weighing Machine (aka Scale)

Coinage Strip Cart

The Millionaire Counter

Painted Piano

Louis Armstrongís First Cornet

Louis Armstrongís Final Trumpet & Mouthpiece

Fats Dominoís Piano

Old US Mint Building

After leaving the little jazz concert, I headed (which was on my way back to the hotel) to the original Cafť Du Monde in the French Market. I had been to the stand in the Riverwalk a few times but this was my first time going to the original location.  The place was insane. For a place that only serves coffee and beignets, I would never have imagined that there would be so many people there, especially in the middle of the afternoon. The only thing I didnít like about it was that they donít take credit cards :(. I picked up some beignets for those at home (although they sadly donít really last). They must move fast because despite the place being packed, I didnít have to wait in line to place my order and I received it fairly quickly as well.

Original Cafe Du Monde

I headed back to the hotel to eat my actual lunch (this time it wasnít just coffee and beignets), pack up and check out. Twice in the 45 minutes, that it took me to eat lunch and pack up, members of the hotel cleaning staff knocked on my door to see if I was checking out. I told both of them that I was checking out at 4p, which I would have assumed that theyíd be able to see since it was confirmed when I checked in. After lunch and packing, I headed down to check out. Unfortunately, the woman checking me out was new and didnít know the system well enough to figure out how to split my payment onto two cards (since I wanted to use the Hyatt amex offer on two cards). She had to call over another agent, who did it with ease.

Shortly after check-out I boarded my airport shuttle, and after two other quick ups we were on our way to MSY.  I was able to fly through security (thanks TSA Pre-Check!), although not as fast as at JFK where there was only one person ahead of me.  After the quick trip through security, I went straight for the Delta Sky Club. Iím not someone who canít stand sitting at a gate, but since I used the airport shuttle, and they decided when to pick me up, I got to the airport (and through security) by 4:40p meaning I had 1:40 until my flight, so I got myself a seat and a beer and started to relax in the lounge. I had to say, this was by far the smallest airport lounge Iíve ever been in. There were signs that said that they would be opening a new Delta Sky Club in 2018, so maybe this one was a temp lounge while the ďrealĒ lounge is under construction, but if it wasnít then it was just plain tiny. Since there was a delayed flight to LGA the place was packed when I first got there. It took about 25 minutes, until after the LGA and other flight were called that the place emptied out.

The incoming flight was a little delayed so we didnít start boarding until around 6:10p, which meant there was no way we were getting out on-time. Thankfully we made up time in the air and landed on time. When I wrote the first part of this TR, I was still on my trip, and I hadnít experienced a non-front row of Delta Comfort. When I took my outbound flight there was a crazy amount of legroom. On the way back, I didnít feel that I had much more space than I have in regular economy. It was nice to get the priority boarding and an in-flight alcoholic beverage, but for the limited extra legroom alone, I donít think Iíd pay for Delta Comfort. Then again I didnít really pay for it so, it guess I got what I ďpaid forĒ so to speak.

That was my trip. Thanks to those on DDF who wrote NOLA TRs before me which helped me plan my trip. I hope you enjoyed the read and I hope it is helpful to anyone planning a trip to NOLA. Thanks for reading!

P.S. I will be adding a link to all the pictures I took not just the ones Iím including in the TR.

December 13, 2016, 03:58:51 PM
Samsung Pay 5-20% off Select Gift Cards for Mother's Day Valid 5/1/17-5/15/17.
Most GCs are 20% off, ebay is only 10%, sephora is only 5% off.

20% OFF
1-800 Flowers
BJ's Restaurant Brewhouse
Buca di Beppo
Crate & Barrel
Famous Footwear
Lucille's Smokehouse Bar-B-Q
Regal Entertainment Group
TGI Fridays

10% OFF

5% OFF

May 01, 2017, 02:18:44 PM
The Very Windy City (Three Days in Chicago) May 2017 Intro and Planning
It all started when I noticed I had a Hyatt anniversary night expiring and a friend nagging me to visit. After reading that sentence youíd think Iíd be using my anniversary night in the city where my friend lives, but youíd be WRONG!
Living in NYC (NYC doesnít have any Hyatt category 1-4 hotels), I was thinking of where I could go for a day or two that isnít too far but would also allow me to get good use of my free (really $75 since itís the only reason I keep the card) night. I had settled on Philly but for a number of reasons (which arenít relevant to this TR) that fell through. This was 5/1/17 and my Hyatt night was expiring 5/14/17. I figured since the night is book by not stay by, I can just plan something for a few weeks away. Apparently I was wrong, and the anniversary night is check-out by not book by.
[Side note about the Hyatt anniversary night (and possibly the sign up night). The website is very misleading, as long as you have a free night available in your account, it will show as bookable for any standard room regardless of date or category. Meaning if your anniversary night expires 5/1 and youíre look to book a hotel for 5/15 it will show as available but will fail once you try to complete the booking (and it wonít tell you why). I found this very confusing and it almost cost me my free night.  End of rant]
Getting back to the TR. I have a friend in St. Louis who keeps nagging me to come visit. So I thought to myself, ďI have this expiring anniversary night, why donít I go to STL for Shabbat, then fly somewhere else for a few days.Ē One great thing about STL is that itís relatively centrally located and (supposedly) no more than a 4.5 hour flight to anywhere in the contiguous United States.
I decided on Chicago. I figured it was a short flight from STL and while I had been there a few times, I had never actually explored the city. I knew there were plenty of things to do and plenty of quality Kosher food.   
Once I decided on a destination, it was a matter of trying to book flights. Obviously the cheapest option would be 7.5k Avios from LGA-STL another 7.5k Avios STL-ORD and another 7.5k Avios ORD-LGA, but with the sad state that is AA availability, finding one flight with SAAver availability is no easy task, let alone three. Since my Hyatt night was expiring 5/14 it had to be this weekend, so I had to take a shot.
Before I looked for award availability, I figured it wouldnít hurt to see how much cash tickets would cost. Not surprisingly flights from NYC to STL and STL to ORD were pretty expensive (~$230 NYC-STL, and ~$365 STL-ORD). Surprisingly, (maybe not so surprisingly considering the number of flights AA has) AA flights ORD-LGA were pretty cheap ~$110, and since I have the Citi Prestige I can redeem TYP for 1.6 CPP for flights on AA. Especially since there was no SAAver availability, I figured my 1.6 CPP on AA with my TYP was a good deal.
After seeing that revenue flights were not a reasonable option (as I had predicted) I started searching for award tickets. My first choice would have obviously been 7.5k Avios on AA but going out of NYC those flights are hard to find, and there was nothing available Thursday night or Friday morning. (After I had booked I later saw a 1:25p flight out of LGA opened up, but flying out of LGA on a Friday afternoon is not a gamble Iíd like to take.) Deltaís flexible award chart generally means that last minute tickets are gonna be expensive and this was no exception. If I recall correctly, the cheapest flights LGA-STL were 32.5k, no thanks. My last option was United. I had thought about transferring SPG or MR to Aeroplan and booking a multi-city award ticket (which if I understand the system correctly would have given me two flights for the price of one) but since United flies to STL out of EWR and I wanted to fly into LGA, the system wouldnít let me create that award ticket since they require you to depart and arrive from the same airport. Anyway, I found UA had a flight out of EWR Thursday night which worked out pretty well for 12.5k, the only issue was that since I was booking within 21 days (within 3 days actually), Iíd have to pay a $75 close-in. But then I remembered there were ways to ďtake care of that,Ē (ways which as I write this TR are no longer available, at least not online) so that flight would work perfectly.
Now that I had my NYC-STL and ORD-NYC flights booked it was time to find the STL-ORD leg. AA has a bunch of flights and I was lucky enough that there was SAAver availability, sadly it was only on the 5a, 6:10a, and 7:19a flights. 7:19a it was. I kept checking (until sat night to see if a later flight would open up, but nothing did).
To recap my flights:
EWR-STL 12.5k UA + $5.60, Cash cost: $364.20, Value: 2.87 CPP
STL-ORD 7.5k BA + $5.60, Cash cost: $229.20 Value: 2.98 CPP
ORD-LGA 6,324 + $5.01, Cash cost: $106.20 Value: 1.6 CPP
Now onto the accommodations. In STL I spend Shabbat by my friend so there was no need for a hotel, he was even willing to drive me to the airport (about 10 mins from his house) so I didnít have to get a hotel for the early morning flight. Since this trip was planned basically so I could use my Hyatt anniversary night, I looked to see what Cat 4 Hyatts there were in Chicago, I found 2 Hyatt Places and the Hyatt Regency Chicago. Iíve had good experiences with Hyatt Regency in the past and while I donít think Hyatt Places are bad hotels, I donít see them as ďfancyĒ hotels, I figured Iíd use the free night for Sunday and points (15k) for Monday night. Much to my disappointment, there was a major conference going on and there were no standard rooms available Monday night and I didnít really feel like paying $200+ for a second night in the hotel, so I set off to find a place to stay Monday night. I knew my IHG anniversary night was expiring soon too, so I went to see what IHG hotels there were in the area. I saw that thereís an Intercontinental, but that wasnít available Monday night, but there was a Crowne Plaza. It was available and I booked it, a decision I would not regret.
Once my flights and accommodations were set, it was time to figure out what I was gonna do while I was in Chicago. As much as Iíd like to be sometimes, Iím not the kind of person who can just veg out at the pool or beach (especially Chicago isnít really the place for that), so I needed to find things to see and do. My parents went to Chicago last year and they found this pass called the GoChicagoCard (GoCard). Itís similar to CityPass but it includes many more things and itís available in 1, 2, 3, or 5 day passes. Looking at it, it covered most of the things I was interested in doing and I picked it up. The 3 day pass was $165.
The next complicated aspect of planning was deciding if I should rent a car or not. When I first looked, most car rentals were in the $150-$200 range. Add the $67+tax at the Hyatt and $49+tax at the Crowne Plaza for parking, and i was looking at ~$300-$350 for the car, hotel parking and gas, and that doesnít even include what it would cost me to park at whatever attractions I went to. The decision leaned heavily in Uberís favor. The night before I left, I found a car for about $110 which still would have made it $200-$250 for the whole auto expense and I figured Iíd still beat that with Uber.
With that decision made, it was time to finally actually go. I guess the one good thing about planning a vacation so quickly is that you donít have that anxious time leading up to the vacation, because 54 hours after booking my first flight, I was in the air.

May 29, 2017, 10:35:28 PM
Re: The Very Windy City (Three Days in Chicago) May 2017
Wow, Nice TR.

BTW LGA Hyatt is a cat 4
Its actually cat 3, but either way, staying at a Hyatt Place 17 minutes from my house is not what I'd call good value out of the Hyatt night.

May 30, 2017, 10:13:10 AM
Re: Amex Offers Discussion Thread
i know of the thread but cant find it
@Dan  can you please update
Try posting here

June 19, 2017, 02:24:12 PM
Re: Going Back to Cali: dpk4588ís Return to The Golden State SD-LA-SF Tuesday - August 15, 2017
For my final day in SF I figured Iíd start by walking around the Fishermanís Wharf area. I noticed that while everyone says to visit Fishermanís Wharf, all it really has is shops and restaurants. So while I walked around, I didnít find much to do. I headed over to Ghirardelli Square. I was told that when you walk into the Ghirardelli stores they offer you free chocolate, but sadly that wasnít the case, at least not for the three stores I went into. One of the stores has a factory which was interesting to see how the chocolate is made.

Boudin Sourdough Factory ‐ Fisherman's Wharf

Ghirardelli Square

Ghirardelli Square ‐ Chocolate Factory

I went from Ghirardelli Square to the Powell-Hyde Cable Car Turntable to get on the on the Powell-Hyde cable car. It was cool to see the cable car turnaround, but it was annoying that I had to wait almost half an hour to actually get on a cable car. When I finally got on a cable car I picked a spot that had me hanging on to the cable car, which is encouraged, which is the opposite of whatís done on the trains in NY. In NY they say you shouldnít be hanging onto the outside of the trains.

Powell & Hyde Cable Car

I took the cable car to Lombard street to see the ďcrooked street.Ē I found it difficult to get a good picture of the crookedness of the street because of the bushes and flowers around the road, but it was cool to see. I walked down and got to see the cars crawling down Lombard street. Iím sure as a driver, if I lived around there and had to drive there regularly Iíd go insane.

Lombard St Traffic Sign

Lombard St

Lombard St

From the bottom of Lombard street, I took an Uber to the Exploratorium.  As with every science museum Iíve been to in the last few years (probably longer) the place was overrun by crazy little kids. The museum has 6 sections, Human Phenomena, Tinkering, Seeing & Listening, Living Systems, Outdoor Exhibits, & Observing Landscapes. Aside from the kids, I found the museum interesting, they had an exhibit made entirely of cardboard, from which they made cities which was cool. There were other exhibits which were part of the seeing and listening section, displayed audio and visual trickery, which were cool. Iíd say the human phenomena and seeing and listening were the more interesting parts of the museum to me. I spent about 2 hours there and then it was off to the next.

Exploratorium ‐ Carboard Village

Exploratorium ‐ Carboard Village

Exploratorium ‐ Toothpick Art

Following the Exploratorium, I took an Uber to Alameda to the USS Hornet Museum. This would be my final ship and my final stop in SF. I got to the Hornet which took about 45 minutes, and when I got there I realized this was not gonna be the same as the USS Midway. The place was empty, There were maybe 4 other people on the ship at the same time as me. There were supposed to be docent led tours but the docent was nowhere to be found. I was given a map, and told that other than the docent led tours the ship was self guided. I was not told that there was an audio tour which would have probably enhanced the experience, oh well.  I worked my way down from the flight deck. I went up to the flight deck and there were very few planes up there, and they didnít really have any information about them. This is where I felt the audio tour would have been helpful. I moved down to the hangar deck, which had many more planes/helicopters than the flight deck, and it had some NASA stuff too since the Hornet was used to recover the crews from Apollo 11 & 12.

The lower deck was where the sailors spent most of their time. I enjoyed seeing how/where the crew spent their time. It was interesting that they had a special focus on the Marines who lived on board and basically acted as the police for the ship. There was also an exhibit on the Doolittle Raid, which was the US response to the surprise Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor. The USS Hornet was the carrier where the planes were launched from.

Overall I thought the USS Hornet was ok but it did have aspects where it came up short, especially compared to the USS Midway. It would have been better if they had told me about the audio tour or there was actually a docent led tour available. I donít think itís something that needs to be seen, but I donít think itís something that should be completely disregarded. If youíre into ships like that and you have the time (I spent 2:15 there) to head out to Alameda (itís about 45 minutes each way), it could be worth it.

USS Hornet ‐ HUP‐1 Retriever

USS Hornet ‐ NASA Mobile Quarantine Facility ‐ Apollo 14

USS Hornet ‐ TA‐4J Skyhawk

USS Hornet ‐ Executive Officer's Quarters

USS Hornet ‐ Marine Lounge

USS Hornet ‐ Sick Bay Floor

USS Hornet ‐ Torpedo Shop

USS Hornet ‐ CPO (Chief Petty Officers) Pantry & Mess

USS Hornet ‐ Chapel

USS Hornet ‐ Sick Bay

One downside of the USS Hornet is how remote it is. I had to wait about 15 minutes for my Uber to arrive and then it took about another 45 minutes to get to downtown SF. I headed to Sabra Grill one more time to pick up dinner. I went with the schnitzel again and it was fine. I ate it at the AA lounge at SFO. After picking up dinner I went back to the Sheraton, to pick up my stuff and head to the airport. I knew it was early but I had nothing better to do so I figured Iíd go to the airport and hang out in the lounge. I took an UberPOOL (since I was in no rush and it was again substantially cheaper), and it ended up being the same driver that took me from the USS Hornet to Sabra Grill. As many times as Iíve taken Uber, this had never happened to me before. The annoying thing was that there were two other fares (3 passengers) in the car already, thankfully it was a minivan so there was room, but I do think Uber should limit POOL rides should be limited to 2 fares at a time.

It took a while to make it to SFO (almost an hour) but again since I was in no rush I didnít really mind. I checked my bag, made it through security, and made my way to the AA lounge. Normally Iíd have access to an AA lounge when flying AA using my Citi Prestige, but that benefit when away as of July 23rd, but since I was flying business on a transcon flight I was given access. The lounge was pretty big, I at first sat at a seat with a table so I could eat my dinner, then moved to a more comfortable chair which had an outlet so I could plug in my laptop. I spent about two hours in the lounge and then headed to the gate for boarding. I was then called to the gate and told that my footrest was broken, and since business class was sold out they couldnít move me. I asked if I could be moved to first class (which I was pretty sure had seats since I was offered an upgrade at check-in) but was told no. I was worried because I wasnít sure how a broken footrest would affect the lie-flat ability of my seat, but then even before I sat back down I was called back to the gate and told that I could be moved to 10F, the window seat in the last row of business, so I took it.

I boarded there were some crappy looking headphones, and an amenity kit which had the basics. My seat-mate arrived shortly after me, and we both settled in. I was offered a pre-departure drink of water or juice, I took juice. There is no meal on this flight since apparently AA doesnít offer meals on flights after 10pm, what bull. We pulled back from the gate on time but sat on the runway for about 30 minutes before we took off (I actually fell asleep and woke up before we took off). Shortly after take-off I put my seat in bed mode and was asleep a few minutes later. I woke up with about 25 minutes left until we arrived in NY. As far as the comfort of the flight, it was ok. It wasnít tight or anything like that, the only issue I had (which was something I knew going in) was the lack of direct aisle access. It turned out not to be an issue because I didnít get up the entire flight, but still in general Iíd rather have the direct aisle access.

We landed a few minutes late, which wasnít a big deal, and then had to walk what felt like forever to baggage claim and then had to wait 20 minutes for my bag. Maybe I was spoiled by having my bag there when I got to baggage claim at LAX but having to wait 30 minutes at SFO and 20 minutes at JFK was disappointing.

That was my trip. While it had its ups and downs (and I donít just mean the hills of San Francisco), but overall I think it turned out ok and I enjoyed myself.  I hope you enjoyed reading my TR and find it useful when planning any trips to these areas that you might take. Thanks for reading.

August 22, 2017, 01:21:10 PM
Chase trying to copy Amex Offers? (on Marriott card) I just got an email from Chase:
Earn statement credits and watch the dollars add up!
Register now
Shopping bags
Sign up for Chase Offers to get statement credits when you use your Marriott Rewards Credit Card at popular merchants like these:
Nordstrom logo   Wholefoods Market logo   Regal Cinemas logo
20% back (up to $30) on your purchase1   Spend $25, get $10 back on your purchase2   10% back (up to $50) on your purchase3
Offers expire 12/15/17. 1 redemption per offer activation / account. See terms below.

Looks like they're trying to create their own Amex Offers.

November 14, 2017, 11:52:12 AM
Re: Free UPS My Choiceģ Premium Membership from Shoprunner
Do you have a screen shot of your email that this promo came in? Did it say for one year premier my choice?
 As well did you get that code in the email? Or after signing up through the link the promo code came up?

This is what I now see under "Manage My Memberships"

February 11, 2018, 03:01:02 PM
Re: In the South They Say Y'all - dpk4588's Charleston, SC Adventure
very detailed TR
nice tr
Thank you for the detailed trip report! Was recently thinking of visiting Charleston, was worried about the heat. How was the weather when you were there? From a history perspective, do you think Charleston more authentic then New Orleans?
The weather was in the mid-80s most days, but I've heard it gets really hot. I have friends who went July 4th and it was so hot the they won't take the horses out for the carriage rides. What do you mean "more authentic" in terms of the historical perspectives on Charleston & New Orleans?
Wow, great report! Thanks for taking the time. The detail you go into clearly shows your interest and knowledge of the war, ships, army, historical time. It's always enjoyable to read about something the author is passionate about.
Thanks. Coming from someone's who TRs are famous, that means a lot. Its funny about the historical stuff, because my dad is a history teacher and growing up our vacations were always filled with that kinda stuff and I hated it, but now as an adult, when I can actually understand it, I enjoy it.

May 22, 2018, 01:46:03 PM
Re: Amex Offers Discussion Thread
Will the 3X on Amazon become 4.5 on Everyday Preferred with 30 monthly transactions? (I think so.)
I doubt it, why would it be different than the 2x other offers they have? Do those earn 3x total?

July 17, 2018, 03:08:39 PM
Re: The LA of Canada (Vancouver, BC) & The LA of the US (Los Angeles, CA)
Nice TR! Thanks for writing it up, helped me with some YVR planning. You may have had an empty seat infront of you on the way to LA, but you also had a foot sticking out infront of you.  ;D
Its always nice to see a TR of mine bumped for a good reason. That food didn't really get in the way of my legroom. I just hope it was only there because there was no seat because if there was a seat there and I was sitting in it I wouldn't really appreciate having a foot in my way.

Enjoy YVR.

July 26, 2018, 11:45:38 AM
Re: Screwed by a CPA-Any advice? I work for a CPA, and there are a few things I want to add and one thing I want to ask.

1. If you come to an accountant in March as a new client, you're likely gonna go on extension and I wouldn't expect an in depth inspection of your tax situation unless you're willing to pay for it, which clearly you're not if you're paying $150 for your return.

2. My boss always mentions (often repeatedly) that IRA contributions need to be made by 4/15 (or in the case of this year 4/17). Now I'm not sure if that's because he thinks people don't know or because he wants to make sure you don't screw up and miss the contribution deadline, but I get the impression, from people I know outside the accounting world, that it's well know that IRA contributions need to be made by the April deadline, so it's entirely possible he assumed you knew. Maybe my boss is just diligent in that respect.

3. I definitely think you get what you pay for when it comes to accounting. Someone who's doing returns for $150 is not what I'd call a "full-service" accountant, and therefore I wouldn't necessarily expect them to mention that.

4. In terms of what your options are, I don't think withholding payment is appropriate because he did provide the service and the fact that that item either fell through the cracks or was missed, your return was still done. Maybe you should talk to the accountant and see if they'll adjust the fee. But I don't think outright stiffing the guy is right.

My question is, if you finished your taxes in May, why are you posting about this at the end of July?

July 27, 2018, 12:42:20 PM
Re: Screwed by a CPA-Any advice?
1) I didn't need any in depth inspection.
2) I wish I would've came to your boss
3) I never mentioned full-service. I only wanted a CPA to file my taxes.
4) Are you nuts? If you brought your car in for an oil change, and the guy accidentally ruined your engine, would you say "The service was still done"?????

As far as why I'm posting now, in May I spoke to the boss and my complaints fell on deaf ears. I'm not sure what took them so long, but they only called me last week to tell me my return is finally ready.
It boggles my mind that this is one of the more established Lakewood firms with a good reputation.
1) I would say discussion of an IRA is more in depth, but that's MHO.
2) If you're looking to pay $150 for your return, my boss is too expensive.
3) I'm not saying that you were looking for a full service, I was just saying you get what you pay for.
4) I don't think he ruined your return. He missed out on potential savings. If he had prepared the return assuming you made the contribution and you failed to make the contribution in time, that might be "ruining" your return, but this is not the same. It's not like he made an actual mistake on the return. I've seen that done, where someone puts a number in wrong, or sets something up incorrectly. Your return was filed, and presumably accepted by the IRS and NJ. There are tons of credits that not every accountant knows about or applies to every return. Missing out on an opportunity to save is not ruining your return. I understand that you hoped to take advantage of that credit, but the fact is that you paid him to prepare and file a tax return. If he prepared and filed an accurate tax return, he provided the service.

As for this being one of the "established Lakewood firms with a good reputation," I don't think what he did was clearly wrong or unprofessional, I think the situation is unfortunate, and mistakes happen to the best of us (and by us I don't mean accountants, I mean people in general). Obviously you don't feel comfortable going back to him, and you don't have to. I'm not saying that you should't tell this story because it might prevent someone else from making the same mistake. But just because you had a bad experience, doesn't mean that this is a bad firm or deserves a bad reputation.

July 27, 2018, 01:19:57 PM
Re: Amex Offers Discussion Thread
Should probably be in thread by itself, just figured with he 10% at Lowes people will be purchasing gift cards.

I would be very careful about purchasing gift cards at Lowes.

Purchase $1000 of Amazon cards at Lowes and after swiping (or chip) card and signing when computer has to activate it came up "gift card not valid" and computer froze. Manager took me to a different computer, tried again and this time it spit out a receipt that all the gift cards aren't good didn't charge.
Figured maybe they have a limits, so stopped at another lowes and did 2 swipes of $400 and all went thru.

Sure enough next day on my card is a charge for $2000. Called Lowes and was promised they would get back to me. (They couldn't even find in their system the charge that the computer froze). OF course after a week and nobody got back to me I Disputed the charge.

And to add insult to injury...went to process my Amazon cards and 2 don't work. Amazon is stating that they can't tell why its not working as they are getting an error as well, and they suspect it wasn't activated. (I have the recipe showing it is) and I should go back to Lowes.
Bottom line I suspect that Lowes Computer has issues activating cards and that you should be vary wary if its worth the whole hassle.
I had an issue with Shell GCs from Lowes, I think it was only $250 but they didnt load and I when I check the balance, it turned out they weren't activated. After waiting on line for what felt like forever because a customer service rep just walked away, they finally checked the GCs with shell, shell said they werent activated and Lowes refunded my CC.

August 06, 2018, 03:26:22 PM
Re: Orthodox College Life Guide? This is information the college guidance counselor at your son's school should have.
This might also help:
OU-JLIC College Guide 2018-2019: Jewish Life on the College Campus

February 27, 2019, 12:29:21 PM
Re: Can TLV be announced?
I'm not sure why he thinks its not an issue and Dan thinks it is. Lucky @ OMAAT seems to trust Jon hunches, but he (Jon) doesn't think this announcement is about TLV.

August 07, 2019, 10:55:56 AM
A Trip to A-Town, & (via STL) The Motor City, & MTL Introduction

This trip started (as almost all of my trips do) with a look at the Master Thread Of Master Threads: Links To 125+ Destination Threads!. I was looking for somewhere for a relatively short vacation (Sunday-Wednesday) so I could wrap it into my annual pilgrimage to St. Louis for Thanksgiving. The reason I wanted to combine this trip with my Thanksgiving trip was that flights from NY (JFK/LGA) to STL were so expensive, and I figured flights from somewhere else might be cheaper. I happened to notice that the Islanders were on the road, two days in a row right after Thanksgiving and their road games (Detroit then Montreal) were relatively close to STL and on the way back to NY. Since Iíve been on a quest to see an Islanders game in every opposing city, this seemed like a great opportunity to cross two more cities off my list.

Once I had the idea for the back end of my trip, it was time to figure out where to go before STL. I considered going to California to maybe catch the Islanders in San Jose and Anaheim, but I didnít really wanna fly trans-con (and itís a good thing I didnít because the Islanders lost all three games in CA). After perusing the Master Thread and taking suggestions from some friends and family I decided on Atlanta. I figured there was enough for 3+ days but not a full week, so it was perfect.

With my destinations set it was time to start working on flights. I regrettably didnít write down the cash costs of the tickets I booked with points so I donít have the value I got. Iím usually pretty on top of that, but I dropped the ball. Oh well.

The flights I booked were as follows:
  • Sunday 11/24/19 - LGA-ATL AA 4498 Depart 9:40a Arrive 12:31p. Cost 9k BA (which I had plenty of because I transferred from MR during the last 40% bonus promo)
  • Wednesday 11/27/19 - ATL-STL WN 2393 Depart 3:35p Arrive 4:20p. Cost $160.98, but I bought the ticket using WN GCs I bought at 25% off from a Staples Amex Offer so the real cost was $123.48.
  • Monday 12/2/19 - STL-DTW DL1897 Depart 6:45a Arrive 9:21a. Cost 15.5k DL. Flights on Monday after Thanksgiving are expensive!
  • Tuesday 12/3/19 - DTW-YUL DL 5494 Depart 10:10a Arrive 12:05p. Cost 9k DL.
  • Wednesday 12/4/19 - YUL-JFK DL 5185 Depart 7a Arrive 9:05a 6,917 UR +$5.60
For hotels I booked the following:
  • Sunday-Wednesday - Atlanta - Hyatt Regency Atlanta $260.85 including tax (for 3 nights I thought that was pretty solid)
  • Monday - Detroit - Courtyard Detroit Metro Airport Romulus 12.5k Marriott
  • Tuesday - Montreal - Crowne Plaza Montreal Airport - 25k IHG (less 10% rebate from the IHG credit card from Chase)
After booking flights and hotels, came planning my time in Atlanta, Detroit, & Montreal. I headed to the Atlanta Master Thread. For things to do, the wiki had most of what I was looking for. I was also interested in touring the new Braves stadium (SunTrust Park) and the Falcons stadium (Mercedes Benz Stadium, not to be confused with the Mercedes Benz Dome which is in NOLA). The other two attractions I did were suggestions of my dad and were history related (heís a history teacher).

Sunday - November 24, 2019

The day had arrived, I got a ride to the airport, checked my bag and sat at the gate for about 45 minutes before boarding started. Iím one of those people whoís petrified of there being a long line at bag drop or pre-check and missing my flight, so as long as Iím not coming from something else, Iíd rather sit at the gate (or a lounge if available) than risk missing my flight.

The flight itself was uneventful and when I landed I retrieved my bag and headed for the Uber/Lyft pickup area. I was planning on taking the subway (MARTA) downtown but since I wasnít feeling well, I figured Uber would just be easier and quicker. Turns out it was neither easier nor quicker. I walked for what felt like forever to the Uber/Lyft pickup area and ordered my uber when I got close. I donít like ordering an Uber before I get there when Iím in an unfamiliar airport because I donít want the car to get there before I do and have the driver wait. I got to the pickup area and then waited another 8 minutes for my car. Finally my car arrives and I open the trunk and its filled with crap and thereís almost no room for my suitcase. Also part of the trunk is hanging from the door, it was a mess. I was able to barely fit my suitcase in the trunk and got in the car. She confirms where weíre going and starts driving, when I notice that the gas light is on. I asked her if sheíd have enough gas to get downtown, and she responds ďoh I meant to get gas before I picked up someone else, Iíll stop and get once we get away from the airport.Ē She was willing to inconvenience me by having to stop for gas, but she had to go out of the way to try and save a few cents a gallon. A trip from the airport that should have taken about 20 minutes, took about 45 between walking to the pickup area and our extra stop. Just for reference, according to google maps, it would have only taken me 23 minutes to get from the airport to the hotel. Oh well.

I finally get to the hotel and head to check-in. The woman at the front desk (who was apparently originally from New York) said my room wasnít ready, but sheíd try and find me another one. She was able to, but it was on the second floor so it wouldnít have any views and might have some street noise. I said that would be fine. It turned out that it was also an ADA room, but that didnít really make a difference to me. I dropped off my stuff, and headed out for my first day in Atlanta.

Hyatt Regency Atlanta

One comment about the weather in Atlanta in November. Every morning (and all afternoon Sunday) it was chilly ~40s in the morning when I left the hotel, so I needed my winter coat, but by 11am it was in the 60s so I was stuck carrying my coat around all day. Annoying.

I made the ~5 minute walk to the World of Coca-Cola. There was a really long line, and I waited about 10 minutes before they finally opened another ticket window for those using credit cards, and I was in shortly thereafter. As the wiki in the Atlanta Master Thread points out, the museum is basically a giant advertisement, but I still enjoyed it. I like how they show the progression of Coke from just a product to a brand. It was also cool to see the tons of memorabilia they have. I spent about 3 hours there, Iím sure some could have spent more, and others less, it depends on your pace.

World of Coca-Cola - Old Signs

World of Coca-Cola - Memo on the Bottle Design

World of Coca-Cola - Santa Coke Sign

World of Coca-Cola - Coke Can Prop Plane

World of Coca-Cola - Coke Can Giraffe

World of Coca-Cola - WWII Russian General Clear Coke

World of Coca-Cola - Coca-Cola Clock

World of Coca-Cola - Coca-Cola Bottle Frame

World of Coca-Cola - Coke Holiday Decorations

After finishing at the World of Coca-Cola, I headed to Centennial Olympic Park for the audio tour. The audio tour ((which can be found online) has 13 stops and the guide goes through the history and significance of each stop on the tour. My two issues with the audio guide where that it was dated (it mentioned the someone as the current mayor who is long gone and it mentioned the Thrashers, who went to Winnipeg in 2011) and that there were parts of the park which were closed for some winter wonderland they had set up that also made it hard to navigate to the parts of the tour which were open. The audio tour took about 45 minutes.

I headed back to my hotel to relax for a little while before heading out for dinner. I took an Uber to what I thought was called Pita Palace, but has apparently been renamed Toco Grill. The place is pretty small with limited indoor seating. If it was nice outside they do have a patio with plenty of outdoor seating, but it was cold out and that wasnít an option. I ordered Shwarama and the service was kinda slow, but the food was good. My only complaint about the food (and I had this issue both times I went) was that the guy couldnít wrap the laffa well. I took an Uber back to my hotel and I was in for the night.

Centennial Olympic Park - Park Entrance

Centennial Olympic Park - Gateway of Dreams

Centennial Olympic Park - Quilt of Nations Flags

Centennial Olympic Park - Quilt of Origins - Tribute to Olympia

Centennial Olympic Park - The Atlanta Nine

Centennial Olympic Park - Olympic Rings

Centennial Olympic Park - Reflecting Pool

Centennial Olympic Park - Fountain of Rings

Monday - November 25, 2019

Monday was the day I was venturing out of the downtown area and therefore had rented a car. I could have sworn I picked the rental place that was only a few blocks from my hotel, but when I looked at my reservation it turns out I booked one that was like 8 mins away by car. The mistake I think I made was that I looked up to see how far the rental place was I put in NW instead of SW, a mistake I made later on when returning the car. I took an uber, and to try and save a little money, I chose POOL, but with my luck it somehow added 20 minutes to what should have been an 8 minute drive. Add in the fact that there was nobody at the desk at Enterprise, and it was almost 9:30am by the time I got into my rental car. Thankfully it was only about a 15 minute drive to SunTrust Park. The issue came when I got there and didnít know where to go. A guard told me where to park but I then got super lost trying to find my way out of the parking lot (there were like 12 exits) and then got lost trying to find my way to the ticket window. I finally saw it (at 10:08a) and I saw that the tour started, and the guide told me I could run to the ticket window and still get on the tour. Phew! It would have really messed up my day if Iíd had to wait until the 12p tour.  The tour took about 2 hours and I got to see some interesting aspects of the stadium and some nice memorabilia, including the bat and ball from Hank Aaronís 715th home run.

SunTrust Park - Lego Tomahawk

SunTrust Park - View from Right Field Corner

SunTrust Park - Xfinity Rooftop - Game Tables

SunTrust Park - View from the Press Box

SunTrust Park - 715 Made of Bat Knobs

SunTrust Park - Home Run 715 Ball Bat

SunTrust Park - View of Other Suite Seats

SunTrust Park - Hank Aaron & 755 Made of Bats

SunTrust Park - Tomahawk Behind the Plate

SunTrust Park - On the Field - From Behind the Plate

After the tour I headed to Pita Grille for lunch. I got a burger for lunch and also picked up a grilled chicken laffa for dinner (so I wouldnít have to schlep out to the Jewish areas for dinner). The burger was ok. Nothing to write home about, but not bad.

After lunch I headed to Atlanta History Center to see the Cyclorama. This was one of my dadís suggestions. A Cyclorama is a giant 360 degree painting which was the 1800s version of a 3-D movie. This Cyclorama is of the Battle of Atlanta. The history of this Cyclorama is interesting because it was originally painted as a Union victory (as the battle of Atlanta was), but after being purchased by a Southerner, he had the painting altered to appear to show a Confederate victory.  The have a 12 minute (I think) video which is projected onto the canvas and then there is a guided tour of the painting. Not only is it a 360 degree painting, but at the bottom they have a diorama which is kinda merged into the painting made to appear to be an extension of the painting which was done really well. There is other stuff to see at the museum, but I only went to see the Cyclorama. Museum admission is $21.50 so just to see the Cyclorama, thatís kinda steep, but I think it was worth it. It was something unique and very well done, so I was fine with the relative high price of admission.

Atlanta Cyclorama - Troup Hurt House

Atlanta Cyclorama - General Logan

Atlanta Cyclorama - Stone Mountain

Atlanta Cyclorama - Only Black Person in Painting

Atlanta Cyclorama - Clark Gable

Atlanta Cyclorama - Meshing of Painting and Diorama

Atlanta Cyclorama - Battle Ground

Atlanta Cyclorama - Diorama

From Atlanta History Center I headed to my final Civil War related activity, Stone Mountain Park. Stone Mountain has a bunch of different things to do, skyride to the top of the mountain, museums, mini golf, a railroad and a 4-D experience (among other things). The main attraction (and the only reason I went) was to see the famous Confederate Memorial Carving. This was the thing my dad convinced me to see because heís afraid that the governments in the South are slowly trying to erase the history of the Confederacy. Iím not sure how theyíd get rid of a relief thats 90 ft by 190 ft and 400 feet above the ground, but still. It was an impressive sight to see. I believe you can hike up and down the mountain, if thatís your thing, but itís surely not mine, so I took the skyride to the top of the mountain and got a great view of the carving both on the way up and on the way down. I also got some nice views from the top of the mountain.

Stone Mountain - Cable Car 2

Stone Mountain - Confederate Memorial Carving

Stone Mountain - Confederate Memorial Carving

Stone Mountain - Top of Stone Mountain Sign

Stone Mountain - View of Downtown Atlanta

After leaving Stone Mountain, I headed back to return my rental car, where I got lost since I put in a NW address instead of a SW address of the Enterprise location. I was lucky and made it to Enterprise with a few minutes to spare.  I took an Uber POOL (since I was in no rush and didnít really care how long it took) back to my hotel and was done for the night. I had my grilled chicken laffa from Pita Grille for dinner, which was good (despite having been made several hours earlier).

Tuesday - November 26, 2019

Tuesday began with a short walk to the CNN Studio Tour. According to the website, the tours run every 20 minutes starting at 9am, so I had planned on taking the 9:40 tour, trying to line it up with my next planned event. I got there a little before 930, and was told that the next tour wasnít until 10am. This in theory caused a scheduling issue with the next item on my to-do list, but there was nothing I could really do about it. I bought my ticket for the 10am tour (for which the security screening starts at 9:50am) and having about 20 minutes to kill, did my souvenir shopping before the tour instead of after.

The tour starts in a theater where they show you screens like a control room, with a little intro on CNN and how a control room works and then they show you a studio (which I donít think was real), but it had a desk a smart TV screen and a teleprompter. Here they explained the smart TV & how the teleprompter works (which I didnít know before that). That is the only area of the tour in which youíre allowed to take pictures. You then see a few different studios (some in use, others not) and see more of the building and learn interesting facts about its history. I thought the tour was nice, nothing crazy exciting, but not boring. At $15+tax, it was a nice and not expensive. The tour lasted about an hour, which caused me issues with my next stop.

CNN - Teleprompter

My next stop was the nearby Mercedes-Benz Stadium Tour. The issue I ran into here was that according to the website, the tours are hourly from 11am to 4pm, and I looked like I wouldnít make it from the CNN tour to Mercedes-Benz Stadium in the 5 minutes between when one tour ended and the other began. I walked (about 10 minutes) from CNN to Mercedes-Benz Stadium and was told that the next tour was at 11:30am not noon. Perfect. I bought my ticket (which they sent to my phone, since itís done via Ticketmaster) and I waited for my tour. The tour (which had a very small group of 5 including me) covers several different areas of the stadium, including the locker rooms for both the Falcons and Atlanta United (soccer), the owners club, the 100 yard club, luxury clubs, and the field. In the case of my tour since it was 2 days before the Falcons Thanksgiving matchup against the Saints, they were painting the field so we werenít allowed on the field, but we were allowed on the sidelines. I find it interesting to see what different stadiums do to enhance the experience of their fans and to make their stadium unique and Mercedes-Benz Stadium did that. I enjoyed the tour, but it was a little pricey at $27. I donít think itís a must see, but I donít regret having gone.

Mercedes Benz Stadium - Stainless Steel Falcon

Mercedes Benz Stadium - View of the Field from the Window to the City

Mercedes Benz Stadium - Gulwing Club - Football Shaped Chandelier

Mercedes Benz Stadium - Clock Art Piece - 12:17pm

Mercedes Benz Stadium - Falconsís Locker Room

Mercedes Benz Stadium - On the Field

Mercedes Benz Stadium - Atlanta United FC Locker Room

Mercedes Benz Stadium - Mosaic of Final Game at Georgia Dome

The tour took about an hour and a half and after the tour I ordered an Uber POOL to take me to Formaggio Mio for a late lunch. Again, my POOL took forever because there were 2 other stops before me and for some reason Uber put me with two people going nowhere near me. I spent a lot in Ubers/Lyfts on this trip and I even tried to save money by going with POOL but it was frustrating how bad my rides were sometimes. /rant

The place looked kinda fancy when I got there, but I was surprised when I got the check and it wasnít as expensive as it looked. I got Marinara Pasta and it came quickly and was good. I then walked over to Toco Grill (itís around the corner) and picked up dinner.

From there it was off to my final stop of the day Jimmy Carter Presidential Library and Museum. The museum goes through the early life of Carter and then into his time in politics, his political accomplishments and then his life after his time in the White House. There is also a short video (narrated by Martin Sheen who played the president on the West Wing, which I thought was funny) on Carterís life, pre, during, and after his term as president. Near the end of the museum they have (what I believe is temporary) an exhibit called ďGeorgia on My Screen.Ē The exhibit is all about TV and movies filmed in Georgia, and the role Carter played in bringing filming to Georgia. They also have a replica of the Oval Office, but itís mostly closed off and you only walk through the edge of it (unlike the Oval Office at the GWB Library in Dallas where you can sit at the presidentís desk). Not really being a fan of Carter I didnít love the museum, but it presented a large amount of information in an entertaining way. After the museum which oddly closes at 4:30pm, I took a Lfyt back to my hotel and had my dinner. I was contemplating going for a ride on the SkyView Atlanta, but it was cloudy and didnít seem like it would be worth it with nothing to see.

Jimmy Carter Presidential Library and Museum - Front of Museum

Jimmy Carter Presidential Library and Museum - Naval Academy Patch

Jimmy Carter Presidential Library and Museum - Carter for Governor Button

Jimmy Carter Presidential Library and Museum - ďIím Running For PresidentĒ Button

Jimmy Carter Presidential Library and Museum - Carter for President Buttons

Jimmy Carter Presidential Library and Museum - Other Democratic Candidate Buttons in 1976

Jimmy Carter Presidential Library and Museum - Oath of Office Used at Inauguration

Jimmy Carter Presidential Library and Museum - Inauguration Address

Jimmy Carter Presidential Library and Museum - Oval Office

Jimmy Carter Presidential Library and Museum - Silver Dish Commemorating Camp David Accords

Jimmy Carter Presidential Library and Museum - Carter Painting Made of Buildings, Ships, & Flags

Jimmy Carter Presidential Library and Museum - Camp David Peace Treaty

Wednesday - November 27, 2019

Being my last day in Atlanta, I thought it would be fitting to go to the Martin Luther King, Jr. National Historical Park. There are several parts to the MLK historical park, the visitors center, the birth house, Fire Station No. 6, the King Center, and the Historic Ebenezer Baptist Church. I went to the visitors center, the birth home, and the King Center. The visitors center has a few films that they show on rotation, and an exhibit on Dr. King and the civil rights movement, and is where you get your free tickets to the tour of the birth house. This would not be my only civil rights visit of the trip (keep reading!). I took the 10am tour of the birth home. Unfortunately, while the house is owned by the Parks Department, the contents of the house are owned by the King family and youíre therefore not allowed to take pictures. The tour was nice, the tour guide was funny and had a great wealth of information to share. After the birth home tour, I wanted to see if the Fire Station No. 6 was open, but it was not because itís staffed by volunteers and since it was the day before Thanksgiving, they were short. I then went on to the King center to see the exhibits on MLK, Coretta Scott King, Mahatma Gandhi, and Rosa Parks. After the King center (which was smaller than I expected, itís only a few small rooms) I walked along the reflecting pool and saw the tombs of Dr. & Mrs. King. I went back to the visitors center to see if I could catch one of the films, but the next film (which was ~25 minutes long) was on the birth house which Iíd seen in person, so I called it and headed back to my hotel to pack up.

Martin Luther King, Jr. National Historical Park - Birth Home

Martin Luther King, Jr. National Historical Park - Fire House No. 6

Martin Luther King, Jr. National Historical Park - Glass Chains

Martin Luther King, Jr. National Historical Park - Jean Jacket Worn on Famous Marches

Martin Luther King, Jr. National Historical Park - Reflecting Pool

Martin Luther King, Jr. National Historical Park - Eternal Flame

Martin Luther King, Jr. National Historical Park - Martin Luther King & Coretta Scott King Tomb

Martin Luther King, Jr. National Historical Park - Ebenezer Baptist Church

I took an Uber back to the hotel, packed up, and watched some TV before heading to the airport. Since I had plenty of time, (and was feeling better than when I arrived in Atlanta) I decided to take the Subway (which was only a block away) to the airport. It was cheap, easy to buy the ticket and took me about 25 minutes to get to the airport. I checked in, dropped my bag, which took forever and then started heading for security. I saw signs for CLEAR, which Iíd signed up for a 2 month free trial but hadnít had a chance to complete my registration or try. I went to a kiosk and the guy helping me had serious issues scanning my ID, he tried my passport, driverís license, & my global entry card at least 3 times each before he was finally able to get my passport to scan. The registration process ended up taking more time than it saved me, but Iíd get to use it once more on this trip and maybe Iíll use it again before my trial expires. It was nice to skip the pre-check line. I made it to the gate about 45 minutes before boarding and watched some netflix while waiting for boarding to start. I was in boarding group B8 which isnít bad, but the woman in front of me (who was actually supposed to be behind me) was B10 and her kids were in the B40s and when they announced family boarding for those with children 9 and under she went up with her two kids (both of whom were clearly over 9). I just hate when people try to cheat a system like that. I thankfully got a window and the rest of the flight was uneventful.

My time spent in St. Louis isnít really a vacation vacation, so I wonít spend any time writing it up except that on Sunday we went ice skating, something I hadnít done in over 17 years, and I now have a greater appreciation for hockey players and their ability to skate.

Monday - December, 2, 2019

I had a crack of dawn (6:45am) flight from STL to DTW and since I was checking a bag I wanted to get there an hour before the flight. My friend dropped me off at the airport at 5:30am but the DL bag drop line was so long I didnít drop my bag off until almost 6am. That left me with less than 10 minutes to get to my gate before boarding. Thankfully there was nobody in the pre-check line and I made it to the gate a few minutes before boarding. The flight was about 2 hours and after landing at DTW I got my bag and found the shuttle to my hotel. I checked-in dropped off my stuff, took what Iíd need for the game and headed, via Uber, to the The Henry Ford Museum. The museum has three main parts, the Henry Ford Museum of American Innovation, the Ford Rouge Factory Tour, and Greenfield Village. Greenfield Village was closed (as it is for the winter) so I purchase the combo for the Henry Ford Museum of American Innovation, & the Ford Rouge Factory Tour. I started with the factory tour because it closes earlier than the museum. The factory tour has four parts. The first part has two films, one on the history of Ford and the Rouge factory and one on the F-150, which is built there. The second part has 5 historic Ford cars and information about them. The third part is a viewing deck, but since it was cloudy and snowing (lightly) there wasnít much to see. The final part is the factory itself. Pictures are not allowed in the factory itself. Usually youíre supposed to do the films first, then see the cars, and end with the factory, but because of how close it was to lunch time, it was suggested that we start with the factory and go back to the films and cars.

It was cool to see how much goes into assembling a car, and while you donít get to see every step of the assembly, I was surprised by how little was done by robot, and how much was done by man. The only things I saw done by robots was the installation of the windshields and the measuring to see that any gaps in the car (where two parts connect but arenít flush against each other) met the required size. The way you tour the factory is by catwalk going around the factory, but you only see a fraction of the entire factory, which was somewhat disappointing. I went back to see the films and the cars after seeing the factory. I also ate my lunch which Iíd brought from STL while at the factory.

Ford Museum - Rouge Factory - 1929 Ford Model A

Ford Museum - Rouge Factory - 1932 Ford V-8

Ford Museum - Rouge Factory - 1949 Ford Coupe

Ford Museum - Rouge Factory - 1956 Ford Thunderbird

Ford Museum - Rouge Factory - 1965 Ford Mustang

I took the shuttle bus back to the museum. I spent another 3+ hours exploring the museum which has exhibits on a variety of subjects. I started with the exhibit on Presidential Limos, then moved onto the evolution of cars, other methods of transportation, and then an exhibit on flight. There was an exhibit called ďWith Liberty and Justice for AllĒ which has the chair Lincoln was in when he was shot and the bus Rosa Parks refused to leave her seat (thereís the other civil rights thing I teased about earlier). There was then an exhibit called ďYour Place in TimeĒ which was about the different technologies that were popular in different generations spanning five generations. My favorite part of the museum was the exhibit called ďTowers of TomorrowĒ and it contained skyscrapers from different cities all over the world, made of Lego. They also had a model of downtown Detroit made of Lego, which was made by a local Lego group. Having loved Lego as a kid, I loved this exhibit. There was also an exhibit called ďMathematica,Ē which seemed really familiar to me and after having discussed it with my dad, it turns out they used to have that exact exhibit at the science museum we used to frequent in Boston.

Ford Museum - Reagan Car (Used 1972-1992)

Ford Museum - Kennedy Car (Used 1961 to 1977)

Ford Museum - Eisenhower Bubbletop (Used 1950-1967)

Ford Museum - FDR Sunshine Special (Used 1939-1950)

Ford Museum - 1901 Columbia Victoria

Ford Museum - 1932 Ford V-8 Engine

Ford Museum - 1965 Ford Mustang

Ford Museum - ďSafety FirstĒ- Safer Car

Ford Museum - Holiday Inn Great Sign

Ford Museum - AAA Triptik

Ford Museum - 1925 Fokker F. VII Tri-Motor Airplane, ''Josephine Ford,'' Flown Over the North Pole by Richard Byrd

Ford Museum - Atari System

Ford Museum - Towers of Tomorrow - Burj Khalifa - Dubai, Abu Dhabi

Ford Museum - Towers of Tomorrow - Chrysler Building - New York, NY

Ford Museum - Towers of Tomorrow - Shanghai Tower - Shanghai, China

Ford Museum - Towers of Tomorrow - Barangaroo Crown Sydney Hotel Resort - Sydney, Australia

Ford Museum - Towers of Tomorrow - Empire State Building - New York, NY

Ford Museum - Towers of Tomorrow - Sears (Willis) Tower - Chicago, IL

Ford Museum - With Liberty and Justice for All - Rosa Parks Bus

Ford Museum - With Liberty and Justice for All - Rosa Parks Bus

Ford Museum - Exploded Model T

I headed to Prime 10 on a friendís recommendation for dinner before the game. He told me to get the ďDetroiterĒ which he said was the best steak heíd ever had. When I saw the price $60, I said no thanks. I like food, but Iím far from a foodie, and I wasnít going to pay $60 for a steak. Had I realized how expensive this place was, Iíd rather have gone to Kravings for a burger. Since I was already there I wasnít gonna walk out, so I ordered the brisket burger, which was disappointing to say the least. I ate my burger and then ordered a Lyft to head to Little Caesars Arena for the main event, Islanders vs Red Wings. Continuing with my rough Uber/Lyft trips, the car said itíll be there in 5 mins, and once he was about a block away, he just kept making wrong turns and after I tried calling him, and 8 minutes of him being 1 minute away, he finally cancelled the ride. I then ordered an Uber (which was nice since the price had dropped) and he came pretty quickly, but it looked like he was getting a little lost to, he turned into the parking lot in the front so I tried chasing him down. It turns out that the parking lot goes all the way around and he knew where he was going, I didnít.

Prime 10 - Brisket Burger

After the ride downtown with nice conversation (as it mentioned in his Uber profile), I arrived at the home of the Detroit Red Wings (& Detroit Pistons). I got there plenty of time before warmups and walked around a little. I had purchased tickets on the glass where the Islanders shoot twice which meant it was where the Red Wings warmed up. I probably could have gone to where the Isles were warming up, but I chose to watch from my seat. Itís nice to see a nice new arena as opposed to the dumps the Islanders play at in the Barclays Center & Nassau Coliseum.  While I wasnít the only Islanders fan there, I was the most vocal, which annoyed some of the fans nearby as the Islanders led. The Isles won and I left the arena happy.

Little Caesars Arena - Isles Logo Projection

Little Caesars Arena - Islanders & Red Wings Warmups

Little Caesars Arena - National Anthem

Little Caesars Arena - Islanders Offensive Zone Faceoff

Little Caesars Arena - Isles Win!

Little Caesars Arena - Gordie Howe Statue

Uber/Lyft prices were insanely high around the arena so I decided to walk a few blocks away hoping that with fewer people around the price would drop, it didnít drop much and I paid much more than Iíd have liked to for my ride back to the hotel. I also had the chattiest Uber driver who wouldnít stop talking about how much he knew about New York. I got back to my room and headed to sleep since I had a 10:10am international flight.

Tuesday - December 3, 2019

I got up super early (much earlier than I needed to) and left the hotel around 7am for my 10:10am flight from DTW to YUL. I made it through bag drop and security pretty fast and headed to the Delta SkyClub. I relaxed there for a while, had some snacks and watched some TV and headed to my gate for boarding around 9am. Since it was an international flight, they schedule boarding an hour before, but really we didnít start until closer to 930a. I was waiting at the gate when I saw (who I thought was) one of the Islanders radio announcers Greg Picker, I went over to him to say hi, and he pointed out the play-by-play guy Chris King. Ok. That was cool, I chatted with them for a while, told them I was following the Isles around a little. A few minutes later I heard a familiar voice, it was Butch Goring the Isles TV color commentator! He was there with Shannon Hogan who does sideline and intermission reporting for the Isles! So Cool! Once I saw the four of them together I had to get a picture. I asked where Brendan Burke who does the TV play-by-play was and I was told he took the earlier flight, so I missed him :(

I then got upgraded to Comfort+ and had a better seat than everyone but Shannon Hogan since her upgrade to first cleared. As weíre on the plane and boarding finishes, I see a guy in first class (I was in the first row of Comfort+) who kinda looked like Jon Ledecky the owner of the Islanders. I wasnít 100% sure until the end of the flight when I saw him chatting with Shannon Hogan. He then saw me and waived. I also got a chance to chat with him as we walked up the jet bridge together. I was secretly praying while we chatted (and I told him that I was following the team a little) that heíd offer to let me watch the game with him, but he didnít. Still probably one of the coolest flights Iíve had, four of the five members of the Islanders broadcast crew and the owner on my flight, pretty cool.

DL 5494 - Me & the Isles Broadcast Crew

I got off the plane, headed to passport control (which the walk felt like forever) and when I got to the officer he asked me why I was there, I told him the hockey game, and he asked me which one. Was there really more than one hockey game that night, was he testing me, or did he genuinely not know who was playing? I donít know, and donít really care that much. I got my bag and went out to wait for the shuttle to the airport.

Crowne Plaza Montreal Airport - Bed, Desk, & Day Bed

I got to the hotel, checked in, dropped off my stuff and ordered an Uber downtown for the Bell Centre Tour. I donít like that in Montreal, Uber doesnít give you a firm price, and since we hit traffic, the ride was more than I would have liked, thankfully the price I saw was in CAD and was ~23% cheaper in USD. Because of the traffic the ETA was pretty close to 2pm and I didnít wanna miss the tour, so I bought my ticket on my phone through Ticketmaster. One annoying thing is that the Bell Centre doesnít allow bags or cameras with detachable lenses so I was stuck taking pictures with my phone.

I finally got there and just in time for the tour. Just like my tour of Mercedes Benz Stadium, this tour was very small, and only had two other people. The tour goes through some history of the Habs, and the arena. The areas visited on the tour include the lower bowl, the press area, Jacques Beauchamp Lounge, Alumni Lounge, and Press Conference Room. On non-game days you can also see the  Canadiens Dressing Room. What I thought was most interesting about the tour was the press area which is a ring suspended from the ceiling, and was actually directly in front of my seat, but in no way obstructed the view of any seat. Overall the tour was nice, the guide was knowledgeable and friendly. Having been on the tour also got me a discount at the shop.

Bell Centre - View of the Ice from the Lower Bowl

Bell Centre - View of the Ice from Luxury Suite

Bell Centre - Jacques Beauchamp Molson Trophy

Bell Centre - View of the Ice from the Press Ring

Bell Centre - Alumni Lounge

Bell Centre - Mini Stanley Cups

After the Bell Centre tour, I had planned on checking out the Underground City Montreal, but by Uber driver had suggested since it was ďnice outĒ (not below freezing) that I walk around Rue Ste-Catherine. It turned out that it was actually just shops so it was like walking down 5th Ave, so nothing really special. The special thing that happened was that as I was walking from the Bell Centre to Rue Ste-Catherine I saw Barry Trotz (head coach of the Isles) and chatted with him for a min, but since he kept walking as we chatted I got the impression he wasnít really in the mood to take a picture with me and I didnít wanna annoy him.

I then ordered an Uber to take me to City Grille for dinner. While in the Uber, I saw Ryan Pulock, Johnny Boychuck, Jordan Eberle, & Thomas Greiss of the Islanders, so I rolled down the window and yelled ďGo get emí Greisser!Ē and he gave me a thumbs up! I was surprised that the Islanders were staying so close, since Iíve been told in a number of different places that visiting teams will generally not stay near the arena for fear of being bothered by fans, but they must have been close if I saw Trotz and the players walking. As for my food, it was ok, the food is typical Israeli shawarma schnitzel type stuff. I got a schnitzel pita and fries and I forgot that Canadians do this weird thing to their fries where theyíre coated in some breading or something. I wasnít a fan.

City Grille - Dinner

I headed back to the arena and got there plenty of time before puck drop. I got to my seat which was right behind the broadcast booths. There was a pre-game ceremony honoring the 110th anniversary of the Canadiens which had all the living captains (except for Max Pacioretty since he plays for Vegas now) which was nice. Itís nice to see a team with that much history celebrate it like that.

Bell Centre - Guy Lafluer Statue

Bell Centre - Warmups

Bell Centre - View from My Seat

Bell Centre - Isles Broadcast Booths (upper is radio, lower is TV)

Bell Centre - Captains Ceremony

Bell Centre - Opening Faceoff

As for the game, it left me beyond disappointed, as the Islanders looked terrible, and while they made it close at the end, they couldnít pull the win out and my Islanders road winning streak (which began last season in STL on 1/5/19) ended at four.

Despite the fact that the Isles lost, it was still a fun place to watch a game, I was 5 rows from the back and still had a perfect view of everything. The fans were really into it, and unlike when I was in Philly a few weeks ago, I wasnít harrassed for being an Islanders fan.

I again trying to get a lower price on my uber, walked a bit away from the arena, and then the uber ended up driving into traffic right past the arena, but it still wasnít too expensive. I had a 7am flight and since YUL has pre-clearing I had to get to the airport super early, so I went right to sleep.

Wednesday - December 4, 2019

I woke up super early (4am) and took the 4:30am shuttle to the airport. I had another long line at bag drop, and a surprisingly long line Global Entry line (where the guard asked to see my global entry card which Iíve never experienced before). I made it through security (almost forgetting my laptop) and cleared customs shortly thereafter. I stopped to check out the scotch at Duty Free, but there was nothing of interest. YUL does have a Priority Pass lounge but it was in the opposite direction of my gate and with only about half an hour until boarding it didnít make sense to walk in one direction for a few minutes in the lounge before having to walk all the way back.

I knew from my discussion with Greg Picker the day before that most of the Isles broadcast crew was on one of the 7am flights to NY, one to JFK (mine) and one to LGA, so I looked to see where the LGA flight was boarding to see if I could catch Brendan Burke in case he was on that flight, and it was past my gate so there was a good chance that even if he wasnít on my flight, Iíd be able to catch him heading to the LGA flight.

I saw Butch Goring, and Greg Picker walk by, and then I saw Chris King (who I knew would be on my flight because I saw his name on the upgrade list). I chatted with him for a bit and he remembered my name, which was nice. As I was sitting looking in the direction of security, hoping to catch Brendan Burke, there he was! I saw him and went over to say hi. I told him how I had met and flown with the rest of the crew the day before and was disappointed that Iíd missed him and now the crew experience was complete because Iíd met him. His upgrade cleared (unlike Chrisís) so he boarded before I did but I chatted again with Chris while we were boarding. I was really impressed by how friendly they all were. The flight was short and when I landed at JFK, I walked forever to baggage claim and was in an Uber home shortly.

DL 5185 - Me & Brendan Burke

Overall the trip was great. Atlanta was a nice city for a few days. I had a great Thanksgiving (as usual) in St. Louis, Detroit was great between the Henry Ford Museum and sitting on the glass at the Isles game, and Montreal was a nice experience (even if the game sucked).

I hope you enjoyed the TR as I enjoyed the trip!

December 15, 2019, 09:12:01 PM
Re: MLB Master Thread
how about a pitching coach calls it (like in football) and both pitcher and catcher have ear pieces?
That's possible. I've had that discussion with some people recently. It would also get rid of the need for mound visits, which especially for pitching changes are completely unnecessary.

January 19, 2020, 08:19:41 PM
Re: NHL Master Thread
He flinched and fell down.
Maybe I'm biased because I'm an isles fan, but I thought it looked like a dive before I saw the replay, and the replay made it look even worse.

January 22, 2020, 10:43:09 AM
Re: NHL Master Thread
Scott Mayfield isn't a dirty player, while Brendan Lemieux is known to have similar skill to his father in getting under people's skin.
While I agree that Mayfield isn't a dirty player and Lemieux is known as an agitator, Mayfield should know better. Late in a game, up 4-0 after having had two tough losses to the Rangers last week and the blown lead in the 3rd vs the Caps on Sat, that's not a situation to take a dumb penalty. Also, after the play, right in front of the ref, there's no way they can't call something on that, regardless of who was involved.
This doesn't really seem like a spear at all - A spear is called when you essentially try to push your stick through an opponent like a nail or an ice pick. The motion by Mayfield here looks more like a slash, which makes it even more confusing. It also seems that Lemiuex embellished (look at the delay between the slash/spear and him falling down).
It looked like a textbook spear to me. The definition of a spear is literally "stabbing an opponent with the point of the stick blade," while this was more of a poke than a stab, it was pretty clearly a spear. But I agree that it looked embellished.
From last night's game - if you commit an icing, and the other team calls a timeout, you still need to put out all of the players that were on the ice for the icing. If not you get assessed a bench minor for a delay of game (happened to the Isles with 3:20 left in last night's game).
That wasn't exactly what happened. The isles iced it, so regardless of the Rangers having called time out, the 5 guys who were on the ice, need to stay on the ice. I don't remember exactly what happened, I think the Isles just sent one of the guys (I think Cizikas) out late and the refs thought it was a late change, so they sent him back, but then the refs realized it was after an icing so the original guys needed to be on the ice. They weren't given the delay of game for having the wrong personnel, it was more for not fixing the errors fast enough, it looked like they were trying to stall after an icing (which made no sense because they just had a timeout called by the Rangers). They'll sometimes give those delay of games when after multiple icings when a team is really tired, the team will play games, with equipment changes "oh I need a new stick and didn't realize for the last 15 seconds". This was different, I didn't think the isles were playing games, and I was pretty surprised, Wes McCauley of all people, called that. The whole situation was weird and it was a stupid penalty.
- From the game last Monday night (the first Isles/Rangers game): If a second fight occurs during the same stoppage of play, the players are given automatic game misconducts - this happened to Matt Martin and Brendan Smith on the ensuing faceoff after the Haley/Johnston fight.
They didn't really intend to. They waited to fight, the ref kinda faked them out on the faceoff, so they though he dropped it, so they started fighting, I think they were both making an effort to wait until the puck dropped.

January 22, 2020, 01:11:06 PM
Re: Panama Forever in our Hearts Great TR. Pics are amazing.
February 25, 2020, 04:51:15 PM
Re: would you order Chinese food? I believe none of the confirmed cases in the NY area are Asian, so that just seems unnecessary. 
March 05, 2020, 03:24:16 PM
Re: Amex Offers Discussion Thread
Let us know if it worked.
Paid with Samsung Pay. Got the credit. Both the charge and credit posted as "Shell Oil Products"

March 21, 2020, 10:58:18 PM
Re: Report New Amex Offers Here. NO DISCUSSION Of Offers In This Thread! Silvercar - Spend $450 get back $100 (one or more transactions) Exp 12/22/2020
July 22, 2020, 09:25:42 AM
Re: Is it time to ban all political discussion on DDF? I don't think we should ban it, but I do think it should get it's own board, which can be ignored, where (like JS) the posts don't count towards your post count.
July 27, 2020, 11:52:50 AM
Re: NHL Master Thread
Ironically, it hurt the opponents they swept last year
And then, they got swept by the Bruins in the ECF, the Bruins had needed 6 to take care of CBJ.

August 06, 2020, 10:15:21 AM
Re: NHL Master Thread
...but the Hawks are on as scheduled.  :)

August 11, 2020, 10:06:08 PM
Re: MLB Master Thread
October 28, 2020, 12:09:55 AM
Re: MLB Master Thread A statistically based defense of the Kevin Cash move to pull Snell.

October 28, 2020, 01:35:57 PM
Re: Amex Offers Discussion Thread

Thanks for telling me off ;)
I searched for both h&m and h and m and nothing came up.
What I find most effective when searching a specific thread is to click print, then it shows the whole thread, and I use the browser search.

Don't feel too bad about being told off. You're not the first one and unfortunately you won't be the last.

November 24, 2020, 04:26:50 PM
Re: NHL Master Thread
Devastating as an Isles fan. Such a good guy, veteran player on the back end, he helped mentor the young D-Men (of which the Isles have quite a few), had a bomb of a slapper, and was just seen as a tough but not at all dirty player.

Sad to see him have to go out like this, because of such a freak skate injury.

November 25, 2020, 06:53:19 PM
Re: Report New Amex Offers Here. NO DISCUSSION Of Offers In This Thread! Saks Fifth Ave: Spend $350 get back $50 exp 1/31/2021 found on primary Amex Everyday
December 01, 2020, 11:29:07 AM
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March 16, 2021, 07:05:17 AM