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Re: Arizona Master Thread In lite of my upcoming trip I read through this thread and fished out all attractions.
As it might  a help for some one i"m posting it
Please if you have comments let us know.

Lake Powell az
Further north then GC

Fossil creek az
Out of Africa Wildlife Park, Camp Verde, AZ

Petrified forest az

Phoenix parks
Thunderbird park az
Encanto park az

Sedona  lots of info

Great soldier pass trail Sedona
Devil's Bridge Trail looks easy
Broken Arrow Trail
Oak Creek Canyon
west fork trail in oak creek canyon az
Cathedral Rock
Bell rock

Grand Canyon

Grand canyon vister's canter  IMAX

The Grand Canyon Rim Trail

South Kaibab Trail

Bright Angel Trail

Havasu Canyon
Part of GC long hike


Bearizona az

February 23, 2014, 04:10:44 PM
mgarfin's 2014 trip to Arizona-Delta glitch
This has been sitting on my desktop for a long time waiting for me to finish.
This trip was in March 2014.


On one cold winter morning I was leaving shul after some learning. I checked my texts and Yikes!! THERE’S A GLITCH!! I ran to my office. First, I needed to find a calendar and figure out when I can take off work and go.  So I pick a date and then, I don’t know why, but I searched NYC-PHX Arizona, and booked tickets. I went on to the next destination LA, by then it was dead. I then broke the news to DW, (while she was on a trip to Israel) that we are going to AZ. At first she was hesitant… “why Arizona??  I did not have an answer! I calmed her down by telling her that the tickets were for Delta Business NYC-PHX $39PP and our 11-month baby would have a seat.  Such an opportunity doesn’t happen that many times :)

As the date of departure got closer, I kept on reading the Arizona master thread, asked lots of questions, and got help from some great people (mumchim). As a new DDf member we ordered meals from Pom (had to try it for the first time – loved it!) and a gogo for the car seat (of course), and off we went. 

Day 1-Sunday

DL JFK-PHX was an old plane but the service was very good.  We were served a Bornstein meal which we did not eat :(.

We landed at about 12 PM, picked up a SUV from National executive aisle (Honeywell) (thanks to Citi executive card), and headed straight to Cholla Trailhead on Camelback Mountain. We hiked up with the baby in a carrier, 3/4 of the trail until we felt that it was too dangerous to continue. (I don’t recommend doing this with a baby, you really need to be a fighter like DW). Views are amazing and beautiful and the hike is challenging, exhilarating and fun.  There were many locals running up the mountain with their dogs as if it was a catwalk – they were very experienced!  It’s one of the 2 mountains in the whole city of Phoenix.

View’s from first stop

The terrain

After our hike, we went to our Hotel, the Sheraton oasis Scottsdale for the night (SPG). We had a pre-arranged upgrade to a suite from the hotel manager.



Day 2- Monday

We started out a bit late, since we davened with the latest Shacharis in town, 8am @ Chabad of Scottsdale.
Checked out of the hotel and off we went.

View’s from drive out of Scottsdale 

Our first stop was Out of Africa Wildlife Park, Camp Verde, AZ.  You get a really close encounter with the animals.  They also have a nice tiger show. We enjoyed it, but my kids would’ve enjoyed it more.  We felt it was just another kind of zoo (This place seems to get very good reviews on DDF so do your own research).

Next we headed to Fossil Springs Trail near Camp Verde, AZ.  We got a bit lost but finally found the dirt road that gets you to the trail head.  It was extremely muddy as it had rained the day before.  We drove down the road very slowly, stopped for some pictures of the view and of course of the sunken cars and pickup trucks (can’t find pictures). There was a nice brook along the way. It came to a point that we weren't sure if we missed the trail head or not.  There wasn't a person in sight, no cell phone service and the sun was starting to set, so we turned back.

From there we drove to Flagstaff AZ where we stayed the next 2 nights. We stayed in Double Tree by Hilton Flagstaff, which was booked through hacking a Priceline "name your own price”. We picked Flagstaff over Sedona because it was closer to the Grand Canyon and still not too far from Sedona, (but later, after visiting both cities we knew that Sedona is a better option as it’s a much nicer city). We got upgraded to a small suite.

Flagstaff in March

 Day 3- Tuesday

We drove up to the Grand Canyon - the drive was about an hour and a half. We parked and went to the main visitor’s center. The troopers where very knowledgeable and they gave us 2 maps (the one that's formatted like a newspaper was much clearer and better than the colored one) The map was a saver, very clear and easy to use. We watched a free film on the history of the canyon, it was not bad (but it was full of כפירה ). DO NOT waste your time or money at the Imax (before the entrance to the park)!
As soon as we got behind the visitor’s center, t I got my firs glimpse of the canyon.  Boy was I shocked when I saw it!!!  No pictures or words can describe it.  NIFLOAS HABOREI!!!!!

From the visitors center we took the bus to Bright Angel Trail.  We hiked just past the second tunnel - 2 ½ hours (with our 11-month old baby in a baby carrier). Weather was perfect for hiking the canyon – 50 F.  Views are magnificent!!! It was strenuous but well worth it.  We got the feel of hiking in the Canyon.

Next we took the shuttle to the Grand Canyon Rim Trail head.  From there you can either walk the paved trail or take the bus and hop on and off at each of the ten stops/lookouts.  The bus waits approx. five minutes at each stop and runs every 15 minutes. We took the shuttle for the most part but walked a few of the shorter segments. You get extremely different views at each look out. You even get to see the Colorado River. 

About an hour and a half before sunset, we started to rush back trying to make it for sunset at Yaki Point or Mather Point. The bus didn’t show up for an hour so we missed it. We drove out through Desert View Drive, thinking we would still catch some last sunset views at the further lookouts, and we were somewhat successful.  Night fell really fast and got pretty dark out there. We drove back and arrived at the hotel very late and collapsed.



 Day 4- Wednesday

We checked out of the Hotel and headed to Sedona -  driving through the AZ-89A highway which has spectacular Views. As we pulled in to town we found a tourist info booth and stopped to ask some questions.  We soon realized that the woman at the booth wasn’t going to be helping us out anytime soon since she had some guy listening to her “timeshare schmooze “.  We moved on. We parked on the main road and took a stroll down the main street.  It was full of touristy shops.


In Sedona one of the main things to do is jeep rides around the red rock mountains.  We needed a company that would allow us to take our baby along for the jeep ride.  We found a place that uses Hummer for their tours - as opposed to smaller jeeps (Sedona Off-road Adventures) therefore they can allow infants. They took us for a drive up Schnebly Hill Road with beautiful views.  It was a very bumpy ride, and we were told that the road is never repaired as to keep the adventure. For a few extra $$$’s we also got a tour of the city all the way out till the outskirts, and the guide pointed out names of mountains and much more.

Schnebly Hill Road


After that we got back in to our car and drove up to The Sedona Airport Overlook and got views of the red rock mountains from different angles.


Next we headed to The Bell Rock.  What an interesting looking mountain/rock.  We parked at Courthouse Vista and hiked up around till it got dark and DW got nervous. This was one of the highlights of Sedona.








From there we drove back to Phoenix and stayed at the Sheraton PHX airport hotel, close enough so that we can make it to the gate for our early morning flight.   

Reminder:  There is beauty in your backyard!!!   Before traveling the world look for the beauty nearby!! In Israel they say to someone wanting to travel abroad, “have you been to Eilat???”

May 23, 2016, 12:20:33 AM
Re: Where is...
Where is Marco Polo? I have not seen him in a while, did I miss something or he just disappeared?

Every time I come across his name I get chills. As Dan recently put it "i"m chatting with strangers". You can be in his surrounding  for years, but then he can just vanish off the earth.

May 24, 2016, 01:39:17 PM
Re: Went through the process of house hunting/buying
exactly why you want to get a inspector

the smallest thing like the angle of the sewer line could give you endless back up and basement flooding
which would result in you having to rip out the basement floor and reangle the sewer

or the heat is not balance and half the house is freezing and they can't figure it out...

(I can tell you some stories from the batcave.)

And do you really think home inspectors find this!!

January 24, 2017, 12:02:27 AM
Re: Random Travel Posts
You can now book flights directly on Google Flights! Spirit, for what it's worth, at least.
Meaning it's the end for true results

January 25, 2017, 10:07:25 AM
Re: Keeping Up With The Kushners
Nope, just have a weak Ashkenazic digestive system.

From all your TR where you eat lunch and dinner for a week in restaurants, I was thinking you must have something very strong.

January 25, 2017, 11:01:29 AM
Re: Presenting The New And Improved DDMS Beta What's the logic behind having the menu twice (desktop)?
February 02, 2017, 03:19:04 PM
Re: Misrad Hapnim Master Thread 5 year visas

February 06, 2017, 06:10:40 PM
Re: What Are You Eating?
Many times.

This one time in Penang Malaysia, I was trying to find something lekovod shabbos but there was absolutely no kosher food to be found. An hour before shabbos, I had given up on the search and am riding my moped on the way back to the guest, I see an old man fishing at the pier. I stop and look into his bucket and sure enough, there's a beautiful parrot fish swimming around in there. Its got the scales & fins so I offer him $1 and he agrees. On my way back to the guesthouse I get lost in thought, trying to figure out what to do now as there's no time to light a fire or kasher a BBQ. Suddenly, I see a mechanic working on a motorcycle at a repair shop. I stop and ask him if I can borrow his blow-torch, he gives me his torch and his mouth dropped when he sees me pull out a brightly colored parrot fish from my bag. I sliced it open, fillet it and grilled it with the torch. Made it back to the guesthouse with plenty of time to spare before zman.

The fish tasted amazing BTW (not the best i've had, but definitely elevated my shabbos)

Has anyone else ever tried Parrot Fish?

Forget about the fish my life is so boring compared to yours.

February 08, 2017, 04:51:40 PM
Re: Pesach Program in Greece Cancelled Just Now! There are 2 things to look at

1- Kashrus, which is a much bigger challenge on Pesach. In hotels in particular for varied reasons, the size, the menu needed, the staff, and the usually nonkosher establishment. On Pesach, small mistakes can pose a much bigger problem halachically.

2- Minhug, of not eating out on Pesach. Though its originates to eliminate the kashrus issue, it is still a minuhg.

April 04, 2017, 04:47:23 PM