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Re: Messianism among Lubavitch There is  2 different things.  Moshiach and who is moshiach.
Moshiach is def. A central core belief and attitude in chabad.
Who is moshiach is a personal belief.
For ex. I personally believe the Rebbe is moshiach and i say yechi, however i don't discuss that with others unless i am asked.  My sons don't wear yechi yarmulkahs. I don't tell guests/mekuravim..  to say it.
However at a simcha it will be sung  (ie I'm not hiding it )

The extreme side would be flag waving,  pushing yechi in others. ...

The other side of the extreme would be not allowing yechi to be said in  a lubavitch shul or at a personal simcha (yes it's happened ) making sure to write zia...

Most people are in between. Either they say yechi or not but it's not a big issue

Everyone talks about moshiach.
In my kids school they learn inyanei geulah and moshiach. A few lines a day or a week about the times of moshiach

February 04, 2015, 02:01:14 PM
Re: Los Cabos, Mexico Master Thread got back from Cabo last week.

a few things: the mafia runs the taxis so its way overpriced and theres no competition. no free hotel shuttles from the airport. it seems like you need to book round trip transportation from the airport before you arrive. shuttles is the cheapest. i think its about $21 a person for a shuttle each way and taxis are $60 or more one way. (not a set amount, price will go up with the amount of passengers) there is a local bus that the locals use. its $5 US from the airport to cabo. takes about an hour as opposed to the 35- 40 minute drive by car. not sure how long a shuttle takes. i guess it depends on how many stops they have to make

the city is very safe, people are pretty helpful.

you almost dont need pesos - in the tourist areas, they take US dollars for everything. but take cash, u never know if there will be fraud on your cc, though they have atm's all around if u need.

expect to tip for everything. the initial prices are pretty cheap though.

many beachfront hotels  - you actually cant swim in the water as its not safe.

i asked earlier on this thread about tznius. overall i found that it was fine. since we took our own boat for the tour we didnt have anyone in their bathing suits on the boat with us. for parasailing - its gets windy so most people are wearing stuff over their bathing suits. sunset cruise it can actually get a bit chilly, everyone is dressed. as for the Marina and walking around. I found it to be the same as walking in California in the summer. most dressed normally, a few not.
the Mexicans dress pretty modestly especially considering the temp.
we didnt stay at a resort so cant answer for that

if youre going to rent a car - look on trip advisor, they list a few trustworthy places. apparently there is a required daily mexican insurance charge (third party) on top of the regular insurance. most rental places will make you pay the regular insurance unless you argue or bring proof that your cc covers. so online you can find very cheap rentals, but you wont end up paying that.
with the trusted places it will be about $50 a day for a compact to standard card. everything included.
book in advance as they get booked pretty fast

for the activities to do there - theres plenty stuff you can book online in advance, but you can also book from the marina while youre there. prices arent too much different. as soon as you get to the marina (and even before) theres people trying to sell you stuff

things to do
basic boat tour to the popular beaches, lands end arch, ....
a glass bottom boat or water taxi will cost you $10 a person. some may charge you a bit more if you want to get out and swim or snorkel and then get back in. one of the spots - pelican cove - is clear waters with all theses beautiful fish. you have to rent the snorkelling stuff from the marina. to me it seemed, many were just swimming with goggles. you can even see the fish from the boat. its a small area, and during busy season it was jammed
we got a boat for just us 2, for $15 each. the basic tour is around 40 minutes

parasailing - costs about $40 each

whale watching - price depends on the size of the boat and how many you go with. we were offered $100 for a boat with just us.
usually about 2.5 hours

sunset cruise - again depends on the boat, there is 15 people boats and much bigger ones. about 2 hours. most offer open bar and light supper.

fishing trips - again depending on size. i think these are 5 hours

they also have tubing and banana boats, jet skis...

other activities is swimming with dolphins, horseback riding, electric bikes, scuba diving
and atving - that seems to be big there

i found on trip advisor - glass blowing factory. not too many people knew about it and 3 taxis we asked didnt know where it was as the address says the main street but its not on that street.
was nice place, you can watch them make the stuff and you can make requests or actually help make your own piece.
keep in mind that you will have to come the next day to pick up the stuff if its made on the spot. and they stop making things by 3:30 so you need to go there earlier. its about a 5 minute drive from the marina.

the kosher restaurant is in the "mall" right near the marina. easy to walk there. great food! friendly helpful staff. Rabbi Benny is very helpful and has ideas, tips and contacts (disclaimer - i am related)

January 01, 2018, 03:33:48 PM