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Re: Bahamas Master Thread @Lou: I asked my friend, and he said that all he did was call and ask, nothing to it. He did book on one of those fancy AmEx cards, maybe that had something to do with it, but he doesn't think so. Maybe he just got lucky? Either way, good luck!


Trip Notes Part 2:

   First of all, the water there is fine, or at least the three of us were unaffected by it. It tastes a little chalky, like Miami water, but really nothing too bad.

   We never made it to the International Bazaar, or Downtown. I donít think there is really much to see there, although weíre not really into the tourist trap type areas. It could be itís more family oriented or whatever.

   We never made it to Xanadu, but we did make it to Gold Rock Beach. (Itís in a national park, so it costs $3 per person for admission, but well worth it. Also at the park they have some underwater caves or something, but we didnít have time for that.) Itís the beach where all the corona commercials are filmed, and parts of Pirates of the Caribbean 2 were also filmed there. It's this really gorgeous beach with really clear water, but the only thing is you have to make sure you are there for low tide. This site has tide charts for Freeport, that's the best I could find. To be honest I'm not sure how tides work and if they will be similar, but ask some locals. The slope there is nearly nonexistent, and you can walk out about 100 meters before the water reaches your shoulders. The problem is that if youíre there during high tide, the water comes all the way out and you have no sand.

   You can rent scooters at Lucaya and some resorts for 8 hours or the whole day, at 40-60 per rental. If you want you can rent them to get around, but I wouldnít recommend doing it to get to Gold Rock, because its pretty far and a bit confusing. We took a cab from our hotel and it took just over 30 minutes I think, cost $75 for the three of us.

   I would highly recommend the snorkeling at Taino Beach, the rental was only $10 for the day (til 430) and by the reefs and rocks there were all sorts of fish, it was pretty nice. Also, when leaving Taino Beach we hitched a ride with a ferry to Port Lucaya. I think it goes back and forth twice a day, but there are tons of boats you can try your luck with.

   The last night we went to the casino in Our Lucaya. There are tons of slots, Blackjack tables, and 3 card Poker, but disappointingly no Texas Hold ĎEm. Two things good to know there: Sands Beer is complimentary to gamblers, even the two-cent slots! Thereís basically one waitress for the whole place, so drinks can take a while, but blowing a dollar in the 2 cent slots for a cold one ainít too bad! Also, at the playerís club desk to the right when you walk in, there is a promotion for $10 of free play. Just two things to help you stretch your buck at the casino!

   Also a warning, as we found out the hard way. If you plan on getting any tobacco/alcohol at duty free, the one in the airport doesnít open til 9AM. Also, if you buy any liquids in the airport, and you then have a stopover like we did, TSA might give you issues with bringing liquids on the plane. Instead you can buy stuff at the duty free store in Port Lucaya. Iím not sure if itís as cheap, but it may be all you can do.

   Have a good time! And thanks again Dan, you're the man!! :)

June 15, 2010, 12:55:29 PM
Re: Haters, Threats, And Trolls
Quote from: Coral Snake
Haters gonna hate

December 22, 2018, 10:07:23 PM
Re: Marriott Certs Sale
Looking to buy 70K certificate or cat 7 1 night
They don't exist

April 12, 2021, 03:07:09 PM